Your Sun Sign: Independence and Progress at Work

Independence and Progress at Work

Your Sun Sign and Your Job Independence

It’s an endless dance at work. Your deepest dreams and ambitions—everything that allows you to express your unique heart, soul and independence—must flow and integrate with your team at work and appeal to the world for success. If you think about those points in your life that you’ve considered truly victorious, you expressed the true you while serving, pleasing, encouraging, or even thrilling others. We are, in the end, tribal animals, reliant on each other’s unique self-expression for survival and your Sun Sign plays a significant role.

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Those enormous changes you’ve been going through in your career efforts and relationships have been reflected in the skies, particularly over the past 1 – 1 1/2 years. What we see is that your Sun Sign is now reaching a new form of independent expression and career progress in the midst of your work relationships:


You’ve had great practice over this past year balancing your natural drive for success with team interaction. Many of life’s lessons have been about gaining what you desire by pouring all your heroic energy into something with those you love in mind. In fact, by now, you’ll have grown so much that you’ll see real results from these efforts over the summer.


You are the master of knowing how to manage resources. You recognize what is of value within your team and your most powerful, independent role could well evolve from recognizing everyone’s contributions and how to best make them work together. Step up and claim a bigger management role out of this special talent.

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Working with your team is not a problem for you. You love support as long as the others can keep up with you. Slow down on occasion and let everyone know what you have in mind. Then let them all catch their breath and you’ll lead your team in your usual, independent-thinking way, whether you’re the official leader or not.


While you’re really sensitive to others and you’re clear that your team is your family, something at the core of your being has been tugging at you, demanding to be expressed. Yes, you are nurturing to everyone and their dreams, yet your own ideas and plans are valid. Know that your independent offering is as worthwhile as anyone’s and share it.


You’re very clear about exactly who you are and what you’re offering the group. You can find the generosity of spirit and heart to serve your team in such a way that everyone feels valuable. You earn respect for your independent approach and others support your efforts.

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You are just beginning to come to terms with what an asset you are to your team. In fact, this coming year will be about claiming credit for what you truly contribute to the group as an independent resource. Start making notes about your unique efforts over the summer and present them to everyone for greater career success—and independence.


You are just beginning to get a sense of your personal, independent worth after a year of realizing that you don’t need others, but that you like interacting with them. You are especially clear that teams/partnerships accomplish more, as long as all involved are appreciated and respected. Your personal growth is now allowing you more admiration from others and personal independence.


While you’ve long had a strong sense of your inner self, you’ve been integrating this in such a way that you’re expressing that true you more freely in the midst of your peers. More open sharing of yourself gives you far more independence and recognition for your efforts within your group.


You’ve been busy redefining yourself and your deep need for independence within all your identities—those screen names you have online, the “you” that you present in your work team, and the new you in your family. In fact, you’ll feel a real sense of independence through showing people that they can count on you as a team player in all these areas.

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You’ve been redefining the independent you for several years now. People still look to you for guidance, even though you’ve definitely thrown them plenty of curves recently about your vision and direction for team plans. You’ve just been adapting to changing times, and those around you are seeing the wisdom in your unique thinking.


Independence is a way of life for you, yet you’re a remarkable networker. People recognize that you offer something distinctively your own and are truly drawn to it. Your next surprise that will please your team will likely come from studies, travel or spiritual pursuits. So consider what you’ve discovered in these areas and work with them.


You intuitively grasp the needs and desires of everyone in your team. What is being required of you at this point is seeing your own value to the team and clearly expressing what you need in work, emotional and financial support. Particularly state what you need when it comes to money, and you’ll find more independence than you’ve ever known.

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