Virgos: Signs You Attract

As a Virgo, there are specific astrological signs that you attract. Knowing these compatible signs will make finding love and falling in love much easier.

Your Virgo Love Matches

Why run blindly into the astrological dating field, just begging for mishaps and mismatches, when with a little information, you can set up your love life for success? Let’s look at your best matches, which are guaranteed to bring more compatibility than blindly reaching out in the dark.


Taurus truly admires your determination, patience, and strength of character. You both have great appreciation for your “home alone” time together and therefore don’t need constant socializing. Taurus knows you both value stability and commitment, and as such, feels that the two of you make a great team. You won’t have to convince this one that you’re a great match.


Capricorn admires your deep compatibility. Each of you is mature and caring, extremely hard working, intelligent and rational, highly organized and responsible. Capricorn constantly approves of the ambition and determination you bring to the relationship and loves your reliability, precision and detail-oriented mind. With such vaulting admiration for your character, it’s little wonder the two of you hit it off so well! Are you looking for someone new to hit it off with? Call Psychic Tatiana ext. 5189 and she can use crystals to get you closer to that special someone.


Cancer covets your mutual values of a strong work ethic, stability and security, and order and routine. He or she adores your highly affectionate nature, your down-to-earth personality, and your patient and courteous qualities, so don’t hold them back! Do you feel like you are holding back when it comes to your feelings for your partner? If so, give Psychic Ginger ext. 9344 a call and she can help you open up.


A Scorpio loves your willingness to give them the control, and your lack of resistance allows them to demonstrate their gentler side. You ground them and bring a level of organization and practicality to life that they often struggle to bring to their own. Scorpios highly value your self-sufficiency, and appreciate your confident approach to life, which you do with ease and grace.

Armed with your new knowledge of truly compatible dating signs, don’t you think it’s time to go out and test your astrological expertise?

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44 thoughts on “Virgos: Signs You Attract

  1. Monica

    Im a Virgo female, with an Aries rising sign and Gemini moon sign. I’ve had 4 Aquarius ex boyfriends and they were all serious and long relationships, not short term flings. The length of the relationships were 1 year, 1 year and a half, 2 years, but obviously did not work out. Ive been with Scorpios, Capricorns, Sagittarians before, but somehow im drawn to Aquarians more or they are drawn to me, I dont know. I am seeing a new guy just this year after being single for almost 2 years, and he is an Aquarian, again. Should I stay away from them, am I about to waste my time again or let it be ? You’d think twice would be an coincidence but 4, 5 times. Advice, anyone?

  2. Virgo Girl

    I’m a Virgo woman. I’m absolutely obsessed with Libras. The chemistry is like fireworks, nothing I’ve ever felt before. I at one point actually said I would only date Libras, just because no other sign seemed to match up.
    However, the chemistry seemed limited with time. The cracks start to show. Libras inability to decide or make me feel stable was always the deal breaker, and I start to act out/ lose interest completely. Such a shame, because I’ve felt both sides really wanted it to work. I’ve currently met a Libra/Scorpio cusp. I’m hoping this is a better match. I also get along very well with Scorpio, Caps and Cancers. No other signs am I able to get to emotional depths with or feel the stability I need to open up. Trust me. I’ve dated the Astrological Rainbow. I’d love to end up with a Libra. Hoping he’s the one.

  3. Virgo 1

    I’m a Virgo was married to a sag for 30 years was great. I met a libra before my wife passed and became great friends. Me being a Virgo and romantic I fell for this libra. my libra likes to take control of any situation. We were just friends and she became very attached and totally possessive of me not wanting me to leave her even if it was for 5 min. I do love this women but it seems she can’t let me or her current relationship go. I’ve tried making sense out of it all but its hard to deal with every day cuz her affection level is not always there either. I’m sure this would change if she made a choice but I’ve been waiting years now for her to chose and I’m afraid its not going to be me. My thoughts are Virgo and libra would make a great match but with some work but the libra is worth it in my opinion.

  4. jennifer

    I think virgo-virgo is not complicated its a matter of being both of you how to handle a relationship….. Im a virgo and my husband is also a virgo. our married life is fine and smooth for almost 7 years already until now we still inlove with each other…

  5. Stormy Autumn

    I dated an Aries. he was my first love. I’m a Virgo…to the T. Virgo ladies, listen. Virgo’s have a natural tendency to be “modest” or “humble”. Its why our sign is named after the Virgin woman. We always contain that natural innocence about us….esp. the women. keep it. its a good thing, and makes almost all signs go crazy for you. anyway.
    Aries and Virgo do somewhat well together. Virgo’s need to remember that Aries put on a tough front, but their heart is a fortress of love, insecurity, respect and honor. They are sensitive, and don’t like arguing. Remember that Aries like the chase of the game….which is why Aries are so strongly attracted to Virgo’s. Virgo’s contain that innocence about them that almost makes them a tease. Aries loves it.

    Virgo and Virgo go together well, according to astrology. But i have had lots of Virgo’s come in and out of my life. I like them ok….but they are NOT my favorite. maybe it was cuz i didnt know them that well, but who knows. Thats just my opinion on any kind of association w/ Virgo to Virgo

    I LOVE Taurus people. OMG i loveeeeee them. My best friend is a Taurus. her and i have a really good understanding w/ eachother. its insane. we get along so well. 🙂 i love her.

    Also, it could be because I’m an oddball in a lot of ways…..but Leos and Virgo’s do really well together. i have met many Leo’s, and normally its one of those that some of them will be REALLY REALLY good friends with you, or will someone you dislike being around. I have only met one Leo that i didnt like being around. 2 of my really close friends are Leo’s. They are fire elements, and so they bring out a spark of spontaneity in me, and I keep them at bay with my down-to-earth personality. it works really well. we bring out some good things about each other.

    I love Aries people. have not met one that i knew was an aries that i dont like. and they always seem to love me. but Aries can be hard to understand sometimes.

    Virgo and Gemini’s need to stay away from eachother. I have only one good experience with one, and he was gay.(not saying it was a bad thing, but it might have been a factor). Every Gemini i have ever met has come out bad. In my opinion, we have too much in common in the bad areas, and very little in common in the important areas. I don’t like arguing, but Gemini seems to always bring out a fire in me that makes me want to scream. Gemini and Virgo’s are both stubborn, and both like debates. it creates a heated atmosphere. we both like to analyze….but in different ways. Gemini thinks Virgo’s are WAY too analytical, and Virgo thinks Gemini’s are unthoughtful and don’t think things thru. I’ve just had too much bad experience with them.

    I have a good friend that is a Pisces….but we seem to argue more about silly things then anybody else. that could be b/c of our age difference. she just turned 16 in March and im fixen to turn 18. plus, i’ve been thru a lot more then her…..causing me to grow up faster. so I’m not so sure about a Pisces..

    I have mixed feelings about Scorpios lol. i seem to get along well with some of them…and others i have issues with. overall, scorpios are wonderful people, but i dont think i could date one lol.

    hmmm…..i guess thats all i can say about that lol 🙂

  6. Michelle

    Im a cancer girl n my boyfriend is Virgo male. We have been through our ups n our downs but even if he has a big ego at times the love I have for him is deep in my heart I have loved him since I was 15. I’m 22 now even if we been broken up before the love never goes away I have deep admiration for him and love. Our relationship is work every day I’m emotions he is communication and life. So we r different earth n water(moon) .

  7. Katie

    I am a Virgo was married 15 years to a Virgo–disaster! Im now in a committed relationship with another Virgo, it is amazing! It is like looking into a mirror. After 2 weeks together we were completing each other’s sentences. It was scary, but wonderful. It is a perfect match. Go figure. It must have something to do with our other planets.

  8. chaima

    Im a virgo n my last mate was 1 2, smh that didnt work He did 2 much sneaky stuff that made me not trust him plus he was a user but yet he had a job,smh Anywhos what sign is compatible?

  9. leonard

    Yea, well everthing I`ve read about a virgo &pisces i say to watch out for the virgo sounds like bad news u ask me thatis my opion

  10. sue

    im aquaruis and i have a fiance thats virgo and perfect match so this isnt always right best u guys check ur info again lol

  11. -quinn ext.5484

    hi nikke, yep, we did have a good connection. 🙂
    have a wonderful weekend and i hope to talk with you again.

  12. arise

    Pisces readers, it isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker if your lover is a Virgo. Yes the signs are opposite, but earth and water signs are always sympathetic to each other. In astrology, opposition brings higher awareness. Sun signs indicate whether your goals are compatible and if you can develop the foundations of friendship that help a relationship survive.

    Sun signs don’t show if you’re compatible on the instinctive levels (ie chemistry), only if your values mesh and you can respect each other. Because their signs are “facing” each other, Virgo and Pisces can easily recognize the intention behind each other’s actions. There can be a sense that each makes up for what the other lacks.

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500

    shamica johnsn August 29, 2012 at 3:41 pm
    why can’t a pisces and virgo make couple???

    Dear Shamica,
    They CAN make a good couple, especially if their Moons and their Venus planets are in good position.

    You might want to have a COMPATIBILITY Astrological chart done for the both of you.

  14. Randy

    I agree with one very well. Pieces robbed my heart long ago and it has ben down hill since. I don’t think god put a match here for me but when I was youg 150mph and over was my speed so if he did they didn’t make it.

  15. Sona Shaw

    Hi i m a virgo and i got marry with virgo frind of last 10 year, i feel two virgo are the just perfect matchs :).

  16. Kimberly

    All I can say is I’m an Aries and my husband is Virgo and we are soulmates through and through….. so go with your gut and not all this horoscope mumbo jumbo

    1. Jade

      yes its compatible I’m a female virgo and i dated a male sagittarius for 8 months but they are very very stubborn sometimes and if they don’t want to love you anymore they say there parents want them to leave you or something or that his grades are bad so thats why his parents want him to but in reality he just doesn’t want to deal or she doesn’t want to deal with a virgo no more they say virgos need to feel loved need to be heard and everything its true and believe me sagittarius’s males are attracted to me same with male aries and male cancers and etc…. the point is it is possible if you really love them or like them it is possible and actually sagittarius are attracted by a virgos personality and craziness, cancers are attracted by virgos eyes an weirdness and aries are attracted to there looks but it could work.

  17. Heather MacKinnon

    Hi: My departed husband (2nd) was a Virgo, I am Leo, we truly had trust and he was 15 years younger than me! Oh to find another one…. Heather

  18. Nikke

    Hey Quinn, I read with you the other day and I am a Virgo, no wonder I felt the connection 🙂 Holding out for November to see some divorce papers.

    I’m a Virgo and my soulmate a Leo which I’m always been told is like Fire and Ice and I have to say that my guy does melt me; however, astrologically you have to dive a little deeper. I never understood why he and I have the connection that we do so I had a chart done which included our Respect, Wavelength, Obstacles, Misfortune and Assertive Pressure, we were off the chart in all areas. So just because they aren’t on this list Virgo don’t discount them, listen to your intuition as well 🙂

  19. -quinn ext.5484

    thank you Alina for those words of wisdom. i am the capricorn – husband is the virgo. loving it…
    one of the best relationships i have ever had.
    along my path of friendships however i have come to have many virgo friends. there is a light heartedness about them and they can laugh with ease, which for this capricorn is a big turn on.
    they are no doubt wonderful people.

  20. Ade

    i’m a virgo and my wife is acqarius(feb 13 ) she doesn’t like sex much as i wanted.. i strongly suspect that she’s seeing somebody behind my back. when confronted she’ll say she has not been caught!
    does all of this got something todo with our signs?

  21. virgo

    Yes Virgo and a Virgo most definately and thats if that hey open their true hearts and minds together it would be a wonderful and enduring love relationship that would last for eternity


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