Let Go to Awaken Your Warrior Lover

Compassion for Your Emotions

We often get caught in a swamp of trying to fix things, as if something is broken inside. Although anguish and betrayal make us feel like our hearts are broken, the energy of our hearts is Love. It is the doorway through which painful emotions can pass, however, you first need to agree to let go of them.

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Trapped Emotion

Sad emotions get stuck in the body when you try to fix them. You are essentially telling whatever painful emotion you’re experiencing, “I’m not good enough. I don’t like you, and, I want to get rid of you.” This sends a negative message to yourself. In the holistic/spiritual field we call these trapped emotions. I often need to explain to my callers that trapped emotions do not mean that their significant other still has feelings for their ex-partner, for example. It simply means that the anguish they felt over a breakup was never accepted, integrated, and healed.

Repressed or Suppressed Emotions

The other tendency is to repress or suppress emotions, because the discomfort is so painful. In fact, studies have shown that the pain of loss and betrayal is registered in the same part of our brain as physical pain! The only way to end the cycle of pain, spiritual addiction, and the constant desire to fix yourself, or shut yourself off from difficult emotions, is to offer unconditional compassion to them.

Unconditional Compassion

Unconditional compassion is non-judgmental acceptance. Let every painful, tortuous feeling rest in your heart. You must accept every disturbing sensation exactly as it is, without wanting to change it. You must also meet every one of your emotions with compassion. Allow them safe passage in your heart.

Begin to Let Go

Observe it, Name it, and Allow it are the keys that begin the process of letting go. We often let anguish absorb us, and begin to spin a sad story in our minds, which further intensifies the sadness and leads to anxiety and depression. Why not try observing the emotion, and call it sadness, or loneliness, or fear without judging it as good or bad? Notice which part of your body it’s in. Then simply offer it compassion. Compassion means we don’t try to fix it, make it go away, or resist it. Name your feelings, but don’t attach yourself to them. Also, don’t spin a victimhood story about yourself. Your pain certainly thirsts for comfort, solace and nurturance, not hatred. You want to melt the pain.

The heart is your Warrior Lover and you need to learn how to trust in its wisdom. Because we don’t know how to be with our pain, we lose the way of our Heart Warrior. We learn to suppress, repress, or avoid it. But first you need to be willing to open up to and feel the pain you have been trying to fix or repress. Only then can your heart emerge as your Warrior Lover.

The Truth Helps You Let Go

As a psychic I need to deliver the truth with insight even if a caller is not ready to hear it. Sugar-coating the truth will prevent a person from letting go, and moving forward. Therefore, it’s better to learn to appreciate the truth of a matter. Know that although sometimes the truth may not match what we want to hear, there is something better around the corner if we just trust and let go.

Often my callers are not ready to hear that there is someone new around the corner, because they have set their expectations on the person there now, even if there are problems. If there’s a lot of baggage right at the beginning, is not a good start. If you already want certain things to change about your potential relationship, this is a big red flag. A psychic can help you by perceiving the outcome, but you need to accept that you have options. Thinking that you will not have other choices and opportunities for love will only bring despair. Doing this will certainly keep your emotions trapped.

Real Love

Real love is ruthless acceptance, fierce passion, and intense openness. Love will take your pain in its arms and cherish it with the white-fire of a mother towards her newborn child. Compassion will cradle and dissolve your pain.

Happiness and ease in life are about opening to love of self. We can never be free if dependant on the happiness of another, or the need to have that person be something else. True love is the ability to be your authentic self, and extend that to others. This is our destiny and true path. This helps us to regain trust and let go of old baggage that no longer serves us. The moment you feel this love throb in your chest and in your soul you will have found the doorway to your pain’s liberation. You will be knowledgeable in the art of letting go and you will have found the key to the ease of a magnificent life.

We do not need to suffer. Joy is our true nature. And an open heart is the path to awaken our Warrior Lover.

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