Psychic Rachel: Regain Clarity and Trust Your Intuition

When Your Head and Heart Disagree

Sometimes making decisions is tough, but it’s even tougher when your heart and head disagree. Are you having trouble making a decision because your heart says one thing, while your head says another? Which should you trust more? Which is more likely to lead you astray? This article will help you navigate the tricky waters of decision making. It’s all about your intuition!

A life path psychic, like Psychic Rachel, can help you learn to trust your gut!

Your Intuition is the Master Key

When the mind and heart disagree, it’s like a locked door. No matter how much you push, pull or pry, the door won’t open unless all the tumblers in the lock are aligned. In the same way, if your mind is one tumbler in the lock, and your heart is another, and if they don’t line up (if they are in disagreement) the door to solutions or answers will not open. This leads to a lack of peace and also a lot of confusion.

So when your heart and your head don’t agree, what do you turn to? Your intuition or gut feelings can certainly give you the answers you need and also help you make a decision. Intuition is the master key that unlocks every door. It bypasses or transcends the rationalizations of the mind and also the emotions of the heart, and opens the door to the answers you’ve been searching for. With every reading you get from a California Psychics advisor, you learn how to access your intuition. We show you how we do it all the time!

How to Regain Clarity 

When your intuition is blocked by too many emotions, overthinking, over-rationalization, or it has been disturbed by other’s opinions or influences, you can regain clarity by:

1. Seeking outside help. A California Psychics advisor can show you how to get clarity!

2. Spending time in quiet reflection. “Silence is golden” for a reason!

3. Avoiding sharing things with others who may be influencing your energy.

4. Grounding yourself with meditation, massages, salt baths, walks in nature, and also routine housework.

5. Stopping self-criticism. Don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes we are certainly our own worst enemies.

Remember that intuition is from the Divine, which almost always has very little to do with our conditioning or what society, culture, and religion teach us.

The key most times is to WAIT! Step back. A rule of thumb in metaphysics is, if it is not one hundred percent “yes” then it is a “no.” In other words, don’t take an action or make a decision until your intuition, the “master key,” kicks in. That is the Divine’s way of saying “Now.” I hope you found this helpful and good luck on your journey.

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30 thoughts on “Psychic Rachel: Regain Clarity and Trust Your Intuition

  1. RachelRachel

    I wanted to thank all of you for responding to the article in the way that was best for you and for some of you sharing with me the challenges that you have had in following your heart. Since I am new to CP and have not blogged before, I didn’t know how to reply to you right away! What I want to say most of all is never disavow your experience. We all are learners and we feel the way we do for a reason. All we feel is leading us to our best and higher selves and to the knowledge of how truly loved and beautiful we are. Learning how to love without conditions, knowing how to listen to our spirits and our hearts, and finding our way through trust and faith are some of the greatest gifts we all have been given. My personal mantra is NEVER GIVE UP! If I had been able to comment inline with each of you, my message would have been the same to you each: be all you can be and never give up the idea that your spirit knows which way to go–no matter how much it may go against the grain nor how seemingly challenging.

    It is my blessing to be in communication with you. Thank you for sharing your comments with me,

    Best, Rachel x6385

  2. Deborah

    Ground yourself in yourself; allow your self to feel true and real feelings. I follow a daily mantra of staying focused, calm, loving, kind, and walk and drink a lot of water. Walking helps to feel alive…. a part of life, drinking water is clear and fairly clean. Simple, easy, and it works, it clarifies.

  3. deborah

    Hi Rachel
    I am Virgo and this man is a Gemmi I knew for 10 years I do love him and I know something inside him he has some type of feelings for me as well and what it is I am not even sure and I have to ask is this just a friendship I even stay away from him not even take a call from him when I feel something is not right and he loves me but I think its all a game, he says he likes being around me, and he is kind but he never wants to talk about much about us I am not asking for marriage, he just sits back a lot and let me talk what is that? and I know his side and I know he see’s other women and sometime I fill disrespected by him I don’t think he realize it, seems when I walk away we seem to find are way back but at times I just want to leave him a long with his lies, but I ask myself what is it that keeps me in this friendship we have, we meet in 05 at my office where I used to work and I thought I would never see him again and in a year later we saw each other again and never lost contact seen each other off and on, but when I invite him to go some places with me even as today all I get is excuses like he don’t want to be seen with me but its ok once in a while to come to his house likes its a sex thing am I being used feeling lost!!!

  4. Marc from the uk

    Great affirmative that I am doing right by acting the way I do sometimes! I have a strong belief that it is always wise to step back a day before jumping and if in doubt do nothing !!

  5. andrea

    eXCELLENT Advise, no-ONE ever was hurt or missed anything, by thinking and” letting go” of any major decision until , as you said , your “gut” kicks in and you are ready to make the move.

  6. Onofre Espinoza

    what I need is a beautiful woman in my life. I do have confindence im helping my mom and dad right now . I puy my life on hold for there caregiver. and women do not understand

  7. Lee King

    Meditation, intuition and dreams have guided me most of my life. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get rid of the recent worries I’ve been dwelling on. They just bring me more problems.

  8. Jolene

    Hello. I have been married for 11yrs, but I have never known for certain if I belong with him on this journey. I feel something deeply for another man although he is my husband’s friend and he is alot younger. Is this infatuation, mid life crisis, I am 36 yrs old. I understand if you don’t respond to me. I can not afford to have a reading. Just thought I’d try.

  9. Hem Dutta

    Your blogs have very specific and rational guidelines .I am surprised most of the time they exactly came as God sent suggestions in my most critical times..,it’s strange and surprising but true. My secret guides .. Thank you .

  10. Jim

    P.S. She is quite famous too, while I am just ordinary. This leaves me feeling like I have less to offer, and she deserves more. Although after I said that once she told me: I never want to hear you say that again !!

  11. Jim

    I am in love with a psychic medium. Apparently she used to work for you. I want to mean the world to her, and to give myself to her completely. We have both told each other that we love each other. We have had some truly amazing moments happen. As a for instance: I was dreaming that we were together at this B & B, which she will be investigating next month. At the same time I was dreaming that the song “Night Moves” was playing on the radio, she was listening to it in real life. We have both been alone for 9 years, and it continues. I have opened myself up to her further, and allowed her further into my heart than I believe anyone has been. This frightens me, but at the same time I trust her. She lives many miles away, but we have plans on growing old together. I sometimes become frightened that something, or someone from my past will try to destroy what we have. How do you avoid these fears, and not come off sounding like you’re lacking trust ??

  12. twilla


  13. lorna

    Thank you for helping me clear my head. It is really hard to decide, I was debating between my head and my heart I didn’t know what to do, after reading the article I was able to make my decision. Thank you.

  14. Harold

    Thank you for the comments! It is a little difficult to find a balance between the heart and mind when both are so closely related; similar to the foundation of a good house…it takes heart to achieve the work and mind for integrating all the components for strength and longevity of the building.

    Much appreciated!

  15. Lana

    Well,I have been feeling as though my bf may be looking in other places for attention and its on the date sites,even when I took it to him he denied it over and over,I am by no means stupid ,I know what ive seen and other thing,as you say in my mind says one thing and my heart another one and Im sure there is more to it but he wont talk it over ,B.S. as I do know its going on to what extent ,not sure buti don’t think I deserve it we ben ogeather for 14 yrs now,where do I go from here.

  16. daniella

    i find out the man i love.he is a long distance relationship.isaid to him ,i only wanth to be his friend but i have feelings for him.Plise help


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