Your Weekend Forecast for July 26 – 28, 2013

Close Out July in Style!

A Leo Sun and an Aries Moon mean hot summer nights, sunny summer days and getting your party on! Closing out July with all our engines ablaze will make for great vacations, trips to the beach, hikes in the mountains and lots of picture taking. Get your creative on because this weekend the universe will be sending inspirational vibrations from Mother Nature.


Changing your thinking has indeed changed your life and this is the weekend where you pull it all together and feel a sense of peace. Passions run high and you please your favorite person with a Saturday night out that rocks.


Feeling your strength and knowing you can tackle whatever comes your way sets you on a course for accomplishment. Having a fun weekend is just what you need to release pent up energy so you can sail through the week ahead.


This was a hard month emotionally and finally it is ending. You learned so much about yourself, enabling you to emerge stronger and wiser than before. Be free this weekend and enjoy the new and improved you.


Running around back and forth has made you distracted from your purpose. Helping those you love has never been an issue, yet now you must focus on you and you alone. It is a great weekend to look for new digs.


This is the time for taking action. Finally, you can move forward with your new ideas, which are quite progressive. You have the Sun empowering you and all emotions are in high gear with the heady energy from the Aries Moon.


A blast from the past calls you and you are excited. You are ready to play and have great company coming to show off what you have done to your home. Get the barbecue ready because good eats are on the weekend menu.


Balanced and energized you feel like you just slid into home base. “I have arrived” is your weekend mantra. You are the keeper of the flame this weekend, so enjoy being center stage because you’ve earned it.


There’s fires to put out and quarrels to mend—what a weekend for the Scorpio! Things get pretty hot around the house so you might want to take some personal time to mellow out. Do not allow others to push your buttons.


You’re totally in your element this weekend, so see how much fun you can have. Friends gather, you cook, games are played and everyone has a great time. You are the best host so take a bow.


It might be the middle of summer, but you are already planning what you need to do in autumn. There is a trip planned for next month and this weekend you get a few things ready so that you have free time for yourself.


Oh the drama, but you love it! It’s been one great weekend after another and you’re only getting started. The backyard is looking splendid with all your plants so green and alive. Taking the dogs to the beach and letting them run makes for a great time.


If you are so inclined to go and visit with your Scorpio and Cancer friends, do it. Ban together and have fun. It is a passionate time where you can explore uncharted waters, putting the mood in the right place.

4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for July 26 – 28, 2013

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi all,
    hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
    LJ – I am so happy you are happy in your new digs. enjoy…

    cindy. thank you.
    c wright – have a great week.

    metta waves~~~~

  2. LJ

    I am enjoying my new digs! and did lots of picture taking this weekend, and I do need to focus on my purpose this week … sometimes I think you’re an angel on my shoulder. Thanks Quinn.


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