Your Weekend Horoscope: Faulty Communication

Faulty Communication

Your Weekend Horoscope

There is a crimp in communication as Mercury squares the North and South Nodes. It is difficult to connect with the people you need to talk to and the information communicated is faulty. Stick with what is tried and true until you can access updated information. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You are seeking answers to a home and family matter, but the insight you need may not be forthcoming. Instead of micromanaging the situation, try a more hands-off approach. The more objective you are, the easier it will be to formulate a solution to your problem. Expert advice can help.


It is easy to put your foot in your mouth, especially when you don’t have the facts straight. You will need to keep an open mind if you want to attain a true understanding of what’s currently happening around you. A home project could be stalled by financial considerations on Sunday. Plan accordingly.


Your ruler, Mercury, squaring the North and South Nodes, makes it a challenge to keep a handle on money matters. This is not the time for frivolous spending, as it could lead to unexpected debt. Matters pertaining to financial planning should be postponed, as a lack of clarity could cause careless mistakes.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows you saying “Yes!’” to everything. It is great that you are embracing life so fully, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to follow through with all of your commitments. Delegate some of your tasks to others and reschedule non-urgent activities.


You are secretly obsessing over a matter that may not be true or is very different from the way you perceive it. Because you are afraid to open up about it, it makes it difficult to find out the truth. Connect with a trusted source who can reveal the real deal.


A challenging aspect between your ruler, Mercury, and the North and South Nodes brings communication problems between you and a friend or with a group that you are a member of. It seems that you just can’t get on the same page (especially with matters pertaining to money or values). Give it a rest for now.


Your ability to make progress on a professional task might be hampered by a lack of information or your inability to connect with an important contact. Don’t act before you have all the facts. Even if it means missing a window of opportunity, you might have to sit this one out.


You are all about the big picture! You are taking the bird’s eye view as you consider where you want to take your life from here. That’s a great starting point, but if you actually want to move things forward you need to attend to the details and start crafting a workable plan.


If someone has entrusted you to keep a secret, then you should make sure you don’t spill the beans. Just because you don’t believe that this info is so sensitive that it needs to be kept confidential, it doesn’t mean that you are free to share it with others. Keep your word!


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that your activities and plans are deeply entwined with those of a partner, colleague or friend. Therefore, clear communication is essential. Unfortunately, you might find it challenging to get your point across now. Don’t act until you reach a clear agreement with all parties involved.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you have a lot of chores on your to-do list. One particular task might require additional information or know-how in order to successfully complete the job. Make sure that you understand the instructions before you begin. Winging it is not likely to work in your favor!


You might be a little out of synch with the thoughts and wishes of a romantic partner. Chances are that you have very different ideas about what constitutes a good time. It will be more fun to hang out with your friends now. Postpone your date until you and your mate are on the same page.

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