Your Weekend Forecast for May 10 – 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday is a hearty day with both the Sun and Moon in Taurus. Saturday and Sunday, we have the gusty Gemini Moon making Mother’s Day busy as well as all over the place emotionally. Eating out, family gatherings and lots of fun make this a happy weekend full of love and precious energy.


You are blazing and ready to have some fun. Great conversations make for unexpected realizations. Taking the lead is what you need to do so that the events of the day go smoothly.


Staying within budget has you stressed out. The vibrations of the Gemini Moon lend themselves to you, helping you move faster than usual. The budget will be okay, and you will accomplish a weekend that looks like a million but was cost effective.


Talking about anything captivates whoever is within range of your voice. Making an impact comes quite naturally. Choose your words wisely, as they will ring in the ears of others, making an impression with long lasting results.


Delving deeply into your love relationship, as well as thoughts about your career, gives you an opportunity to make changes that have been necessary for months. This is a good weekend to soak up the love, talk with the important people in your life and make a new plan for success.


Adventure leads the way; this is not a sit at home weekend. Driving to a destination for a hike with camera in tow springs forth lovely memories. Beauty is all around you, and a dinner fit for a king or queen is waiting when you get home.


If the people you love are going to be with you this weekend and are not in a good mood, change your plans. You do not need to soak up any negative vibrations. Your ability to think fast helps to make a great escape.


Your funny side shines, making people feel good by tickling their intellectual nature with your wit and wisdom. You have center stage. With your party well planned out, you can do no wrong.


Emotionally, this is a tell-it-all weekend. You have stories to share and feelings you’re happy to get off your chest. The best feeling of all is love, and all around you benefit from being able to expose your private side.


Keeping your point of view straight ahead, you take charge. Everyone involved with the weekend plans seems to be in agreement with your ideas, giving way to an insightful Sunday adventure.


This is a hard weekend for those Capricorns who lost their mothers this year. Thank goodness for the survival skills that the Capricorn has and a way of celebrating life. Paying respect by sharing memories makes for a peaceful time.


Feeling disorganized this weekend makes you throw up your hands and lock the door behind you. Leaving the house is the best way to avoid feeling blue. Nature’s natural order of things helps you with visual energy, bringing out your creative side.


Exuding charm and a fashionable outfit magnetizes your vibrations, and people are more attracted to you than ever. If you’re in the market for new love or wanting to strengthen a relationship, you have the power make it happen this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for May 10 – 12, 2013

  1. psychic quinn 5484

    dearest bella,
    thank you for updating me on the life and times of bella the beautiful… ((bella))
    moving can be exciting especially when you are happy about the new digs. take it easy and focus on YOU.
    happy mothers day to your and yours.
    sally and julia 🙂
    keeping you in my prayers always.
    -quinn 🙂

  2. bella

    PSPS Ms. Quinn,

    OMG AND FYI Ms. Quinn, JUST LIKE YOU SAID I WOULD do YES “” I HAVE ALSO DECIDED 2 go back 2 LAW school 2 finish UP MY education, YOU WERE RIGHT ON ABOUT THAT/it TOO ++ with MY son education AS WELL “” !! I just made my mind up ON last Sunday NITE, YES it HIT ME just LIKE THAT 2 ” it is kind of funny HOW things work out sometimes ” ONCE AGAIN YOU ARE so VERY WISE, as I was letting FOLKS know about it/THIS being my intention’s 2 GO back 2 school, FYI A LOT of folks DID laugh, BECAUSE most folks already DO think I AM a lawyer, because I AM so SMOOTH/good @ ALL LEGAL stuff ++ really GOOD @ what I DO, do. I replied NOT yet, I CAN NOT PRACTICE LAW WITH out A LICENSE IN the STATE of GA lol !!! xoxo AS ALWAYS my WISH 4 YOU is 4 YOU 2 HAVE MANY blessing/LUV 2 you Ms. Quinn “” A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2 YOU “” !!! xoxo Bella <3 <3 <3

  3. bella


    I AM still very NUMB from last week DEATH, IT HAS BEEN still another MIXED BLESSED week, YOU ARE SO WISE as always !!! HOWEVER I just wanted 2 let you know they were NOT able 2 do my surgery yesterday, I got WAY off my shot schedule last week when MY UNCLE was killed. “” IT IS WHAT IT IS “” MY mom thinks I DID it on purpose BUT rest assured I DID NOT, once again just think like sally/JULIA in “” STEEL MAGNOLIA’S scenario “” that IS US 2 a TEA !!! Anyway it’s been pushed back until the 22nd. MY move is going good I just can’t wait until I get moved into my house & i should BE all moved in by them, ” i HAVE always express WERE ARE ALL on “”GOD’S TIME”” anyway, YES I do believe that. AS always I DO wish YOU & YOURS a blessed weekend + PLEASE HAVE A GREAT WEEK/ MOTHER’S DAY 2 !!! xoxo ((((QUINN)))) , Bella 🙂 🙂


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