Your Weekend Forecast for September 20 – 22, 2013

Check Out Your Weekend Forecast!

It’s time to welcome the Autumn Equinox and the balance and harmony of the Libra sun. We start this weekend with an Aries Moon and end it with a Taurus Moon. Many changes happen in a few short days, and we won’t have much time to rest or relax. This is a very busy weekend, both physically and mentally.


You always have your thinking cap on, and now you really have a lot to think about—love, money, and career. Planning for the rest of the year keeps you on your toes. A move you’re considering would be a wise decision to make.


Cleaning out the garage is the best way to spend your time. Organization and clearing out will give you some peace of mind and space for your newly acquired tools. If you don’t have a garage, the closets will do. Clean and clear—make room for new energy.


Your sweetheart seems to have gone off the deep end and you are working so hard to get them back on track. Friday night is thinking night, Saturday is putting plans into action and Sunday you both have your feet on the ground and get to enjoy each other.


The shift in energy has your moods more intense than usual. It’s all good, as you make use of the powerful feelings that are welling up inside of you. Your love life is in a good place and you just want to make sure it stays that way.


Love is in the air, and you’re happy to be alive. This autumn will be some of the best few months of your year. Getting out and playing with your loved one is on your list of musts. Changes are happening quickly, so it’s time to seize the moment.


Moving about with reckless abandon could be your downfall this weekend, so please, dear Virgo, be extra mindful of what you say, do and think. Focus and dedication is the theme for the weekend.


Balance, harmony, empowerment—it’s all yours for the taking. You’re the go-to person, and although you have your own things planned, they will have to wait. Others enjoy your company, but it’s not on your terms. You’re having a moment, but it will pass on Monday.


Put a motor on your boat, Scorpio dearest, and you will be moving faster than normal. It’s going to be a wonderfully exciting couple of days dancing under the moonlight at an elaborate affair. You have been invited to bring romance to your door.


The air is fanning your flame, giving you new-found energy. Use it wisely, as it could be “easy come, easy go’ if you don’t harness it and make something productive happen. Keep it fun, easy and smart.


This weekend you reap what you have sown. Karma’s gonna get you in the best of ways. You’re getting close to a big event in your life that will bring so much happiness you will be jumping for joy, and joy will grab you.


Changes in the season bring changes in your life. Embrace this weekend’s vibrations and they will suit you just fine. Friends and family gather to have dinner at your home, which turns out to be remarkable.


Anchors away and set sail for waves of activity that have you on top of your game. The ebbs and flows of the weekend bring very interesting and creative aspects to the forefront, and you embrace them with all your heart.

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