Psychic Walter: Doubt, Skepticism and Spirit’s Blessings

Doubt, Skepticism and Spirit

 Don’t Doubt too Much!

I recently had a loved one pass away at 91 years young. Her name was Ellie, and she had been my mother-in-law for 40 years. Many people may not have great relationships with their mother-in-law, but I did—there’s no doubt about that. Ellie was one of the greatest people I’ve ever known and it was a blessing to know her. She truly was and still is a gift in my life.

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I’m my greatest skeptic. Yes, psychics can be skeptics too! I question myself and look at spiritual happenings from every angle to make sure I am not just trying to make something work because it is in line with my own belief system or because it would make me happy. Over the past 40 years Ellie watched as I learned about and grew my psychic gifts. She knew that I would question everything. I don’t doubt Heaven or my faith; I just find some metaphysical ideas not in line with my belief system.

Asking for a Sign

The day Ellie made her peaceful transition was a difficult day for my wife and I. When I left the hospital where she passed, I was waiting for confirmation from her that she had transitioned well. As my wife and I consoled each other, I asked for Ellie to present herself. In the meantime, my wife and I eventually retired to our computers to take a break from the pain we were feeling.

Getting a Sign

About two hours after returning home, my wife and I had what I can easily say is my greatest experience with Spirit through God’s will. We received confirmation from Ellie! It was not once, but three times. She had to do something big to let us know it was her because she knows I am a a skeptic. She messed around with our computers and land line phone system.

Now, I know enough about computers and technology to know that what my wife and I were witnessing couldn’t be explained by earthly means. I tried everything I could to understand what was happening and I tried to rationalize it away, but it didn’t work. It was almost as if she was saying, “Try rationalizing this!” This experience confirmed for me that Ellie was in Heaven and could hear me ask her to make her presence known.

The Houdinis

This experience reminded me of Houdini and his wife. Prior to Houdini’s passing, he and his wife came up with a secret word that would confirm his presence if his wife consulted a Medium. He wanted to prove that there was life after death and that they could continue to communicate with each other even though he was no longer in his physical body. Well, Houdini’s wife never heard their secret word. I feel so sorry for her because she passed away without ever knowing that he husband was at her side after he passed away.

It’s hard for a Medium to look for a specific word. In doing so, they miss so much. There are many other ways to get confirmation from the spirit world, so the Houdinis shouldn’t have limited themselves. Because the Medium was looking for a specific word, they weren’t able to get any other messages to Mrs. Houdini. I’m glad I wasn’t specific in my request for a sign from Ellie. If I was, I may have missed her communication and my wife and I would not have had this amazing experience to treasure.

Be More Open-Minded

This experience has taught me a lot about doubt and skepticism. I’m sharing it with you because I feel like we could all have a little more faith. We could all be a little more open-minded. It’s okay to be skeptical, but don’t be so skeptical that you miss the many blessings that Spirit has to offer.

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22 thoughts on “Psychic Walter: Doubt, Skepticism and Spirit’s Blessings

  1. Jen Blake

    Having stuggled for a long time with letting go of a drug addict, I asked spirit if my attempts with him were futile. The new clutch in my car suddenly ceased working. I turned around and headed home fearing I would be stuck by the side of the road. That was a year ago! I never had the cluch looked at, nor have I had a problem with it since!
    No logical explanation for that one!!!

  2. Laura

    My Mom communicates with my wind chimes she bought me for my birthday just a few months before she died and through Dragonflies.

    Even when my grandson hears this huge heavy chimes start to make music he will look around see the wind not blowing and say ” shhhh, your mom is talking to you!”.

    When ever my sister and I are together- there seems to be dragon flies around us and one always stands out. I work in a funeral home and almost every service I have in the cemetery there is always a dragon fly that stays near me till I return inside.

    My youngest son has a gift. One time canoeing with my Mom and I he was still pretty young- He made the statement- “see the children playing over there-” there was no one there that we could see but he argued with us- and kept pointing and saying right there.

  3. brenda

    I am so proud that all these people believe. we as spiritualist are so happy when we hear or see a person who is on the path to the true belief in self. yes spirit likes to play games, water, electric, and etc. even seeing them for a moment as they don’t have the energy on this side anymore to stay .they also will leave smell’s. even some who attach themselves to us and stay with us and I have felt and smelled them. I had a hard time sending them back to the other side because I liked them. not all are good, but I have had the chance encounters of having good spirit’s. but they belong thru the vale to be positive and grow. if you believe start learning and growing. it lead’s to another level. it is the year of the purple flame, when every thing has a chance to be revelded and is a great time to get it while you can. remember every time you think of them they are with you, and from all incarnations you have spirit guides around you to help us. pull back and give more time to talk and concentrate on them to help you make the right decisions. you may see where you need to put some old believes away, as we are controlled from birth up ,to believe things that aren’t us. we take on the energy of everyone we are near. chose who you want to help have around you for a POSTITVE energy. it is s strong fight to over come the world of negativism. I have had this since a as child ,go to mediums and psychics even though I can tell others. we are not allowed to know all our future things as we wouldn’t need to lean on GOD, MOTHER GOD ,JESUS ,ANGELS AND ARCHANGELS FOR HELP. WE ARE ENERGY IN A CORRUPT HUMAN BODY. I can tell you if you want a fast healing go to mediums and have you helpers tell you 100% how to overcome. I wish you all spirit can help you with and grow.

  4. t-bird

    Nice article, Walter, and condolences on your loss of Ellie. This reminds me of when my mom passed and my son was about 15 months old. My family walked in the door of our home after the funeral and a little musical toy that Mom had given to my son was playing on its own, and it had never done that before. A little while later, we were sitting on the couch and it played again, and I realized that it was Mom trying to tell us that she was okay and was with us.

  5. Amelia

    My mother passed on August 21, 2012 at the age of 101 yrs. old. I am the youngest of 13 children. She & I were very close. She lost my father when she was 42 yrs. never married. I was 1 year old. She & I slept together, which is something so special to me, as she devoted all her love & life to us, making sure that we were educated & married through the catholic faith. She was a very strong person in & out. Well I stayed overnight watching over her, I am a Medical Asst. and taking care of her as she always did for me. Morning arrived and one of my other sister’s would take over. I was leaving to go sleep for a while and I told her, in spanish, Mom, I’m leaving. But, I’ll be back. Do you know who I am? She answered, Yes, Amelia. I told her mom, call me. I mean’t when she was leaving us. She opened her arms & yelled to me, My loving daughter!! I went home to excercise. I was on the treadmill. Something told me to get off & I went to a crucifix I have in the garage & Thanked God, past tense, for the mother she had chosen for us that he thought would be the right person for us. The phone rang!!!12:30 pm. My sister tells me. Mom is gone. I talk to her alot!! when I need her guidiance. I’ll always love her till the day, I see her again!

  6. Kim Reed

    I believe. My son Shaun passed a year and a half ago. I was still in shock. Very unexpected. A couple of weeks after it happened I was cleaning carpet with the carpet cleaner he gave me and a brilliant light came at me thru the front door. it overwhelmed me. Like it came from across the street shot thru my front door. It never happened before and has never happened since. I feel like Shaun was letting me know he was ok. Of course I was thinking about him. I still do. It was just weird.

  7. Edith Biech

    I find the story of Ellie very nteresting. I had a sister that left us in Sept 14, I often think of her as she was a beautiful person. every time I think of her I have to smile as I know she is where she wants to be. I also wonder if she has met her two sons that went befor her. Have a great day. Edith

  8. virginiabarbero

    I always felt there was more I grew up catholic I always felt different I have been blessed I close my eyes n I see people faces flash the nite my husband died I wrote him a letter I tod him to fly like a eagle n if you can seed me a sign because I love you n always wanted the
    best for you show me you are ok well I was sent the Dove with shooting stars that’s my Babe

  9. Pat Mason

    Maybe you can get a final answer of who my real parents really are. Before Saarah Josette Lacroix passed she said I was her daughter. Recently the man that I knew as my Dad passed. Are they my parents? When Dan passed I was able to help him communicate with his son, but I have not felt anything since May when we intern him. Then I felt he didn’t want to be there. I tried to tell him that it is peaceful and near the woods like he would still be camping. If you can tell him that I made sure he was put where his name is, a life long fear of his. I getnothing when I talk to Dad(Dad) or Aunt Jo any more. Are they aware of how I am being treated by his wife and son?

  10. Agnes A. Green

    To your today front page–why did he worry etc–was he afraid his mother-in-law didn’t really die?? Just for fun—we need a lot of fun!!

  11. Paula Schaefer

    When my Mom passed away at the age of 96 in a care center the funeral home didn’t come for her until after midnight. I like to listen to Coast to Coast AM during the night, so when I came home and went to bed I turned on my radio, tuned to WHO(yes, the station Reagan worked for), but it was playing a certain type of Rock Praise music I don’t care for. No C2C! I tried the other stations, all playing the same type of music, but different songs. I sat up in bed and said, “Very funny, Mom!” I knew she’d made it to her destination safely. She loved to play tricks on me, such an imp she still is!

  12. frances lagana

    I relate w your experience I receive confirmation on many matters angels are always with me. and I love being in communication w the spiritual world. I am in a spiritual relationship as of this moment and it s Jesus who makes our relationship so real. hopefully we will be together very soon. when ever I feel perplexed or need spiritual guidance I say and think Jesus help me. He never fails me. the angels I look to are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, uriel and they are always there. my communication w my dead parents confirm my experiences. and nothing amazes me.

  13. Aleisa Davis

    I read your story and I truly believe this as well… open minds lead to a better form of communication for all!

  14. Valerie Doris

    When my husband passed away my daughter and I experienced similar electrical happenings in our home. TV in family room where my husband always relaxed flashed and became static along with the floor lamp next to his chair where I now sat. After while it all would return to normal. The evening my husband was buried my family and I were sitting around the dining room table and decided to sing Happy Birthday to him since it was his birthday. Not only did the lights in my house go out but on our block. Only for a few minutes. It was a quiet winter night – no snow or storms. However, we did laugh and say o.k. put the lights back on and they did go on. I am a skeptic but we would like to believe it was my husband having fun with us.

  15. Mark

    Hi psychic Walter can you pick up on any Loved ones spirits of mine that have passed away I am alone in the world alone since a dear treasured loved one recently passed away thank you

  16. Rick-Ft. Myers

    My prayers to you Walter and what a great gift to share with all of us as we struggle to understand the spiritual existence. I look for the signs everyday from my beautiful wife and have not yet seen them, but I continue to try. My heartfelt wishes to your wife as well and God bless.


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