After the Breakup: Celebrating Your Independence

Your Independence

Relationship Freedom and Independence

It’s no longer we … it’s me. If you didn’t initiate your breakup, that may be a painful statement, but just for awhile. Even if you were the person to end it, it’s not a fun thing to do and it’s disorienting to suddenly be alone. Habits are uncomfortable to break. But here’s the really great news: Every day when you wake up after a breakup, it becomes easier. It’s funny, but one day you actually realize that you’re free and you can do whatever you want without trying to please someone else. It’s actually exhilarating! Now you have more time for your career, your family, your friends and your personal dreams. Most of all, you have more time for you!

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Readjust After a Breakup

If you’re still feeling sad about being single again, make sure you schedule fun activities during the readjustment. This includes surrounding yourself with those who know and love you. Do what you adore, especially those things your ex didn’t enjoy that you were missing. You’ll find that soon you’ll be smiling to yourself a little that this freedom thing isn’t half bad.

Your Friends and Family

No matter how much you might want to stay in bed and deal with life another day, get up and get out! Your friends and family are there for a reason. All of a sudden, you find that friends love being with only you and enjoy the fact that your significant other isn’t demanding your attention. If this has been a sad, difficult breakup, your friends and family will enjoy being there for you like you’ve supported them in the past. Cry if you need to, and notice that the hugs from friends are a joyous experience for both of you. Love is a celebration, no matter who offers it.

Rethink and Revisit

Once you realize how loved you still are without your ex, the alone time becomes fun, too. Finally, you have the time to rethink your future and revisit those old dreams that you set aside during your relationship. You really can take that college course, or travel to magical places, or spend that time really moving your career in a direction you’ve always wanted.

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Looking and Feeling Better

If you’re angry over the breakup, there’s even good news there. Pour that anger into healthy exercise. A nice run or walk in the park, or racing along the beach clears the head and helps you make those happy endorphins flow. If you are “buffing up” at the gym, there are new friends to be made and you’ll get the satisfaction of reaching certain goals. Looking and feeling better help the resentment disappear and get the party started.

Make Your Own Good Times

Pretty soon you’ll be remembering that the good times you had weren’t something given to you, but something you created in the relationship. And you have the power to create even better memories with someone else with all that you’ve learned from the old relationship.

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Spend Some Money

This is also a great time to do other wonderful things to make you feel sexier and happier. A little shopping spree (without overdoing it of course) for flattering clothes or a day at the spa with a friend can really lift spirits. You can make a party of it with a group of friends. Even buy something you always wanted but your ex didn’t especially like. What fun to have that freedom now!

Plan a Get-Together

You can even be creative about your celebration of your independence. You can throw a party for the new you and your future. You and your friends can share your biggest dreams with each other from childhood on. Some will be funny and others will offer the revelation that it’s not too late to go after that ideal. You can even use the get-together to set up a team of friends to help you support each other towards those goals that may have seemed impossible in the past. It’s funny, but once you see yourself moving toward something you love, you find yourself naturally feeling “lighter” and more joyous about your life.

Preparing for a New Love

The most interesting thing that comes from focusing on your dreams is that this new joy and self-confidence make you so much more attractive to others. It becomes more apparent that you can pick and choose the people you want in your life, and that might include a new partner sooner than you think. And when you do meet them, they’re meeting the fabulous, independent you moving towards your ideals in life. And, they’re already attracted to the free and more self-sufficient person you’ve become.

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It’s interesting that the final sign of the zodiac depicts just such a relationship. The Pisces fishes represent a completed, fulfilled and successful human journey. Each of these two fishes is swimming in its own desired direction. The only thing that binds them is the sacred knot of ideal love. These fishes can be viewed as you and another, or as your evolving soul in relation to the timeless spirit that drives you, a unique being in the universe, and part of and essential to it. When you recognize that powerful truth, there’s nothing to do but celebrate!

One thought on “After the Breakup: Celebrating Your Independence

  1. Marc from the UK

    What a fab article, I think the title should not say celebrate, but more like embrace!

    Celebration of pain or sorrow or that of others is not my style, if anything I find guilt and sorrow often catch up with us no matter how fast we run or walk, we eventually have to slow and that’s when life catches up with us, when we least expect or need it lol!

    The wisdom and guidance in this article is spot on, in my life just being able to say sorry or I forgive you is therapy in it,s own.

    I enjoy most spending my way to happiness fun!


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