Are They Committed to You?


Check How Committed They are This Venus Retrograde!

Venus is sending everyone a message this December from no-nonsense Capricorn: Loving commitment is an on-going process of courageous, generous acts towards one another. By December 21, Venus has traveled almost all the way through Capricorn, but then on this powerful Winter Solstice day, she appears to turn around in the sky and stay in this sign through early March. This means that everyone is given a second chance to commit to love.

These unfolding events in the sky reflect that each of us—each sign—is in the process of uncovering the courage to commit to love more fully. Venus’s eternal, daring lover, Mars, is in the sign of relationships—Libra—for a long-time stay through July 2014, allowing each sign to find the power of partnership and devoted promises. Are you ready to find out if the one you love is committed to you!


December 2013 begins a perfect time to discover that you don’t have to do it all alone—always being the hero/heroine. If your partner is made to feel like you value them, they’ll be more clear about their love for you. If you find the courage to trust and accept their love, then you’ll be giving them an amazing gift!


You are beginning a period when your commitment to a spiritual path brings a partnership commitment from your lover. Mutual dedication grows through shared travel, educational pursuits and ideals. You may suddenly recognize that someone who has inspired you is also the love of your life—or they may discover this about you!


You and your lover are both considering your deepest sexual needs and what you’re willing to invest in a relationship. What can surprise you is what you can make work with a creative, even playful approach. Balancing the simple pleasures of life with mutual promises for the future can show both of you that commitment can be fun, as sharing the joy expands it endlessly.


Venus is in the marriage/partnerships part of your chart, so this is an intense period for both you and the love of your life. Major transformations are taking place in your lover. Open the door to healing old love wounds by dropping fears long enough to speak directly and with compassion about your mutual needs. Then watch joyous commitment unfold.

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It’s easy to miss real love and commitment being offered from someone who would quietly do anything for you. There isn’t a lot of show or drama involved in true devotion and it can be overlooked. Check around your everyday life and recognize someone’s simple adoration. When you beam this back to them, both your lives can become magical in the most profound way.


This is the perfect time to pour your energy into sharing daily delights with your lover and focus on what you both truly value. As you simplify your lives, you find the creative approach you need to commit to each other, relieving financial concerns and time-constraints. Who knew that the big commitment could be so simple after all?


Sharing a home is a particularly important commitment. Suppressing your need to be surrounded by beauty to keep companionship won’t work. With Mars in your sign through July, you’ll discover you can have both. Get the courage to express your desires for real partnership and satisfaction at home.


You could find yourself shuttling back and forth between your place and your lover’s and getting a little tired of the situation. Also, real commitment is very important to you right now. Examine your innermost desires and express them with passion and compassion for the best results. Be patient, but consistent for success.


As much as you love feeling free to explore beyond that next horizon, you know that it makes a lot of sense to share expenses with that person you really want to come home to. Take a chance on sharing your dreams and life with your lover and you’ll discover that true freedom includes commitment—the power of working towards dreams together.

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You are Venus’s focus from December through the beginning of March and Venus is the planet that blesses and delights. You’ll be your most attractive during this time, yet it’s also time to forget how your life and career look to others. Trust and open yourself to the power of collaboration and suddenly that loving commitment you’ve been wanting will come to you naturally.


There’s something bubbling under the surface in your sense of self and your relationship and you’re having trouble getting clear about what’s happening. Don’t worry as your ideals are in the process of unfolding. Focus right now on your mutual spiritual pursuits and you and your lover will find the grounding needed to commit.


Networking has brought you a dream lover and you’re having a little trouble discerning if what you’ve found is real. Deep, honest conversations about your sexual needs and finances—even if it’s a little unnerving—will build a stronger foundation for your love. It’s all a part of the process of growing commitment.

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  1. Ivy x5198

    Thank you, Kellie. It’s really important to remember that like attracts like. It’s so easy to forget what’s important. Thank you for the clarity. Thanks and Hugs!!


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