Your Weekend Horoscope: Juicy or Cirtical Love

Juicy or Cirtical Love

Your Weekend Horoscope

Venus moves into virtuous Virgo for a brief stay until she retrogrades back into Leo next month. Venus is debilitated in Virgo which takes a bit of the juiciness out of romance and makes her more critical in love. Under this influence, more practical concerns take precedence in affairs the heart. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You are more interested in a mate who can fix a leaky faucet than one who woos you with grand, romantic gestures. You want both your home and work life to run more efficiently, so you are focused on projects (and people) who can help you to get your life in order.


With your ruler, Venus, moving into your house of romance you are ready to give more attention to dating and mating. Since Venus’ stay here will be brief, you should prepare to make a move on someone whom you have been admiring from afar. There is no time like the present!


Venus, entering your domestic sector, inspires you to bring beauty and harmony into your home and family life. You will definitely want to spruce up your space, as you are likely to be doing more entertaining at home. Whether you have the whole family over or just a certain someone, it will feel good to share your space with loved ones.


Venus, moving into your house of communication, brings pleasant conversation and interactions with the people in your immediate surroundings. You are definitely pretty chatty right now, so it’s good that there are people in your life who are interested in hearing what you have to say! Writing projects are favored now.


Your Weekend Horoscope says Venus, moving into your financial sector, makes you a magnet for money and opportunities to increase your income. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily bestow the energy required to get out and make things happen. Overcome your inertia and act on the opportunities that arise. Your bank account will thank you!


Venus, moving into your sign, makes you more conscious of your appearance. This is a great time to update your wardrobe and to tweak your look. You have been hiding your light under a basket for a while and now it is your time to get out and shine!


Romance goes behind closed doors as Venus enters your house of seclusion, according to your Weekend Horoscope. You might be involved in an illicit affair. Or you might decide to take a break from a relationship in order to assess your feelings and make a decision about where you want things to go from here.


Your social life revs up as Venus moves into the zone that rules friendship and group associations. This energy makes you the star of your scene, so be sure to take advantage of any invites that come your way. Spending time with friends could open the door for a new love interest to enter the picture.


Venus, entering your house of career and reputation, helps you to project the sort of image that will raise your esteem in your professional world. This is a great time to socialize with colleagues and superiors and to strengthen the connections that will help you to achieve your goals.


Venus, entering your house of faraway places, could bring a desire to connect with a distant lover or to travel to a foreign destination that calls to your heart. This zone also rules higher learning and encourages you to pursue additional education or to study a topic that you feel passionate about.


Romance is red hot with Venus moving into your intimacy zone! This is a great time to take a budding romance to the next level. Someone who has been in your life for a little while now might be giving you the signal that he or she is ready to step things up.


Venus, moving into your committed partnership zone, brings a craving for deeper connection. Dating and hanging out are fun, but you are ready for something a little more serious. Give a casual connection a push. If you haven’t found the right person yet, this energy can help you to connect with someone who is relationship-ready.

One thought on “Your Weekend Horoscope: Juicy or Cirtical Love

  1. GEMINI6

    Hi! Krishni. Thank you for my weekend horoscope. But, my weekend is not juicy or cirtical love,
    I don’t know why it says that????? I don’t have a certain someone or any plans with the whole family. I live with my Mom and sister. As for harmony I try very hard to keep harmony in my home thou sometimes there’s tension with three women living together, and hormones racing at times. Can u tell me Krishni why it always say love when like I said there is no special person in my life. Would appreciate a hint at least.


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