Your Weekend Horoscope for October 10 – 12, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope

Your Weekend Horoscope: Pursue Art, Beauty and Harmonious Relationships

A pleasant mash-up of planets in refined Libra encourages the pursuit of art and beauty, as well as the cultivation of harmonious relationships. Growth comes through sharing the sweet things in life! Here’s your Weekend Horoscope.

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In your relationships with those closest to you, you are being pushed to grow and to expand your vision of what it means to connect with others in a meaningful way. Too often, your sign is “all about me.” You will gain more satisfaction by including others in your everyday cares and concerns.


You love your little routines, but your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you may become bored with business as usual and decide to do something drastically different. Whether you bring change to the boardroom or to the bedroom, the people around you will be pleasantly surprised at this turn of events.


If you are suddenly thinking about an old flame, it may be that he or she is also thinking of you! Don’t be surprised if you receive an unexpected call or text. Before you take a trip down memory lane, make sure that it is emotionally safe for you to go there!


Your home is likely to be a hub of activity this weekend. It’s the place where everyone wants to hang out. It may be difficult to have fun if you’re distracted by a professional concern. Put work on the back burner for now. Enjoying time with loved ones provides well-needed emotional support.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that your communication skills are enhanced now and inspiration is at a peak. This is a great time for any projects relating to writing, teaching or negotiating. Spend some time journaling or begin writing that book you’ve always dreamed about!


This is a great time to work on increasing your cash flow. Apply your trademark order and efficiency to paying your bills, eliminating unnecessary expenses and creating a budget that you can stick to. Honoring your financial blessings creates the energetic conditions required to attract more of what you need.


All is good with you, as the planets align to bring happiness and harmony into your world. It’s good that you’re feeling centered because someone close to you may completely surprise you with their bizarre behavior and threaten to rock your world. What others do reveals who they are and is no reflection upon you.


You are in hibernation mode now. Taking a step back from your crazy life allows you to rest, regroup and reevaluate what your priorities are going forward. Enjoy your “me time.” Let the people around you know that they’ll need to take care of themselves while you take time to take care of you.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates an opportunity to spend quality time with people who both share your beliefs and can impart wisdom that will help you on your spiritual journey. Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t be surprised if what you really need to hear comes from someone unexpected.


It doesn’t hurt to look your best when you’re spending time around bosses and other influential people who you hope to impress. Sometimes the package needs to be as polished as the knowledge and experience that you bring to the table. Push yourself to put your best face forward!


Get set to let your freak flag fly! Not only will you open up to a loved one and share your deepest passions, but you will also reveal some of your more offbeat ideas and plans. Your openness pays off when someone accepts and appreciates the real you!


The planets are aligned to give you a super passionate weekend. Not only is romance red-hot, but you might be the recipient of a special gift. If you’re single, this is a great time to socialize, as your power of attraction is peaking.

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