Your Weekend Horoscope for January 2 – 4, 2015

Your Weekend Horoscope for January 2 – 4, 2015

Your Weekend Horoscope: Major Change vs. the Status Quo

The Sun joined with power-hungry Pluto, getting the new year off to an ambitious start! However, a challenge from wild-card Uranus indicates that your opponents will not go down without a fight. It’s a battle between major change vs. maintaining the status quo. Which side are you on? Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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No matter what your boss, your parents, or other authority figures in your life have to say, you are determined to do things your own way. Sometimes you just have to put everything on the line and take a stand. If your independence matters, then this is one of those times!


Internal unrest has you questioning whether your current belief system is supporting you or actually holding you back. It is time to toss out any rules or dogma that no longer feel like a good fit. Seek out teachings that inspire and empower you to be the person you really want to be.


Some people might be startled by the level of passion and emotional intensity you are bringing to your relationships now. The pressure has been building up for a while and now you just want what you want. Your Weekend Horoscope says you should give others time to adjust to this powerful, new you!


In both the personal and professional arenas, you are powering ahead and going after what you want in your partnerships. This sudden burst of confidence may come as a surprise to someone who is used to being in control. There’s no stopping once you’ve started. Stay the course!


You are a powerhouse in the workplace! Once you set your sights on a goal, nothing gets in your way. Well, one thing might slow you down—the law or other important rules or regulations. Watch your step! Cutting corners could get you into big trouble.


Your “take no prisoners” approach to romance is just a tiny bit over the top, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Take a cue from the person you are chasing. If he or she isn’t giving you the green light, then it’s probably a good idea to stop and reassess your whole strategy.


Your desire to have things your way on the home front may be turning you into a bit of a tyrant. If you share your space with others then you need to cut them some slack. Find a repair project you can focus on. This may be easier to fix than sticky family relationships.


Your laser-like communication penetrates right to the heart of the matter and the words you use have a lasting effect. The question is whether you are using your powers of speech for good or for evil. The only rule you need to follow is to speak the way they want to be spoken to.


When it comes to money matters, you are in the driver’s seat and you are taking control, according to your Weekend Horoscope. It’s great that you have a goal in mind, but you should be on the lookout for potential pitfalls in your plan. Power down and rethink things before you lose the gains you have made.


You are in full-on confidence mode and you feel there is nothing you cannot have or achieve right now if you are willing to do the work. This is partially true. You can accomplish a lot, providing an unresolved personal issue doesn’t upset you and throw you off course.


You are tapping into hidden powers and unearthing new strengths. You feel compelled to make big changes in your life, but the truth is you’re just not ready. Allow time for these new strengths to emerge and to be put into practice before you go changing your life on a hunch.


You are socializing with movers and shakers and this makes you hungry for the lifestyle they have. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have more. However, before you start spending like a high roller check to see if this is something you can afford.

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  1. CarolK

    Are going to relocate soon,is my husband getting promotion and transfer,and am I going to feel better soon,and are my rotten kids ever going to come to their sences,i pray,they will soon.

  2. sandra king

    i love a man one time i seem his. i ask God to stranger. i love you Larry a my heart. i miss his so. my mother is sick i ask God to heal her. The power of God. to help my familys and friends too.

  3. Shawn Hogue

    Will my future be filled with a great deal of money? I have always wanted to be rich!!! I know it sounds silly, but I am allowed to wish for it!! B-date: 06/06/1961


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