Friends vs. Lovers: How Friendships Affect Your Romantic Relationships

 Do You Let Friendships Get in the Way of Love?

According to research at Oxford University, for every romantic relationship you enter, you take time away from your relationships with two of your closest friends. This suggests that your romantic relationships are making life stressful for your friends. But, your friends aren’t the only people feeling stressed when you’re in a relationship. Your romantic relationships can cause you stress too!

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No One to Turn to

When your friends are stressed because you have been neglecting them in favor of more time spent with a partner, you’ll be less likely to be able turn to them when you and your partner are going through a rough patch. The message here is to be better about sharing your time fairly between your partner and your friends. It won’t be equal all the time, but being fair about your time could keep you from damaging your friendships.

Facebook Friend

According to another Oxford study, men and women take different approaches to gathering their Facebook friends. Men make as many friends as they can, while women tend to me more choosy. As it turns out, the man with most Facebook friends wins. That’s because women rely on other women’s opinions when deciding whether a man is a good catch or not. So that guy with a ton of female Facebook friends is more worthy than you think!

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The Ex-Lover Turned Friend

If you think you can turn an ex into a friend, you may be fooling yourself. According to Canadian researcher, having recurring thoughts of an ex can diminish the feelings you have for your current mate. This is especially true when your relationship starts to travel down a rocky path. When you think about your ex at this time, they seem more attractive than they really were. It’s risky enough to have an ex on your mind, but when you’re actually friends with them, the risk is multiplied. How about not turning your ex into a close friend?

Friend of the Opposite Sex

Research in Scientific American suggests that while women can have platonic friendships with men, men in platonic relationships with women see these relationships as potential opportunities for romance. In fact, survey results suggest that men are five times more likely to consider a friendship with a woman they have feelings for as more preferable than one whey they aren’t attracted to the woman. The more attentive a male friend is to you, the more likely it is that he has romantic feelings for you.

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Couple Friends

Couple friendships can improve your romantic relationships because they make you appreciate your significant other more. Going out with people you don’t see every day puts you and your significant other on your best behavior. Double dating makes couples act like they did when they first got together.

Another theory is that by interacting with another couple, you can see you and your partner’s quirks from a different perspective. For example, you’re out to dinner with another couple and one of them remarks that they think it’s cute when your partner finishes your sentences. You have always found it annoying, but having someone else say it’s cute may make you feel less annoyed with your partner.

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Friendship is an important part of your life. However, you should be aware that certain friendships may be more viable than others when it comes to the health of your romantic partnerships.

10 thoughts on “Friends vs. Lovers: How Friendships Affect Your Romantic Relationships

  1. 'Nyali

    I don’t like my partners friends. Most of the time they tend to lead him astray. They are involved with many girlfriends and are always out having parties without me which annoys me badly.

  2. Jasmine

    enjoy reading and have forwarded your letters to others, 1has received a reading and very happy I enjoy your site

  3. larry gallagher

    It’s not a good idea to bring your friend with you on a first date, which a couple of female’s have done to me, sometime’s more than one date, if you feel you need them by you then have them close by not with you & your date

  4. shamika Townes

    I’m in relationship with a guy who incarcerated he n prison over the years I see now that I don’t. Have no friends most of them got jealous of the relationship I have. Some of them betrayed me,are they just don’t like the fact I’m dating someone in prison I find myself not happy I’m all alone most of the time when I do go out I’m alone. What should I do in case like mines.

  5. j.

    This article makes a good point about the impact of our friendships on our romances and vice-versa. I’d like to see more articles on this topic and think that most of us would benefit from paying attention to how we include our friends in our lives when we’re in a romance.

  6. jennifer bolkan

    I am in a new relationship with a guy that i am crazy problem is everytime i see my ex we have sex.i have been with more men then i Care to admit to being with .i have cheated on every guy i have been in a relationship i a slut.

  7. Sam Snead

    “Men make as many friends as they can, while women tend to me more choosy.”

    I died laughing about this and about how wrong it is, many women of today especially somewhat attractive ones have hundreds to thousands of facebook friends of guys that think they are hot. Many of these women love the extra attention and validation they get from this type of interaction.


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