Your Weekend Horoscope: Cool Emotions and Detachment

Cool Emotions and Detachment

Your Weekend Horoscope

The Full Moon, in intellectual Aquarius, cools the emotions and adds an element of detachment to your dealings with others. Your concern is for humankind as a whole, but you aren’t necessarily interested in dealing with the messiness of the intimate feelings of others. Logic rules under this influence.  Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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The Full Moon in Aquarius brings a desire to connect with a group that is working to benefit others. Whether it is a global, humanitarian issue or a charitable organization closer to home, you will feel a sense of purpose when you contribute your time, money, or efforts to help others.


Your career goals come into sharper focus as the Aquarian Full Moon lights up your professional sector. Objectivity allows you to accurately assess if  you are on track with your current objectives. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that a boss or another authority figure who supports your ambition can lend sound advice.


The Full Moon in Aquarius encourages you to pursue knowledge or an experience that will not only provide information, but will also enrich your experience of the world. Philosophical or spiritual teachings may offer you the fresh perspective you seek and give a deeper meaning to your current viewpoints.


The Full Moon in logical Aquarius allows you to examine your deepest connections with others in a more detached way. Under this influence, you can easily discern how well or how poorly you are supported by others. Taking emotion out of the equation allows you to see things as they really are.


The Full Moon in your partnership zone indicates that your emotional fulfillment is dependent upon your relationships with the people whom you are closest to. Therefore getting along is not merely an option, but a priority. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates a need to examine what you are bringing to the table.


The Aquarian Full Moon provides the perfect energy for you to work diligently at perfecting a skill or completing a task. Even if you don’t entirely know what you are doing, you can polish your abilities through practice. This is a good opportunity to put your trademark perfectionism to work!


The Aquarius Full Moon in your romance sector provides the sort of cool detachment that allows you to make sound decisions about who should or shouldn’t play a role in your love life. Your social life is pretty active, so you can afford to let go of dead weight.


The Full Moon in your domestic sector shines a light on home and family matters. Though your attention might be elsewhere, you need the emotional support of the people whom you love the most. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals a need to establish balance between your worldly and personal lives.


The Full Moon in your communication sector highlights a need to process your knowledge and experience into useful data that helps you to meet your goals. It’s not enough to just focus on the big picture. You also need a plan that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.


The Full Moon in your money sector allows you to clearly see exactly where things stand financially. You are receiving considerable support from others now. Instead of relying upon that to carry you through, consider this a call to increase your income and cultivate grater fiscal independence.


The Full Moon in your sign makes you more emotional than you are really comfortable with. This can make you feel vulnerable and a bit insecure. Even though others are likely to make demands of your time, it is important that you focus on attending to your personal needs.


The Aquarian Full Moon in your subconscious sector brings powerful dreams and interesting insights from your higher consciousness. This information can help you resolve a practical dilemma that you are currently facing, especially in regard to your work life and your health. Look inside for the answer.

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