Your Weekend Horoscope for April 4 – 6, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Emotional Conflict Arises

Get your umbrellas out along with a big box of tissues. Staying dry is only a part of this emotionally conflicted weekend. The sun is shinning brightly in Aries while the Gemini Moon on Friday night through Saturday afternoon fans the flame. The waterworks begin Saturday afternoon when the moon moves into Cancer with variance as our poignant energy awakens. Tears of sorrow and joy cause our sensitivity to heighten. This is a learning weekend as our minds fill with motivational ideas that hit our heart chakras. Then they open us up to incredible thinking and feeling patterns.

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One would think all is well in your world, but the Mars retrograde (until next month) makes you stir your inner workings. Sunday is a day to take a break from the hectic stimulation. Putting a hat on will help contain your energy and put a smile on your face. After all, you are the official hat wearer of the zodiac.


Your public awaits you and this weekend you are at your best when in front of others who have an interest in your skills and wisdom. There will be a hands-on demonstration accompanied by a step-by-step explanation. In the end you will be surrounded by fans who want more.


Rebelling against stagnation does not help to move things along any faster. If you can contain your energy, your Weekend Horoscope says you should try to relax and practice patience in order to find peace of mind. You need to focus on your ability to make an impact on the ones you love.


Being able to achieve what you want, even if it involves other people, happens with ease. This is your time to shine. All the goodness you have inside that you have shared shows in your manifestation of group support and camaraderie.


You are feeling energetic, but then you put yourself on the back burner to simmer for a while as important decisions need to be made. Push through the stagnation, according to your Weekend Horoscope. You will complete what you set out to do.


This weekend you’ll catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing. It is not you but the planets that have your sleeping pattern out of control. Try to meditate while lying down with your eyes closed. This will help to ease your mind and put your body in a restful place.


There is a neutral vibration that is your signature on life. Without a doubt, this weekend will be interesting and take you to places that you have not experienced before. Because you are so inclined to find the positive in all you do, you should have an awakening to a reason for your thinking.


There is a rumble in your head telling you to go after your goals. This weekend you can go big or stay home. If you stay put make sure you have projects that will satisfy your need to achieve. There are so many things you have on the back burner, but lighting a match to it all and starting fresh could work.


Finding the proper direction to overcome difficulties is your main focus as you start off with lots of energy. Winding down by Sunday you will see that there are more ways to get what you want. You always seem to take the high road. You Weekend Horoscope suggests you keep your arrow pointed straight ahead.


There’s never a dull moment. Cars, trucks, dogs and family all want a piece of you. Work has been so busy on a personal note and you are getting ready to make a giant shift in your everyday life. There is still so much to do, but you must remain patient and calm for your own good.


Romance is in the air! The direction you are taking is somewhat different from your usual way of courting someone. Putting a new spin on life drives your energy. You can be sure that this new love is someone worth your time. Being unique makes it work.


Picking up the pieces of a broken heart is not always easy. Thank goodness, it is not your heart that is fractured. You’re comforting and non-judgmental and that makes you the perfect person to help reign in the tides of another’s tears being spilled. Treating yourselves to a big hug and a wonderful dinner will put you and your friend in a good place.

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