Your Weekend Horoscope: A Threatening Tailspin

Thrown off Course?

This weekend’s Last Quarter Moon in Aries joined with rebellious Uranus marks a transitional time during which you should be preparing to bring something to completion that was started after the most recent New Moon. However, an unexpected development could put you in a tailspin and threaten to throw you off course. You may suddenly have a change of heart about the course you have committed to. Or there might be an external event that distracts you. In either case, you need to let go of whatever is out of alignment with your original purpose and get back on the right track. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that your restlessness is approaching fever pitch. You feel as though you might go crazy if you don’t have the freedom to break free from your responsibilities to others and do what you want to do for yourself. You have important commitments to your family or to completing projects around your home, so you can’t afford to abandon your domestic duties just yet. This is a good time to recall the damage that selfishness may have caused in the past. Therefore, now is your chance to makes things right. Making good on your promises ultimately frees you up for guilt-free fun.


Communication is super important right now. It not only keeps you in the loop with the people that are important to you, but it also allows you to have the sense of connection that is vital to your happiness. Anxiety, restlessness, and other stressful emotions can make you withdraw, but suffering in silence isn’t likely to make you feel any better. Pick up the phone, send a text or email, or drop in on a neighbor or friend. You don’t necessarily have to talk about what you are going through. Keeping good company might be enough to distract you from troubling thoughts that are taking you nowhere.


You are jumping ahead to your plans for the future and plotting some crazy moves. A quirky friend might be behind this sudden drive to make a major change. However, you will need to follow through with your current financial responsibilities and goals before you can fast forward to the next stage of your life. It is good to have a vision of where you want to take your life from here, but don’t put the cart before the horse. You might also need to build up credit, equity, or just have more cash in the bank before you race off in a new direction.


Don’t get caught with your pants down in public, Cancer! Engaging in attention-grabbing antics could threaten the solid reputation you have worked so hard to build. If you need to get crazy and blow off a little steam, do it far, far away from people who are apt to judge and criticize your behavior. You have been super committed to achieving an important personal goal, so don’t allow a moment of childish rebellion to blow things just as the finish line is in sight. Is it possible that you might actually be afraid of getting what you want?


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are ready to hop on the next plane, train, or automobile in search of a wild adventure. The only thing wrong with this plan is that you won’t have much energy to burn if your tank is already running on empty. What happened to all that rest and relaxation you promised yourself? Why not take it easy this weekend instead, and focus on restorative activities like yoga, massage, or just enjoying a long nap? You can still plan your next big adventure, but for now, you could benefit from taking life at a more leisurely pace.


You might experience some wacky emotions that take you by surprise. It’s healthy to feel your feelings, but don’t grant them the power to dictate the course of future events. You already have a plan that is well underway and might be nearing completion. Therefore, this is not the time to second guess your efforts. People are depending on you to follow through. Emotions are like the weather. You don’t have to be upset by every storm and if you just give it a moment, the clouds will give way to clarity. Consider this an opportunity to learn how to ride the waves of emotion instead of allowing them to ride you.


You are very sensitive to the opinions of other people—especially those individuals whom you look to for approval and support. A surprising move or statement on the part of someone you are close to could make you doubt a decision you have made about your career. You are probably in too deep to turn back now. Can you stand on your own two feet and trust that you know what’s best for you and your career? Or will you allow someone’s opinion to create an upset? Trust yourself and keep moving toward your goal. No one else is walking in your shoes.


Even though you have committed to broadening your horizons, you could suddenly decide you feel safer sticking with an old routine or plan. Maybe you can find a new way to do the same old thing or can somehow make it more exciting? You have to admit that that sounds pretty lame. It is time to put on your big girl or big boy pants and venture outside of your bubble. You might need to travel or connect with some savvy people outside of your usual circle. Taking a class or embarking upon a course of independent study could also help.


Spontaneously pursuing whichever guy or gal strikes your fancy can be fun. After all, there is nothing wrong with being flirtatious unless you have made a commitment to connect in a deeper way. Perhaps there is already someone in your life with whom you have a serious commitment? Or maybe you have made a promise to yourself not to get involved with anyone who isn’t commitment-ready? Will you allow a moment of meaningless pleasure to distract you from what you have decided to do? If you really are in it to win it, you shouldn’t waste time taking foolish chances.


You are nearing the finish line with an important partnership goal or project, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your nerves are kicking in. A memory of past events could suddenly make you hesitant about moving things forward. Whether it’s your intent to start a relationship, to take an existing partnership to the next level, or to bring things to a close, you have already put in a lot of time and effort to bring matters to this point. Trust that you will be happier if you follow through with what you set out to do.


In typical Aquarius fashion, you have a lot of brilliant and sometimes out-there ideas, but don’t let them throw a wrench in the works of an important project that is nearing completion. You are probably thinking about what you should have, would have, and could have done to make it more unique. But at this stage, making changes isn’t likely to improve things. In fact, it could take you further away from your original vision. Stay the course, Aquarius. Otherwise, the end result could certainly leave people feeling disappointed by your efforts. You set the expectations early on. Now it’s time to deliver.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that a dramatic fluctuation in your finances could prompt you to flake on a promise you have made to your significant other, your children, or even yourself. The money issue isn’t as big a cause for concern as you think, so don’t let it send you into a tizzy. If you are feeling like your efforts might go unappreciated, then this might be the real cause for your change of heart. However, you should keep your word, Pisces. So what if it costs you a little extra money? It will be worth it to make others happy and to enjoy doing something you love.

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