Your Weekend Horoscope for October 3 – 5, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope

Your Weekend Horoscope: Review, Revise and Redo

Mercury goes retrograde this weekend causing delays and minor mishaps in communication, commerce and transportation (which are all ruled by Mercury). Your Weekend Horoscope reveals how it affects your sign through the first days of this retrograde phase.

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You may have to revisit matters pertaining to loans, debts, taxes or resources that you share with others. Begin to renegotiate terms and determine what course of action may be in your best interest going forward. Be prepared to sign new agreements at the end of the month.


Partnership issues you thought were put to rest are likely to pop up again while Mercury is retrograde in your house of committed relationships. Consider this an opportunity to ask the questions you may have been afraid to ask before and to resolve any lingering doubts about your partner.


If you have failed to follow through with a diet or exercise plan, your Weekend Horoscope indicates that retrograde Mercury in your house of health can support you in getting back on track. Tweak your plan. Make sure that you are setting a goal that is both healthy and realistic.


A former love interest may occupy your thoughts or reenter your life now. Before you write him or her into your future, contemplate where it went wrong in the past. If you have what it takes to try again, this is the perfect time to give it a go!


Retrograde Mercury in your domestic sector may bring minor repairs and other small headaches that temporarily interrupt the harmony of your home and family life. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that addressing these matters as they arise could help prevent a more disastrous problem in the months ahead.


The check may be in the mail, but with Mercury causing mayhem in your house of communication and deliveries, it could take longer than usual to arrive. In fact, emails, texts, phone calls, faxes and all other forms of connecting may be subject to mixed messages and unexpected delays.


Money matters may become complicated by temporary setbacks. Be sure to save your receipts and to keep a careful record of important financial transactions. Major purchases, especially automobiles, computers and cell phones may come with a case of buyer’s remorse. Carefully research your options before parting with your cash.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that retrograde Mercury may bring a flurry of errands, appointments and crucial conversations causing you to commit to more activities than you have time to follow through on. Decide which activities are a priority and which can be postponed, and schedule your time accordingly.


An old insecurity may resurface causing you to doubt what you are doing now. Rather than acting as if you have some fatal flaw to hide, find someone whom you can share your fears with. Shining a light on the matter is likely to reveal that it’s not such a big deal after all.


According to your Weekend Horoscope, you may have an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend or with a group that you used to participate in. Friendships have been challenging lately, so it will be a relief to be around people with whom you have a harmonious relationship.


You need to be extra thorough when it comes to professional affairs. Make sure that you review the finer details on important documents and contracts before signing on the dotted line. Retrograde Mercury could trip you up on these matters if you aren’t keeping a close watch on what’s going on.


This is a good time to take a course that can help you to refresh your knowledge and skills. In the months ahead, you may be offered a major role in your professional world. You need to make sure that you’re prepared to accept the part when it is presented to you.

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