Your August Money Horoscope: The Luckiest Day of the Year

The Luckiest Day of the Year

Your Money Horoscope Wants You to Have Fun and Take Chances

August 26 is not only the luckiest day of your August Money Horoscope, but it’s also the luckiest day of the year when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. It’s a great day for having fun and taking chances, such as playing the lottery or dropping some spare change into a slot machine.

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Fanning the Fire

Fire is the driving astrological force this month, making your August Money Horoscope as hot as the summer sun. With Mars entering Leo on the 8th as well as the Leo New Moon on the 14th, many of you will feel the push towards doing your own thing, making your mark, and cashing in. Before Mercury moves out of Leo on the 7th, it taps the energy of expansive Jupiter, adding luck to your burning desire to increase your financial stability.


Although most of the August heat is focused on your love life and boosting your self-confidence, it’s also a great time to clean up your finances in order to get ready for unexpected money opportunities. Leo-based planets and the Leo new moon will benefit your fiery and creative side.


Venus, your ruling planet, will be retrograde all month, putting the focus on home and security. You’ll probably be spending some of your hard-earned money on beautifying your sacred space or finding a new home altogether. Buy a lottery ticket on the 26th when luck is all around you.

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Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves through three signs this month, giving you momentum. Utilize Saturn’s last stretch in your house of earned wages. This is the time to make things happen in your working life. Jupiter enters Virgo on the 11th, and you should think about investing in real estate. Launch and expand in August.


August is a super money-making month for you. Venus, lover of beauty and finance, is retrograde in your house of money, speaking to your creative soul and finding ways to use your talents to attract money. Mars in Leo will give you drive and determination to reach your professional and financial goals.


You have a stellar August Money Horoscope to look forward to. August 4 is a day to note, when money-minded Venus hooks up with financially savvy-Jupiter in your sign. But wait, there’s more. Energetic Mars enters Leo this month and you have your own very special New Moon on the 15th. This is your birthday/New Year month, Leo, and it’s yours for the taking.


It’s time to clear the decks when expansive and optimistic Jupiter moves into your sun sign on the 11th. Opportunities start showing up this month (and this year) to give you things to look forward to and expand your financial world. Overall, your August Money Horoscope is a positive game changer.

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Venus, your ruling planet, is retrograde in August, causing you to reassess your financial goals. Both the new and full moons in August will help you focus on your money situation. Then, Mercury enters your sun sign on the 27th, propelling you into September full of inspiration and ideas.


Your August Money Horoscope is outstanding, and it all relates to the work you do. Venus and Jupiter couple-up in your area of success. Mars will get you moving and shaking after the 8th. A promotion may surprise you or you just might surprise yourself. Just keep raising that vibration.


In many ways, you could take the energy of the Scorpio reading and apply it to your own life. The biggest news in your August Money Horoscope is that your ruler, Jupiter, will move into your career house on the 11th. This marks not only a month, but a year of career expansion and success ahead which will translate into a better financial future for you.


Take advantage of your ruling planet’s energy as Saturn (in its last six weeks in Scorpio) begins to return to forward motion on the 1st. Money comes from doing what you love so be grateful for the rewards. After the 11th, Jupiter in your fellow earth sign, Virgo, is setting the stage for career growth. Next year it will be even more beneficial.

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Evaluation of partnerships and relationships is the key astrological focus of your August Money Horoscope—in both love and money/career. Jupiter will help you come up with some beneficial money-related ideas, but avoid taking action until after the first week in September.


With the Sun and Venus, as well as a new moon, all in your house of work and reputation, now is the time to make your mark in the workplace. If your talents didn’t bring you more money last month, you could see an increase arrive around the time of the New Moon mid month. Your August Money Horoscope is about your talents and being compensated for them.

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  1. Ramchandra

    I gone thru ur above note.i m really depress by reading my horoschkop.any way let me see what result will arise in this month.

  2. Jonathan Naugles

    Will I become a Publisher Clearinghouse Winner on August 31 or Nov. 30 2015.I have got 10 letter about winning 1,000,000 or more.Are they fake for asking me for processing for 20-40.00.Please response back very soon?


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