Astrology: Be Irresistible to Your Lover

Venus is Reborn on May 10!

Venus has been hiding with her lover, Mars, in the enchanted rays of the Sun for several weeks now. She’ll be returning to the sky on May 10 through 11 to reap the seeds she’s sewn over this period of time in the most powerful way possible, with the Crescent Moon just after a solar eclipse. Given the wisdom of the phrase, “As it is above, so it is below,” this is the perfect time to introduce your refreshed and “reborn” allure and find yourself being irresistible in the most powerful way. The internal work you’ve done to make yourself more sexual, available and appealing to a lover is now coming to life.

Here is the way to unleash your inner Venus in just the right way for that special someone:


If that desirable one is an Aries, offer them the excitement they crave. Fire your Aries up with flirtation and then cool them down with a bit of mystery. They love surprises. If you keep this one guessing, they won’t be able to get enough of you.


Have you fallen for a Taurus? If not, you may this week so be prepared! Make your Taurus feel comfortable. Give them a fabulous shoulder and back rub after a beautiful meal, creating an unforgettable evening for the two of you. Your Taurus will know they have found their hot and happy home with you.


Your Gemini is being affected by something that they can’t quite define—and that is so unusual for this word master. Listen to everything they say with tenderness and romantic gestures that bring the romance to the mystery they are examining, and you could find yourself in their arms tonight and for many nights after. Need to figure out what else is going on with your Gemini? Find out with an astrological reading from Psychic Braxton ext. 5699.


That sweet, amazing Cancer is feeling more outgoing than usual, so help them clean up after the party at their place or escort them back to the comfort of their home and see what happens. Since sensitive Cancer needs to feel secure, insist on making them comfortable, and you can create a cozy evening of lovemaking.


Your Leo is totally wrapped up in their career and public image, so stroke their ego and tell them how great they look and how amazing their work is. They’ll also be especially impressed with a creative, flirty approach and some playful foreplay. The more you tease, the more they’ll respond with amazing passion.


That Virgo that has you intrigued is itching for a bit of travel or other inspiration during this romantic time. Find a fabulous, beautiful place to take them for romance and maybe read them that perfectly timed, sensual Pablo Neruda poem. Your Virgo will suddenly discover that you are the distraction they’ve always wanted.


Libra likes to look perfect all the time, but will love some gentle tussling if you make them feel like they are the sexiest living being! They’ll be feeling a new, rich passion for life and for you if you approach them with admiration, make them feel like they are your perfect equal, and then lay on the charm and seduction.


That intense Scorpio will be particularly serious during this Venus rebirth period. They could very well be considering a much deeper commitment to you, so communicate carefully and from the heart, then lay on the most intense passion you can muster. If you want a commitment, this could “seal the deal.”


If your special Sagittarius is being overwhelmed at work, this Venus rebirth could be the right time to finally get their attention and passionate interest. Feed them healthy food in the sexiest manner. How about individual grapes delivered in the most sensual way? Then watch the sparks fly.


Your Capricorn will finally have their attention on fun instead of their goals, so make yourself the playmate they need. Take them for a romantic hike and see what sexy feelings transpire from the spectacular views, or provoke them with some music that inspires passion and prepare for some pleasure.

“Make time for a romantic evening, change your routine, have a date night, ban the peck and bring kissing back, write surprisingly sexy notes or coupons and be creative. Dress sexy and ban grunge wear or just simply share sexual fantasies. It is the creative, little things that keep romance alive and fun!” Psychic Deejay ext. 5435


Your Aquarius is very concerned about their home and family right now. Offer to meet them in that environment and be generous in your compliments and positive about their cutting-edge ideas. They will consider you their friend and partner opening the way for you to be their partner in passion, too. Need other insight on what’s going on with your Aquarius? Get a personalized love reading from astrologer Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 and find out.


Your Pisces is turned on by ideas during this rebirth of Venus, so subtly give them some great ones about how dreamy love-making with you could be. They’ll be particularly talkative, and their thoughts may wander, but they are looking for romance. Make them feel magical and sexual at the same time and you’ll have a happy lover.

6 thoughts on “Astrology: Be Irresistible to Your Lover

  1. steph

    Quintine: sounds like he may be avoiding you. Is it possible that you’re being a little extra needy or clingy, and he’s needing some space? If you’re thinking this might be the case, you might try giving him the space he’s craving, and using the time he’s gone to take care of your own needs and pamper yourself a little. If you do that for a while and let it be really okay for him to be elsewhere, you may find he’ll start missing you and wanting more time with you. Maybe he just needs to feel like he’s still a free, independent person who has room to breathe in order to keep your relationship healthy.

  2. Tinkerbell

    I feel your pain Quintine. Your not the only one going through it, but you need do something about that before it becomes a real problem. Tell your boyfriend how you feel about it and if he’s not reasonable about it; you may have to take some action or else circumstances will not change. You are only responsible for yourself and if your boyfriend choose to be selfish you have to accept it, but if he choose to be understanding and want to compromise, then a least you can start some where.

  3. Quintine

    I have this boyfriend for a year and all he wants to do is go to work and then go hang out with his friends and i am about fed up with this that i do not know what else to do…… can you help me


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