Your Weekend Horoscope for December 20 – 22, 2013

weekend horoscope december 20

Your Weekend Horoscope and the Winter Solstice

It’s time for the Winter Solstice and I want to wish a Happy, Happy Birthday to all the Capricorns out there! The tenderness of the Leo Moon keeps our hearts warm (even though the rest of our bodies are feeling chilly in this winter weather). It’s going to be a perfect winter weekend where laughter and joy set the stage as we embark on the final days of preparation for Christmas. With the moon in the 11th house, our emotional well-being is enlightened and the feeling of love prevails. Here’s what’s in store for your weekend horoscope:


Keeping a warm, open heart allows you to receive as much as you give. Luxuries are on your list of things to give and you can be sure that your name is on a list or two with grand gifts being wrapped up to surprise you.


You do not succumb to rules that others put in place and this makes for a frisky weekend horoscope. Doing it your way is a positive thing to do. Be stronger, smarter and more compassionate than ever. Picking up a check for a special night out with your favorite people brings you pleasure.


Making this weekend a romantic one will win you love points with your partner. You sometimes forget that the person you love needs you as much as all the other people you give your energy to. Put teaching, lecturing, knitting and designing out of the way and let love sing.


The Leo Moon gives you a punch that pushes your loving ways to new heights. Allow the feeling of love to flow from your mind, heart and fingertips. These are a few days where romance takes over your whole being. Watch what you eat!


How can it get any brighter than this? Loving life and planning for a vacation takes you away in your mind. Packing and getting the house ready for your departure so that it is in the same shape as you left it when you come home will keep you busy this weekend.


Calm, cool and collected are words that come to mind as you take care of what needs to be done before you leave work on Friday night. The weekend holds a magical feel in preparation for your loved ones who are coming to visit.


Order is the word of your weekend horoscope. Putting everything in their proper place makes for a busy time. But enlisting the help of your loved ones makes it go by fast and leaves time for fun.


Feeling quite content draws your friends and family close to you. Having positive energy and sticking to your plans allows you to glide though the weekend like a breeze on a lake.


Moving forward with a sense of self-esteem brightens the next few days. Your weekend horoscope says you’ll feel grounded and secure. Your protective nature is heightened and all the people that you love benefit from your good nature.


Happy Birthday, all you goatfish! What a wonderful weekend to embark on your month of birthday wishes. Feeling grounded and creative pushes you out the door, so why not do a little shopping, go see a movie or enjoy a special meal?


This weekend you cannot get enough of those you love. Your energy is open and gracious. Having the gang over gives you the opportunity to share your mystic side as you give forecasts and predictions with ease.


Spiritual, creative vibrations send you out to finish a project you want to get out of the way before 2014 chimes in. You’re plans for a New Year’s Eve party and brunch the next day make this weekend one where shopping is at the top of your to-do list.

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  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi everyone,
    have a great weekend – happy birthday Capricorns
    with love and blessings to all as we count down to the new year –
    be well, be happy, be loving, be kind.

  2. Bella

    No Lol silts lol U C NYC girl.s – Scorpio men ::: yes I’m feeling better & thank ya … lol lol FYI BCZ nobody IS expecting jc 2 help me get my new red convertible mustang GT !!!! jc IS my perfect patsy U C BCZ nobody’s expecting jc U C @ all lol lol FYI y’all don’t know NATA either lol & WTH lol 😉 do like what was done un 2 me GO it , steal IT back lol lol !!!! 😉 😉

  3. Bella

    Sorry FYI remember I’m gonna be getting the n depth relationship reading this time 2, I’ve been drawing my own tarot cards myself it’s been interesting reading right on track 2 lol lol … Peace out xoxoxo Bella 🙂

  4. Bella

    Happy b-day 2 me & 2 you ms Quinn !!!! Have a great weekend you weekend warrior you … Are you done doing all your Xmas stuff ???? I’ve been done so ho ho ho & merry Xmas 2 all … 🙂 – happy holidays 2 you 2 URS … Your dearest Bella … 🙂 🙂

    Psps I ripped some stuff open then drove myself 2 the drs lets just say it didn’t go well with my drs lol lol … jcb back OF course he needs my help he got lucky it’s Xmas time I’m feeling charitable lol lol … No not reading NATA else N2 FYI I’m thinking about doing a Scorpio man 10+ years my jr. You 4 got 2 let me know about this 1 , but he’s a Scorpio male !!!! Maybe maybe not he’s watching me from afar 2 !!!!! Letting know he’s ok – waiting 4 me lol lol BCZ I’m so sick … What do you see about jcb he’s still doing his BS lol lol … What do you see 4 me n my love BS ??? Will I find love when ??? Lol lol !!!! Love ya ms Quinn I’m ok no worries here 😉

  5. Radka

    Really you tell the people wright, I am Virgo and I am happy for everybody because you help to people. Happy MERY CHRISTMS to everyone. Radka


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