Your New Year’s Resolution by Sign

new years resolution

Your New Year’s Resolution: Set Your Goals Accordingly

Each year brings with it common trends as well as influences that are unique to each of us. While the most accurate astrological forecasts are a composite based on an entire natal chart, there are things to be gained by isolating the most influential aspect: your Sun Sign.

With that in mind, we’ve isolated the most vital aspects of the upcoming year to help you make a new year’s resolution that the stars will help you keep!


Whether you’re single of partnered up, this year places major emphasis on how you function in relationships. Set goals that are oriented toward being the best and collaborative partner you can be!


2014 is a year to put yourself first, Bull. That means making your health and well-being a priority across the board. From taking time out to exercise and meditate to honestly assessing your needs accurately, resolve to prioritize yourself!

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Make saving your new year’s resolution for 2014, Twins. You’ll begin to see the rewards of your hard work as the year kicks off. There’s a marked shift from busting your butt to partying it off, and you’ll be well-served to set some aside!


Integrity continues to dominate your chart, Cancer. Your new year’s resolution should be to remain in alignment with your highest good—take responsibility for your actions, but release control where you have none. Commit to doing what feels right.


Your new year’s resolution should be to stay grounded no matter what comes your way, Leo. Odds are good your hard work is about to pay off, but with plenty of ups and downs still in the pipeline, you need to remain present in order to be at your best.


Oh workaholic Virgo, this MUST be the year you resolve to take a vacation or three. Getting some much needed rest and relaxation periodically will only improve your performance and your overall state of mind on and off the job! Now, think about where you’d like to go!


Like your opposite sign of Gemini, relationships take a leading position in your year, Libra. Your new year’s resolution should be to relinquish the patterns of your romantic past. “Co-dependent no more” should be your 2014 mantra!

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With Saturn remaining in your sign for one more year, your new year’s resolution must focus on personal development. You may be craving comfort from the outside (you’ve got some coming), but resolve to rely on yourself!


This is the year you’ll be extremely social, Archer. However, that means you’re likely to burn the candle at both ends. Your new year’s resolution should be to care for your inner life as well as your social calendar.


Long-held, big-picture ambitions are at the fore in 2014, Goat. Your dedication is paying off—either in success or in new doors opening. Resolve to grow with what you’ve achieved, even if it isn’t what you’d anticipated or hoped.


You’re one of the most adventurous signs, making 2014 a year you can wrap your arms around! Resolve to make every day an adventure. And if possible, plan to take at least one, literal trip into uncharted territory too!

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2014 asks you to learn to love without attachments, Pisces. In other words, you’ll benefit from learning how to live from a place of love—not just romantically, but existentially. A great new year’s resolution is to be the love you wish to receive.

8 thoughts on “Your New Year’s Resolution by Sign

  1. Bella

    4 carol NO SHI!!!! I hear ya I’ve been dealing with throat cancer that just want go away , now I’m pissed BCZ & + I keep losing body parts that I DO need or so I’m being told I do need them lol lol ( it’s our MY dark wicked Capricorn SENSE of humor coming through lol )?.. As far as deaths go I’ve 2 been surrounded by them N other cancer patients, also N my line if work N OF law I deal with not so bright folks so N return I’ve had 2 help bury kids who have died @ their OWN parents hands … UR right I hope = yes I sure do hope 2014 is better 4 you – & 4 me than what 2013 , BCZ it SO sucked ass but you see yes IT could of been more worse off lol hey lol I guess that’s – there’s our MY silver lining … plz take care be blessed I hear ya I always tell myself when I think I got it bad somewhere N this BIG BAD ugly world with what it has become , Yes i do tell myself yes – that sone1 else always has IT much worse off … Than my sick ass does lol lol .. Happy New Year 2 you 2 … 🙂 🙂

    Psps as far as love goes plz don’t give up on it , it seems 2 come FIND you when you least expect it … 4 my part I excepted that I knew I have always walked hand N hand with my own fatalism & so I didn’t ever give up as sick as I am – WAS , guess what now I think I found a brand NEW BFF friendship & maybe OR maybe not my new love interest lol I’m watching him from afar but yes a new love interest HE has me memorized by him , yes I am yea like i said this 1 snuck N thru my back door even ms Quinn didn’t see – him – let me know about this 1 – HE was coming ((she said a Virgo but he’s a Scorpio)) everything else fits right on though about what she said I think lol lol … That was a year ago lol , however yes he’s – coming = he came from out if NO where 2 lol ( but he’s a Scorpio & 10+ years 2 my JR 2) he seems 2 get me FYI ms Quinn said he would 2 … I’m waiting on it – him though until – with my health issues – go away 1st = ITS only with my BS health issues – however with this 1 HE IS different I see NONE of the normal RED flags love warning signs Scorpio male BS that could be coming from him lol lol …. but 4 now my health issues IS what’s holding me back from him now lol lol … Plz don’t ever give up on love if I can’t find IT you can 2 lol … BCZ as you well know WE don’t trust @ ALL trust is something you build over time with us CaPRICORNS lol were slow N the love dept lol but when WE do love = when WE do find love YES it is love 4 ever 2 !!! Plz be well happy New Year 2 you I hope love does find you ASAP !!! 😉

  2. carol masse

    I agree Kenneth.. I have the same thing.. I’m a Capricorn and 2013 sucked.. between 2 deaths and issues with my kids, dealing with an ex wife.. and just down right feeling bad about my self.. especially now.. I feel so lost.. and I have no idea where i’m going.. or who I am anymore.. :(.. all I hope for is hopefully love in 2014 friendship and two be happy.. I want to be happy again..

  3. Bella

    FYI 4 got 2 say she did my kids stuff 2 yes she was right in when it came 2 my kids future predictions 2 I just thought you might want 2 know this 411 FYI !!!! I can talk good but ASAP I can talk I’m getting her 2 do an in death love reading N2 my own love life b4 I call it quits with the gentlemen i do have N ??? BCZ she says yes “” HE does love my ass “” = so yes When it comes 2 my own personal life’s readings …. So – & FYI I’m gonna be hanging N there lol lol !!!! Don’t know UR sign but when us CaPRICORNS we rarely do love but when WE do WE really do love . ; )

  4. Bella

    4 Kenneth , my ?? 2 you is “” has California psychics doing UR readings “” ?? Bc 4 some of my friends who also use this web sites psychics they 2 have had positive readings FYI they didn’t even know we were related 2 1 of another either … 4 me – with mine with ms Quinn she has been mostly right 4 the most part except 4 sometimes honestly when it came 2 my own personal love stuff – my readings , yes & sometimes yes some things didn’t go as smooth as I thought they – it was , only BCZ yes I was hearing it , like with what ms Quinn was saying 2 me however I wasn’t listening 2 my aka the “”message “” which only caused me some of my own delays which reeked a lot of havoc in my love life it I might add caused by MY own self FYI … & yes when it especially came 2 “” my own personal love life “” . Sorry bc it seems like you didn’t have happiness with UR own readings …
    However I Am not sorry bc 4 the part most of mines been dead on except 4 just maybe a little bit off on the time line & except 4 1 came n – thru back door … Yes ms Quinn & I agree 2 disagree – yes we – I’ve fussed about this 1 subject matter with ms Quinn & over over again BCZ she says some1 that I thought didn’t love me turned out find put yes he does love me after all even though I didn’t think they HE did … Bottom line IS this yes she IS right BCZ what I thought was all wrong was right !!! Are we gonna 2 be able 2 work out our difference maybe, or maybe not but with him like ms Quinn said ” he does love me however =! but it’s like I’m screaming Marlon Brando style lol ” stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa “” BCZ I would like 2 lite his ass in fire if I had the time 2 you see , With mine he’s the 1 who broke us , but i leave it alone – I leave him be BCZ I want 2 get his ass however & as an officer of the court I can’t , lol + as an officer of the court i make a lot of comments how I would like 2 make his ass disappear right about now you see but that would make me the #1 suspect 2 lol lol !!!!!!!! 2 each is their own sorry 4 UR troubles have a great new year 2 you & 2 URS 🙂

  5. Bella

    So true with the Capricorns 4 cast 4 me .. All this past 18 months hard work had been worth it even IF it came with a lot if retro BS ‘ s going it was a nite mare … I’m glad 2 see it’s – I’m gonna be ok & yes it’s finally gonna be paying off BY my deep inner looking @ my own self lol …it’s About time 2 man what a lot if hard work – soul searching 2 & BY taking a good look N the mirror scenario by taking all the negatives turning N2 positives … So ironic -= fatalism 2 .. Good job CP lol N fact lol lol It’s dead on , it’s “KARMIC” so thank you much 🙂 happy 🙂 new year 2 all ..

    That’s what I’m talking about NYC – here we go NYC lol this is how we do it lol I’ve been playing “” Empire State of mind “” none stop lol 🙂 imagine that … Yes my baby boy is sick he’s got a cold I think & yes I’m gonna need 2 take him 2 the vet 2 ASAP .. What NYC I can’t hear ya lol ha-ha & A 🙂 – hello NYC 2014 , let’s blow – drink IT out – WTH ever lol (my choice of drinks IS R a choco-Martini + AND along with SHOTS OF 1 ounce OF white choco vodka yes … (( yea I got some )) + cherry liqueur & back drop with baileys = 1 ounce OF a 1/3 of each = 1 big SHOT lol )) 😉 yeah I hear ya lol yea it’s here again NATA like NYC N Times Square & yea I can hear the – IT roar , I’m deaf already 2 lol can’t wait 2 sing “” Empire State of mind “” 4 city blocks & blocks away lol … Yes my throat still hurts BAD yes & that’s why I need all the liquor you see yes my stitches R all almost dissolved 2 lol … yea here I – WE come NYC !!!! Can’t wait 🙂 🙂 Wait & lol OMG lol I 4 got y’all are already N NYC lol 😉

  6. kenneth perry

    why is it i read all these post about how there psychic readings hit them right on the head but yet i’ve had 2 to 3 reading and none of them have even come close to my real circumstance that is going on in my life, i don’t understand ?


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