Your Weekend Forecast for April 5 – 7, 2013

Is Love Ahead for You This Weekend?

On the wings of love, the passion of the Aries Sun and the Aquarius Moon float happily within, surrounding our pleasure zones. Mindfully we play Friday night, soothing our spiritual nature the rest of the weekend as the Pisces Moon takes over. Moving with ease throughout the weekend allows us to accomplish spring cleaning while we still are able to have fun, turn the music up and get in the groove.


Confidence soars with each idea that pops into your head. You manage to keep it moving forward emotionally even though your lover rained on your parade. Things will dry out by Monday afternoon, and you find the relationship is back on track.


Putting out brisk energy comes easy to you this weekend. Going with the flow instead of making plans works well as your friends take the lead, managing to show you a good time. Spending Sunday alone gives you time to reboot and get ready for a busy week ahead.


Taking inventory helps you to put things in order. The evenings are well planned out via your partner. leaving you full reign to do as you like during the daytime. Even if you want to take a catnap, the time is there to do so. Catching some Zs will give you the energy to be fully involved in the evening’s activities.


For all the single Cancer parents out there, this weekend is an excellent time to meet new people or reinforce a relationship that has fallen out of orbit. Your moody nature is sparked with passion and your deep spiritual sense is heightened. Married, single, whatever, this is a time for putting it all on track.


Finally, after a long thinking process you have made the decision to change your life. The people involved will fall out of sync, as you are the center of the situation. They will now find their own way and you are free. Enjoy this thought-provoking weekend.


It is okay to feel—allow yourself the time to soak in the good vibrations from the accolades you have received due to your impressive work. All that mind activity deserves a break, so listen to music, read, watch TV or go to a movie. It is your weekend to unwind.


This is one of the best weekends you will have, as friends and family gather to celebrate life. Achievements made bring congratulations and cheers. A gift for you efforts is presented to you on Saturday night that fills your heart with joy.


Thinking “Me” is going to get you exactly what you need. It is not selfish. You need to reboot your energy to move ahead. Most of the weekend lends itself to the fluid motion so that you do not feel stuck.


Spending the weekend exercising with your family or special mate keeps you all grounded and fit. Evening plans take unexpected turns so be prepared with plan B to keep the flow going, which is what you are good at doing.


Feeling a tad unbalanced in light of the inability to be in control changes plans and you turn over the wheel to the powers that be in order to keep your peace of mind intact. Letting go allows you to gain your energy back, giving way to better decisions that you will be making.


Shifting gears does not come easy to you. This weekend you are forced to make changes. In the end, happiness becomes a reality and by Sunday night, you are chilling out and feeling accomplished.


Having your thoughts turn into realities seems like some kind of game the universe is playing on you as nothing is manifesting. Take the hint and relax. This is going to be a fun weekend, allowing you to get your mojo back for the week ahead.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for April 5 – 7, 2013

  1. quinn ext 5484

    dear bella,
    ((((bella)))) girl you know how wise saying can get ya in trouble. don’t let that man get away and DO NOT i repeat DO NOT worry about that ex of his. EX for a reason.
    he loves you BELLA.

    and i love ya too.
    happy weekend.

  2. quinn ext 5484

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITH… wow to be twenty one and looking so good. 8 is such a lovely number – no matter what path you take it is perfection.
    loves ya,

  3. bella

    Hey Ms. Quinn,

    AH & THE Capricorn forecast sounds good to me, NOW about the jc thing & THE Marlon Brandon yelling Stella lol I GOTTA luv you & IT lol, OMG well I GOT his Stella right here !! I don’t know if he’s testing the water’s OR NOT, YEAH he might LUV me BUT I found OUT he’s been talking 2 his ex that’s been over 4 a while because he says she won’t give him back his things ?? This IS the (1) he was seeing while I was sick when I was doing THE pushing away thing Ms Quinn !! MY OLE MY AND I AM out of here, you know me I AM super busy LIKE the saying goes, you know that saying “IF you love something/OR SOMEONE SET them free”, IT IS a very WISE saying to live/GO by, at least it sounds like a good plan to me 4 right now + it might HELP to keep MY insanity too LOL !!!! “” AM I FREE AT LAST “”, MAYBE ?? 🙂 LOL Happy Spring Break to you & I wish many blessings to you & to yours … ((Quinn)) xoxo Bella 🙂

  4. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hey Quinn – Happy weekend to you! Birthday weekend for me – on Sunday! Yeesh! 😉 New energy – new cycle – going into an 8.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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