Your January Chinese Horoscope

Your January Chinese Horoscope

Your Chinese Horoscope: Laying the Groundwork

This Field Rat month is the time to use your wits and instincts to flourish amid challenges. In 2015 there’s a special intensity to this high-energy month. Being alert to your career and relationship can bring special opportunities that benefit you. January 20 begins the coming month’s Lake Buffalo influence, bringing a strong passion for life and the drive for financial security. Add that necessary foundation to your plans, and you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful 2015.

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Your personal animal days in January call to you and offer you the tools to create a new life of full self-expression:



A soul mate encounter on January 12 is intense and compelling as you are the Granary Rat. Take a new approach to this relationship and see what happens. January 24 is the day when you can take everything you’ve been going through and express it in a passionate, constructive way as the Rat on the Crossbeam.


Tell someone you love them and mean it on New Year’s Day as you are the Lake Buffalo. Wait a few days to see the desired results. The evening of January 13 is a time for action in your love life and creativity as you are Ox in the Byre. On January 25 you’re confident expressing who you truly are as Ox in the Road, according to your Chinese Horoscope.

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You are ready for power struggles that arise on January 2 as Tiger Climbs the Mountain, winning through loving common sense. January 14 is a great day for health breakthroughs as the Tiger Leaves the Mountain. Your heart and spirit lead the way on January 26 as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


Begin January 3 with mental and physical exercise as the Rabbit of Woods and Mountains. Then enjoy a romantic evening. You’re on the right track on January 15 and ideas flow smoothly as Rabbit in the Burrow. On January 27 you’re Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Passion and intensity bring freeing self-expression.


As the Dragon of Patience, your Chinese Horoscope says your calm wisdom on January 4 helps manage the intense emotions around you. On January 16 as the Rain Dragon, use an innovative approach to break a deadlock of fearful confusion. The evening of January 28 will be warm and passionate as you are the Dragon in the Whirlpool.

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Let your creative juices flow on January 5 as the Hibernating Snake. Be inclusive of someone new at work, and you’ll have great results. The passions you’re feeling can be channeled to give you real power on January 17 as the Snake in the Field. On January 29 use cleverness rather than force to accomplish what you wish as the Snake Leaving the Hole.


Brilliant, new ideas bring political gains on January 6 as the Way Horse. You’ll enjoy being a spiritual warrior for you favorite causes on January 18 as you are the Horse in the Clouds. Relax and enjoy productive conversation for your best success as the Traveling Horse on January 30.


Your optimistic ideas and confidence cause others to share your enthusiasm on January 7 as you are the Sheep in a Flock. You are the Serious Sheep on January 19, touching others by letting them see the real you. Lose yourself in delicious romance on January 31 as you are the Lost Sheep, according to your Chinese Horoscope.


Romantic longing can be turned into something beautiful and lasting on January 8 as the Tree Monkey. Take time to meditate on the big picture and create. January 20 is your powerful New Moon Mountain Monkey day. You are feeling the freedom of this new opening in your life.


Your Chinese Horoscope says you should dig deep into your well of passion and knowledge on January 9 as the Cock Crowing at Noon. A detail in your research could offer a real goldmine. On January 21 you are the Rooster of Solitude. You speak of love in new ways that are freeing for everyone.


Use your love of the land and the sea to create something real and beautiful on January 10. Art or political action serve you as the Sleeping Dog. You demand honesty as the Mountain Dog on January 22. Love and creativity can then get real in your presence.

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Send someone a message of love as the Pig Traversing a Mountain on January 11. You could get a sweet emotional response in return. Watch a movie, listen to music or just enjoy a beautiful sunset on January 23. Healing comes from beauty as you are the Monastic Pig, according to your Chinese Horoscope.

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    Divine most highest infinite blessings throughout 2015 to you Debbie Keil-Leavitt, all Psychics, and ALL eternally.

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    I have seen in a few books where the year of the cat coincides with the rabbit. I am a rabbit but I do not see a lot about the cat. Was it at one time the same as the rabbit

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    Witch one of those is for Leo Chinese so I will know what to look for I want to take to ye’ll but I don’t have that kind of money when I pay my bills I can’t even get a pack of cigarettes
    And I would like to find out how my father and mother are and did thay both make it to hevean

  7. John

    Witch one of those is for Leo Chinese so I will know what to look for I want to take to ye’ll but I don’t have that kind of money when I pay my bills I can’t even get a pack of cigarettes


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