Your Weekend Horoscope for September 12 – 14, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Romance, Intrigue and Drama!

Love goddess Venus dances with potent Pluto, bringing serious intensity and major passion to relationships! However, with a void of course Moon mucking things up all day Saturday, you have a better chance of scoring in the romance department if you save your big play for Friday or Sunday. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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With your sign ruler, Mars, moving into your house of beliefs, you won’t be shy about expressing your opinions on certain matters. You are definitely thinking outside the box and that’s a good thing. However, not everyone is savvy enough to understand how innovative your ideas really are. Give them time to catch up!


Your Weekend Horoscope promises red hot romance and mind-blowing passion. It’s been a long time since you’ve felt so deeply connected to someone. Enjoy the moment and go with the flow. There will be plenty of time later on to figure out what it all means and where this is headed.


Your mind is operating at warp speed! You have dozens of creative and interesting ideas. Now you just have to sell them to others. Find a way to adapt your concepts to a group project you’re involved with. You’ll gain more from a team win rather than a solo victory.


Some piece of information or wisdom passed on to you from a family member may help you to make a radical change in your career. And while you are normally more comfortable with a tried and true approach, your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you will benefit from doing something different.


Putting your money where your passion is could bring a big payoff. Consider what new opportunity might hold the potential for prosperity or find some aspect of your current work that can be mined for additional profit. Need a clue? Look toward the project that you can stick with.


You need to think fast when it comes to money matters. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you may have to make a quick decision that could influence your future cash flow. Go with the option that gives you the most control over your finances. Avoid accumulating additional debt.


There is so much intrigue in your love life right now that it looks like a made-for-TV movie! Even though the drama is playing out behind closed doors, that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant. Be patient. You are putting down roots that will give your romance greater stability in the future.


A deep discussion with a friend could reveal deeper feelings. Whether this is a chance for romance or merely an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you, this is likely to be a significant encounter. What he or she doesn’t say may be as important as the thoughts expressed.


Your innate people skills are one of your finest strengths. Put them to good use when interacting with bosses and professional peers. They are likely to be so captivated by your friendliness and charm that they fail to realize that you are gaining ground and becoming more of a power player.


When you share your unique viewpoint with the world it helps to establish you as an authority in your particular field of expertise. It’s not just your knowledge that impresses others. It’s also your passion for the things that are important to you that really makes people believe in you and support your plans.


Everyone is so fooled by your aloof persona that they don’t realize how deeply passionate you can be. Your emotions are so intense now that it may be hard to keep a lid on what you’re feeling. It’s good to open up and allow others a glimpse your magnificent heart.


Put your meekness aside and be bold when it comes pushing your romance to the next level. The planets are perfectly aligned to support you in setting long-term relationship goals. Talk to your significant other and get on the same page regarding where you want things to go.

14 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for September 12 – 14, 2014

  1. Psychic Krishni #5478


    even if you’re not in a relationship now, this is a good time for Pisces to develop a clear picture of the mate that they want to attract and the relationship that they want to manifest and to declare it to the universe. Hold the feeling of being in the partnership that is perfect for you. Creating the vision and holding the feeling are important steps in attracting what you want. Next, back it up with action! Make yourself available to connect with someone new. I wish you all the best in your upcoming relationship!

  2. anita

    I am a Pisces….I have NO “significant other”… the man I “thought” was a friend, companion, lover shut me out of his life! So I am left with no “romance” in my life….so what now is in store for me? So confused!?


    Confused about my Gemini horoscope!!!
    My mind does operate on warp speed at times, but I am not involved in any group project.
    So, I don’t understand??????????

  4. Pisces Girl

    Ed ask her I’m sure she’ll let you know after all she married you right? If it doesn’t work you will learn that live for the day for there may be no other. Bless you and I hope the best. Love is the hardest thing to lose for most but from what I’ve seen people have resilience and eventually move forward to a better New chapter. So if she doesn’t come back try to renew yourself and be whole. Best of wishes 🙂

  5. Lori

    will i find my soulmate i dont think i have truely found him been married 4 times i just didnt feel a deep bound of love. all i want is that crazy love people are always talking about, can you help me?


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