Your Weekend Horoscope: Rah-Rah Spirit

Work Hard and Stake Your Claim

On Friday, Saturn, lord of discipline and enforcer of rules, ends its four-and-a-half-month retrograde. Its current stationary phase aligns with masterful Mars, increasing your willpower, strength, and determination. If you need to hold your ground on an important matter, this energy also provides the fortitude required to do it. Matters ruled by Saturn are still in a holding pattern and may not progress for some weeks, but this is the time to work hard and stake your claim. On Saturday, delightful Venus enters dramatic Leo, bringing a rah-rah spirit to romance! Dating and mating will be infused with old-fashioned charm, generosity, and also over-the-top displays of affection. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Inserting your beliefs into your relationship with your mate or your children is important to you. And now more than ever, you feel like it’s time to walk your talk. Consider the values and principles that are most important to you and how they can be better incorporated into relationships. If you are the creative type, you have been working hard to learn and perfect your skills. You will soon see the benefits of your study and labor. Proficiency comes through practice. Venus entering Leo, on Saturday, means more fun for you in the weeks ahead. Your love life, creative pursuits, and relationships with children promise to be a source of happiness.


Life has made you tougher and more independent mostly by stripping you of external sources of support. It’s a been a rough lesson, but you will soon gain the rewards. Whatever changes you desire to make with your living situation or family, you can successfully manage on your own in the months ahead. Strength and resilience on the inside mean that you certainly have what it takes to make major changes in your world. Venus entering charismatic Leo and your domestic realm is like having sunshine delivered to your doorstep. In the weeks ahead, your home will also be a hub of happiness where friends and family hang out. Your superb eye for decor will make the right impression.


You have been working hard at partnership and it hasn’t always been easy. This is an ideal time to speak your mind and let your mate know exactly where you stand. Focus on the future and what you what to cultivate in your relationship instead of rehashing the past. It’s a good time for single Geminis to redefine their relationship rules. Charming Leo entering your house of communication may inspire you to express your affection more freely in the weeks ahead. You will want friends, relatives, and lovers alike to know how you feel and you will find it easy to praise their good qualities.


No one has been working harder than you have over the past couple of years. Sure, it’s been exhausting, but it has made you incredibly disciplined and has shown you what you are made of. The tide is turning, Cancer, and in the months ahead you will begin to reap the benefits. How can your efforts be translated into financial success? Watch what happens in the weeks ahead and be prepared to seize the moment. Venus entering dynamic Leo and your financial zone can help to increase your cash flow. In the weeks ahead, you are likely to attract money, opportunities, and gifts. However, be careful that more money doesn’t promote more spending and more debt.


In recent years, you have had to work hard at sustaining the things that bring you happiness. Your love life, your relationship with your kids, and even your favorite hobbies and creative pursuits have all required serious effort. Your dedication has enabled you to grow in ways that you didn’t think you needed to grow, but now you are more motivated and determined than ever. In the months ahead, you will certainly see what this was all about and how you have benefited from this learning process. Venus entering your sign on Saturday makes you the belle or beau of the ball. Looks aren’t everything, however, they’re a big part of the picture. Make changes that will enhance your natural assets.


You have been carrying the bulk of the burden with home and family responsibilities, but you are approaching the point where all the pieces will fall into place. In the months ahead, you will breathe a sigh relief as you finally attain the stability that you have been working so hard to achieve. A step that you take behind closed doors can help to secure matters for the long haul. Venus entering your house of seclusion signals a need to take a break from the demands of dating and relating if you’re single. Virgo, you need a minute to figure out where your heart is at and you can only do that by slowing things down.


Communication has been challenging, but you have learned how to express your thoughts in a more succinct way. You have also developed incredible discipline when it comes to studying and learning. You are about to wrap up this particular lesson and a group or team project will help you bring it to a successful close. Venus moving into gregarious Leo and your house of groups and friendship will reinvigorate your social life in the weeks ahead. Social events and group activities will provide opportunities to widen your circle of acquaintances and may present you with a new opportunity for love.


Because you have had to work harder to make a buck, you have learned the true value of money. You may not have reaped immediate results for your efforts, but you have laid the foundation for long-term financial stability. A career move that you make now could certainly be the final step to nail this down. Attention-grabber Venus moving into charismatic Leo and your house of career will put you in the spotlight in the weeks ahead. Take advantage of opportunities to socialize with colleagues and to establish personal relationships that can support your professional aims.


You are known as the Peter Pan of the zodiac, although in recent years you have found discipline and maturity. There is something that fires your up right now and this grown-up new you has what it takes to deal with matters in the right way. Trust that you’ve got this! Venus moving into dynamic Leo and your house of adventure might inspire a big trip in the weeks ahead. Love might be a factor in your plans. You might take a romantic journey with your significant other or the lure of a long-distance love affair might send you off in hot pursuit of love.


Your ruler, Saturn, coming out of its final retrograde in Sagittarius and gearing up to change signs is a big deal. The past few years were rough on you emotionally and you had to learn some very tough lessons. The wisdom that you gained around your emotional, sexual, and financial desires is invaluable and will benefit you in the years ahead. Venus moving into charismatic Leo and your house of intimacy and shared resources makes you a magnet for the things you want. In the weeks ahead, your enhanced sex appeal and charm will also make people more willing to give in and just say yes.


Maintaining friendships has been a real chore in recent years, but the connections that have survived this trying period are here to stay. Now is the time to go the mat for an important friendship or group in order to make your allegiance official. Having this support will be super important in the months and years ahead. Lovestruck Venus moving into happy-go-lucky Leo and your house of committed partnership can bring big-time joy into your relationship in the weeks ahead. It is an ideal time to take things to the next level or to recommit to happiness. If you are single, you could attract a potential mate who is commitment-ready.


In recent years you have worked hard to show the world what you are capable of accomplishing. Now, the world will acknowledge your efforts and reward you. You need to do whatever is necessary to put the final touches on a long-term project or goal. Venus entering charismatic Leo and your house of work will also make you super passionate about a work project in the weeks ahead. Because you  are so into what you’re doing, your tasks will feel practically effortless. Improved relations with coworkers will also make things easier for you.

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