Your Weekend Horoscope for June 20 – 22, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Summertime and the Living is Easy?

As the sun enters Cancer on Saturday, it marks the first day of summer. We start with an Aries moon, which makes its way to Taurus Saturday evening. Emotionally sizzling energy warrants a watch and “be mindful” warning. This could be a good thing if you are starting a new relationship or looking for a passionate moment. Sunday, the ground becomes solid and we find our core as our chi strengthens with confidence and wisdom. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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Although you are happy it is summer, this weekend finds you digging deep within to get a grip on work and financial stability. It’s a good weekend to plan and prosper. Your Weekend Horoscope recommends you take the bull by the horns and get the work done.


Aren’t we the enlightened one? This weekend you feel on top of the world. It is a great feeling and the warm vibrations of loved ones heighten your inner sense of peace. Prepare for trips or a vacation, as you need to use your time before it expires.


What a perfect weekend for major change in your life. The rest of your years are spent in a state of honeymooning. Bliss and happiness are yours and there is no looking back. A creative force pushes you to try something new that has a big return.


Happy Birthday, Crab! Celebrating with friends and family is really all that is of interest to you. Partying, cake and a BBQ with lots of good music make this weekend a good time for all who gather around you.


Now that the summer is here, you feel more in your element or comfort zone, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Just because it is playtime does not mean you can shrug off responsibility. Keeping focused and centered helps to promote good living.


Wrapping up the past two seasons with a big bow makes you very happy. There is much to do and you are prepared to carry on without a hitch. This weekend there is a car show you will want to attend, broadening your connections.


Working eight days a week is only the beginning. You know you love it so enjoy the good fortune of being creative and able to do what you love. Your Weekend Horoscope says there are some fun family outings in store for you with surprise guests coming your way.


A sense of knowing drives you this weekend. With chores around the house to do, lawns to mow and flowers to plant, you are at your best. The feeling of the earth beneath your feet revitalizes your energy.


Gathering with friends and family is just what the doctor ordered, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Watching the family grow over the years makes you feel accomplished. Taking pictures is at the top of your list, followed by a big day of posting the adventures on Facebook.


Opposites attract, and now that the sun is in your opposite sign, you can have some fun with the differences that appear in your life. For a long time you have wanted to try something new. Well Cappy, this is the weekend to do so.


With all the elements of nature that inspire you most at your fingertips, this will be a lovely few days of creative activity. Keep a firm handle on your environment as others will try to take over your process.


All you can think about is vacationing. A nice, long trip is in your forecast, and the planning takes place this weekend. The Internet offers some interesting deals and you find that the price is right for you to book the trip.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for June 20 – 22, 2014

  1. Priscilla brown Lott

    My husband is in prison again this time 5 more years I wondering if I wait for him again is he gonna change or am I just wasting my life again. Do you see a new man in my life.

  2. MJ

    It would be nice if you would send the right horoscope…I was born on august 23 1972…but i am a LEO…dont know where you guys got that i am a virgo..but i am not…please send the Leo horoscope..if not..i will unsuscribe..TY

  3. Prakash A Thadani

    Just home from hospital after a review.
    My cheemo and radiation got over 6 weeks ago
    But I am still fatigued, get easily tired and am lethargic.
    For a person who was always active the whole day living life
    without a career right now is playing on my mind.
    My wife keeps telling me to chill but after working hard
    sincerely for 45 years now its tough to even chill.
    I am truly blessed with a loving caring family friends and relatives who helped me through these trying time.I am grateful all the time for the encouragement support and love.
    Would love to hear from you.


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