This Week in Mantras: July 15 – 21

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers fearlessness, centering, fluidity, harmony and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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July 15 (Grounding):When I am grounded, I am able to receive support and abundance.”

Remember that the earth is your home—both physically and spiritually. Because of this, you are receiving the blessing of support to reach for your dreams. Abundance is yours to receive, but you need to stay grounded to see it in all the Divine forms it comes into your life.

July 16 (Centering):I am focused on the moment, and connected to my body.”

When you live in the moment and you focus on your body as a whole, and then move your mind into that space where your breath enters and exhales from, you are centering yourself. Once you’re done centering yourself, you’ll be able to remain on your path, no matter how the world tries to shake you up emotionally. Centering allows you to respond to the world, instead of reacting from an out-of-control emotional place. Center yourself within your heart.

July 17 (Fearlessness):My courage and self-assurance keep me on my path in this life.”

You have to be fearless right now. When you come at the problem from a place of fearlessness, you can see all the outcomes that are open to you. There is always more than one answer to a prayer but look at your problems with fearlessness in your heart. You will find the answer that brings your dreams to you.

July 18 (Calming):I am able to find a calm within myself in which I can feel balance and support from Spirit.”

Find that inner calm you know is there. Remember, “The duck looks calm, but under the water, it is paddling like mad to move forward.” Be the kind of calm the duck shows the world. When you show that kind of calm, you start to feel it in your soul too. Then you will know that Spirit holds you in a calming place and supports you in all you do.

July 19 (Fluidity):I feel the gentle waves of positive energy flow through my mind and body.”

Energy moves in a motion similar to the gentle waves of a lake against the shore. (Think lazy rivers at water parks.) When you lay back into the waves, it feels relaxing. It also allows you to surrender all your tension, stress and worries to the movement of the water. When you allow yourself to feel that same energy while in prayer or meditation, your dreams also move in the same way. It is a smooth, fluid movement. It’s a very soothing and pleasant energy that surrounds you and your heart.

July 20 (Harmony): “Growth in my life is accompanied by balance and harmony.”

You spend your younger years wanting to grow, and you continue to grow even when you think you are an adult. Embrace this growth, and see it as a new transition in your life. You will find harmony and balance. By giving into the growth you are going through, you will find life is easier to deal with. Accepting growth will also bring more happiness into your life.

July 21 (Reassurance):Reassuring myself, I know I will find my perfect well-being.”

Rely on yourself! After all, you have your own best interest at heart. When you really reassure yourself and believe what you tell yourself, then you will find exactly what you need in this life. Just look at yourself first when you need reassurance. You know what your dreams really look like. You are able to work with yourself. Others will be your cheerleaders, but be your own leader in your life.

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