Your Weekend Horoscope for May 16 – 18, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Put the Pieces of Your Life’s Puzzle Together

Oh lovely bull, you’re confident and strong, holding back the tides of time! As the sun enters Gemini next week we take pause this weekend to ponder the past few months and gather our thoughts. Organization of emotional energy springs forth with new hope as we put the pieces of the puzzle of our life together. What once was a pile of abstract- shaped objects seem to all fit as one now. Thank you, Capricorn moon, for your structure and ability to crystallize our thinking. Here’s your weekend horoscope!

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As long as you are in surroundings that you are comfortable in, you will do well this weekend. But if you have to stay home, do so. This is a time where ease and security take center stage in order for you to develop.


The feeling of earthiness pleases you and you are able to think through the most difficult of problems. Outcomes are in perfect alignment with what you wanted from the beginning. You are in your element this weekend so enjoy it.


Traveling has gotten you into unpredictable patterns. You look to the left, you look to the right and somehow you land exactly where you need to be. The gods and goddesses are protecting you so do not be fearful of having to define your path.


Writing could not come any easier! Taking advantage of the quiet and space you have to write is most important to you. It is brilliance in action. Emotionally, you are overwhelmed with gratitude. Use this feeling as a muse.


A big gust of wind is coming up next week that will act as a conduit for future plans. Accomplishments will come easy, yet there is much to be done in a short span of time. Work to your best ability and you will feel less pressure in the weeks to come.


Plans set into motion manifest as they should. You are at the top of your profession and offer a great deal of knowledge in more than one field of expertise. Surrounded by fans, friends and guests, the fundraiser you presented reaps great rewards.


With details nipping at your heals, you need to find a way to stabilize your actions. There is way too much to do to fall apart now as offers come in for the week ahead. Learning how to work your office tools will help to fill the time between projects, and make you a better business owner.


You’re the anchor in a storm, the brick in the foundation, and the one who brings calm to the table. This weekend makes the most of your qualities. Make a list and check it twice because you do not want to miss a thing. Holding up the bridge is not for the weak.


Enhancing your creative nature sparks new ideas that manifest within the next few days. You will find that any projects you have started will no doubt get finished. A feeling of satisfaction brightens your aura. The rest of the month you are on fire.


Leaving the past behind you is not as easy as you thought it would be, mostly because you are being bothered with questions and issues that only you can resolve. Oh well, you are your own boss now and there is really no need to look over your shoulder. Keep it moving forward and the problems of what was will disappear.


Plans for romance are interrupted with other joyous activity. A person from your past shows up—an old friend or a long-lost relative. It’s all good as you shift the weekend around to fit your timing.


You’ve had the blues for way too long! This weekend could change your approach to your romantic and work habits. Discovering something new about yourself brightens you attitude and you are now ready for whatever comes your way.

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