Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Together

Why you should or shouldn’t sleep together is a question that may run through a man or woman’s head at the end of a date.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Oh, you know the moment. It’s the end of date night and you’re standing outside the restaurant, your car or your house contemplating the possibility of sleeping with the person in front of you. Let’s check out a few scenarios where you’re much better off going home to a cold shower than hooking up with this potential nightmare.

It’s Your First Date

Unless all you’re looking for is a one-night stand, it’s best never to give it away too soon! Allow a deeper connection to form by dating one another for a little time first—not only is there a greater chance for a potential relationship down the line if you’re a good fit, but knowing the person you’re becoming intimate with a little better can never hurt! Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

The Chemistry Just Isn’t There

So you’ve tried all night to amp up the attraction between you two, but this is just one of those things that can’t be forced. If the attraction simply isn’t there, the odds of you having a good time in bed are zilch. Best to cut your losses early and use your time and energy to find a more compatible partner!

“Think of dating like a major job interview and you are the employer. You want to make sure you are hiring the right person to take good care of your heart.” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346

You’ve Realized You Don’t Even Really Like Him

If after getting to know him a bit you’ve come to the realization that you just don’t really like him as a person, then by all means, keep your dignity! There’s got to be another choice in your near hook-up future where you’re not compromising yourself and your self-esteem. Want to know who your next choice is? Ask Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 for a love reading today.

You’re More Interested in Their Friend

The surest way to complicate or ruin your chances to be with someone is to sleep with their friend. Not only will you look easy and less attractive in his eyes, but he very well may see you as off-limits out of respect for the friend you have bedded.

You’re in Rebound Mode

This is always a bad idea, and even though many could say they’ve done it at some point in their dating history, many would also express deep regrets. Most likely you’ll be feeling sad and less-than-complete after a breakup, but sex with someone you just don’t care for will not alleviate those feelings. Need help getting over an ex? Talk with Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 who can help heal your heart and mind.

You’re Positive You Won’t Respect Yourself in the Morning

Just because it’s easy and offered to you doesn’t make it a good idea! If you know you’ll regret it in the morning, why put yourself through that mess? It’s better to have a night home alone than one that will live forever as a reminder of you compromising your morals/standards.

“Learn to say no to whatever does not serve your highest power and purpose.” – Psychic Robin ext. 5492

26 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Together

  1. sharon

    Well,I have had a few first date sex. Why not relax,be happy and enjoy hot sex…. Enjoy life. Not every guy you date is a potential husband/life partner. Some are just fun,doesn’t hurt to enjoy once it’s safe sex.

  2. Rosebud USA

    I’m with my bf now for 5 months. We were together 12 years ago. He decided to hit me up on fb and we started talking. The first time I saw him 5 months ago, we had amazing sex!!! We are still together. By the way he said “I Love You” to me first. We are building a house together and are getting married. Also, he loves my 2 boys I have with my x bf. I guess we are the exception. But don’t ever say never because that is a long time and who knows.

  3. babes

    We are just human and no one is perfect .We are not in their feet so we couldnt say why they do that. Let’s wish them good luck !

  4. Devi

    Yes…I definetely aggre with this articles, base on my culture as an asian woman, we are banned from having one night stand with a stranger, especially when u are not in a long term relationship yet, it will bring bad luck for ur inner way as a woman.
    As an old words saying: When the man know how to RESPECT you as a WOMAN, then he knows how to LOVE you in a real. God Bless…:-)

  5. Paul Phillips

    Well, let’s see. I can not be sure if my perspective is most males perspective, but it is a perspective.

    I do not mind trying a relationship with someone that sleeps with in the first date. It seldom happened in my life, but I do not judge.

    What I will not do is trying to further a relationship with someone that does not get to sex soon enough. Third date tops, with I do not get sex, it is goodbye. Why? Because it starts to turn into friendship, and a lot of fear and hesitation comes from that. Generally, if the women hesitates about you too much, it is a sure sign she is not that much into you, so, why bother? Although friendship is nice and all, when you meet a girl, you’re trying to find THAT someone, and one can not waste too much time to make sure if that someone connects mentally with you as much as physically. Just like dates, sex will not always work perfectly the first time, so, the sooner you get to it and start to communicate through sex, the better. Also, it is never a good sensation when you notice a girl is keeping her doors open, meaning, withdrawing from sex, so that she avaliates you, while you are ready to try something out, and see if goes anywhere. Finally, I can perfectly maintain a friendship with women I’ve already had a relationship with ease, although some of them can not, and that I can not understand why, for the love of God, especially when it is them that ended the relationship to explore other options. The beggining of relationship is not something so serious, it get serious as it goes on and commitments are made, I guess, and people shouldn’t be so nervous and fearfull of it.

    Finally, to sleep or spend time with someone should never be a reason to regret, actually, it is something to rejoice, after all, most of the time of our lives we spend alone anyway, to be together with someone is a blessing, even if for fleeting moment.

  6. kan kan

    What ever happened to good old fashioned courtship. When you stop and think about it – sex-, it’s the most intimate thing that you will share with another person – so why make it so easily available. All that serves to do is cheapen and berate something that is supposed to be so special that you with your special person. My dad always told me and my sister, if they don’t want to wait and respect your wishes, then they’re ( the men ) aren’t worth their salt and on a personalnote: men are like buses – there’s another one along soon, do I want to get on and see where the bus goes or not :: if I do, then I will see him, if not, then I don’t bother – just wait for the next bus.
    Oh and on the dating front: if he can’t stimulate me mentally, then he sure as hell isn;t getting the opportunity to stimulate anything else – have fun people xxxx

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article…..

    I’ve turned 6 proposals of marriage in the last few years, and I never slept with any of them on the first date, in fact, 4 out of the 6 , I never slept with at all…..

    …and I still had a hard time getting rid of them ! ….LOL LOL LOL…

    …not that I didn’t want to sleep with them, but for me, there has to be more than the physical connection.

    different strokes for different folks…everybody is different.

    Marc from UK had a great point though, men most certainly, have different views on the subject.

  8. april

    yeah i kind of feel that way now. my friend , when he comes to see me, it’ totally mind bowing but when we get toegether at his place,it’s quick fast and all about him. i know why it’s the way it is at his place, it just sucks feeling used when its really just a bad choice of place

  9. Mark

    Allfo tes posts are inteesting but they all seem to be writen from a female point of view for females. It would be nice to read ones that are from a male point of view for males. As we do go through some awkward times and moments in the dating world s well.

  10. Geraldine

    Hi ,Well i have the best decision last Night ( Not to go to bed whith a man i would have REGRETED ) and today i get your message ,well THANKS a

  11. Rose


    5 AND SOON…..

  12. daniel

    Thanks for the great article i’m i guy in my 40’s and sometimes i don’t want to sleep with all the girls i meet because i think i would rather keep them as friends and if i sleep with them i won’t like them anymore well i hope i’m normal.

  13. marc from the uk

    Written from ladies perspective? Would Psychic Liam or Eric J leech follow this thought perspective?

    I agree that we must have boundries but also understand that chemisty and the need to propogate is the main reason mankind exist to this day, not thinking it through thoroughly!


  14. Daci Armstrong

    I watch Judge Judy a lot plus I have gained quite a bit of experience in the world and Ihave come to the conclusion there would not be as many sad stories of physical abuse and women losing other stuff like peace of mind and oh yes….money if they knew first what they want in a man and if they weren’t so eager to sleep with someone. It is pathetic to see so many attractive and intelligent women wind up getting burned because they think they can indulge in sex like a man and not feel any repercussions. The last place I lived a guy in the same building was hot after my body. I wasn’t hot after him plus the little voice inside of me said “DON’T GO THERE!” More women should listne to that voice. I later found out that he was into ‘threesomes’ something I am definitely not.

  15. Lisa

    People these days are so wrapped up in the bedroom they forget what morals and firm foundations are for and with the idea that sex is the only thing that keeps people alive is the furthest thing from the truth sure it plays a major role because it is healthy. There is a lot more than people agree to admit when it comes to having a good relationship one of them might just be being real with one another.

  16. Chrissi

    what about if it’s your ex-husband, boyfriend, whatever- who’s just gifted you with a large sum of money -‘because I wouldn’t have got it without you’/’you deserve it for putting up with me’/I want you to share this too’, and he’s taken you out to celebrate his good fortune- you’d grown out of love with them, which was why you split, but you still get along with their family and friends, and had managed to stay friends with them too – but you know they won’t find it easy to replace you because of problems they have that are not their own fault..


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