A Spring Equinox Eclipse: What Does It Mean?

A Spring Equinox Eclipse: What Does It Mean?

Your Spring Equinox Eclipse Horoscope

As if 2015 doesn’t already have enough signs in the sky to have those interested in astrology somewhat awestruck, the March 20th total solar eclipse falls on the Spring Equinox this year (Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Such an event has a “wake up and take notice” insistence regarding the themes happening in the skies. A new window of opportunity opens in truly surprising ways.

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The Spring Equinox represents the completion of the full circle of the zodiac, and the birth of the 2015 cycle. It’s taking place with the doors wide open to the world of your personal power, signified by the total solar eclipse. It’s a time when your greatest dreams meet your everyday life for full examination. And there’s an intense focus on your relationships—a vast subject these days.

Reacting to You

People have always reacted to the version of you they have in their minds (with all their attached hopes and fears) as well as the actual you. But now expressions of you are everywhere in cyberspace, giving an impression to others. This can feel like an overwhelming responsibility, but everywhere you have a presence on the planet also presents you with opportunities. Each Sun Sign has special areas open for a breakthrough:


Use this eclipse period to “roll back the clock” and correct that old relationship event that’s been dragging you down. You’re big enough to say “I’m sorry and I forgive you.” You’re normally forthright, but you’ll be amazed at how much forward movement you get when you release that one seemingly little thing that’s been bothering you.

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Inner and outer beauty are keys to your existence. Really notice how you express this to others in non-verbal and invisible ways as well as your physical presence. Observe how others value something in you that you never noticed before. Then you can share more of that precious part of you.


You’re beginning to notice that it’s a good thing when people pin you down and ask you to explain exactly what you mean. Your quick mind has probably already moved on, but once the annoyance has passed, a good review of your ideas can bring a whole new clarity that opens new doors for you.


That unsettling influence around your most personal relationships at work, at home and with parents is about to show itself more clearly. Those intuitive hunches you have about finances and your highest aspirations are valid, so as long as your actions support your values, you’ll eventually win.

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Your animal/instinctual energy level has been so intense that you’ve been almost desperate for ways to express it. If it’s passion for someone special, make it real in a truly loving way. If it’s passion for a dream, you have what it takes to make it real. Just stay grounded.


Your usually impeccable communications and efficiency demand that you now reach into your depths for success. Listen with your head and your heart to the needs of others and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to reach what once looked impossible. Others were just waiting for the best in you.


Your love life has felt so disrupted recently and work has been so weird that you’ve considered telling everyone that they need to start saying what they mean and doing what they promised. In fact, you should do just that, once your thoughts are clear and full of love for yourself and patience with the human failings of others.


You’ve been giving a lot of thought to deeper feelings and communications, and what love truly means. The insights that you get during this eclipse period that seems so strange, are just the answer you want. Be open and the real meaning will reveal itself.

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Those shocking and strange communications that have been so confounding to you have a greater purpose. Examine them thoroughly and you’ll gain a whole new concept of your profound impact on others. Once you own it, you’ll love this new tool to reach people.


You’ll gain so much by confronting your own fears. Even though they have no logical meaning to you so you often dismiss them, your willingness to accept them, and your very human vulnerabilities will give you amazing, new power for success in life.


Your view of finance as a necessary pain in the process of accomplishing your dreams is ready for reformation. Recognize the beauty of the natural flow of generosity and don’t be afraid to share when it looks scary. It will come back to you in such beautiful ways.


You are in your natural element of communications that others so often misunderstand at the time of the eclipse. Find a way to guide others in wordless communications and creativity. This could become an excellent new source of income and joy.

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