Psychic Amanda: What We Speak Matters

Become a High-Frequency Talker

Take a few minutes and review some of the discouraging things you’ve said to yourself recently. Have you ever told yourself you look ugly? Have you ever punished yourself for a night of eating and drinking with friends by starving yourself the next day? Have you ever told yourself that there is nothing loveable about you? That you need to be thinner, taller, more feminine, and more successful for anyone to want to commit to you? If you have ever said these kinds of things to yourself, then you have engaged in low-frequency talking (also known as using limiting words).

Psychic Amanda ext. 5605 knows all about your frequencies. She says, “When callers say ‘I can’t do this,’ and ‘It’s not going to happen,’ and ‘He’s not going to come back,’ these statements happen on a lower frequency, and the emotion is heavier, and their words come to manifest over time and they aren’t going to get those things they really want.” This means our heavy words weigh us down, both physically and emotionally. The things we say we will never have, we won’t ever get. Our limiting words become a movie we play over and over again in our heads. It’s a scary thought knowing that we can create a limited reality for ourselves just based on the words we use. It’s even scarier to know that creating this limited reality is so much easier to do than creating a limitless reality. Are you stuck in the limited reality you created for yourself? Amanda can help you reach a higher frequency!

Unfortunately, it’s Easy to be a Low-Frequency Talker

It really is so easy to be a low-frequency talker. Think about the last time someone complemented you. Has someone told you they liked your hair or your outfit? What was your response? You could have just said, “Thanks.” But most likely, you followed the compliment with a few sentences about how your hair isn’t really that great at all. It’s impossible to style on humid days and always has split ends. The same thing probably happens when someone says they like your outfit. You could just thank them, but for some reason, you feel compelled to tell them that this outfit minimizes your tummy bulge or that it was the only clean one you had to wear. It seems like we have been programmed to verbally bash ourselves, whether it be to others or in our own heads. Why do we do this? Do we not want to appear too prideful? Well, low-frequency talking shouldn’t be the remedy for “too much” pride.

How Often do You Use Limiting Words in a Day?

While high-frequency talking is a lot harder to do, it is well worth the effort. In it, we use limitless vocabulary or words that suggest potential. According to Amanda, it starts with being mindful. She advises, “Start paying attention to what words come out of your mouth. How often do you use the words ‘but’ or ‘because,’ ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’? Being mindful of using those words and omitting them from your vocabulary will alter your reality right away.” Keep track of how many times you use these limiting words in a day.

Replace the Low with the High

Once you are aware of how often you use limiting words, the next step is to replace them with words that suggest potential and possibility. Amanda suggests trying this experiment: “Replace ‘but’ with ‘and,’ and replace ‘because’ with a period. Take a breath. Nothing comes after that. ‘Should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ are words that imply obligation. You’re setting yourself up to be perfect—like policing yourself, but you will never be perfect.” This makes so much sense. We create obligations for ourselves by using limiting language. When we don’t meet those obligations (which is often) we punish ourselves with even more low-frequency talk. So limiting language leads to low-frequency talk which leads to self-punishment, and this can be a never-ending cycle. Call Amanda if you are caught in a never-ending cycle of limiting language and self-punishment!

You Attract what You Speak

Being a high-frequency talker isn’t just about making you feel better. It also has a very external benefit. Amanda says, “You will attract happier situations and effervescence. Your happiness and joy become contagious. They help other people around you. You become a light, and people are attracted to the light you give off either because they have a light too, or because they want that kind of light for themselves.” Conversely if you use limiting, low-frequency talk, you give off a darkness, and so you will attract more darkness and repel light. People who are always talking in terms of doom and gloom attract other doom and gloom-ers. If you’ve ever had a doom and gloom-er for a friend, you know how it feels to listen to them always complaining about their life. It’s tiring, stressful, and saddening.

Be the Best Version of You

So what has being a low-frequency talker gotten you other than a lower sense of self? Do you want something better? Do you want to be the best version of you? Then try Amanda’s exercise for one day, and if that seems like too much right now, try to commit to it for an hour. You will immediately notice how hard it is to stop being a low-frequency talker, and how hard it is to start being a high-frequency talker, but don’t get discouraged. It gets easier, and you’re worth it!

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11 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: What We Speak Matters

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for another great article, it really hit home. I’ve lived with negativity all of my life. My mother is a very negative person. I grew up with her negativity and now I find myself being very negative as well and the bad part is I think I passed it on to my children too. I guess it is true, “children live what they learn.” I want to break this cycle and thanks to you I believe that I can. I may not be able to change any one elses way of thinking but I certainly can change the way I think. Thanks again for the great advice.

  2. Louis

    Amanda has been doings readings for me for many years. Her accuracy has astounded me !!!! Everything she told me happened exactly as she said. To those of you who need a GOOD ACCUARTE psychic reading. You will by no means be disappointed !!!!!!

    Louis NJ

  3. Louis

    Amanda’s article is not only lifts your spirits. It encourages you that with practice you can live a positive life, and attract positive people who give meaning to your life.
    It truly works !!!

    Louis NJ

  4. dmarantz moderator

    Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! It was the perfect time for me to talk with Amanda because I just ended a friendship with a “doom and gloom” friend. The second I did it I felt so much lighter, emotionally. After talking with Amanda I realized that if someone else’s low-frequency talking was making me feel sad and gloomy, then my own low-frequency talking was doing worse damage to my mental and emotional health!

  5. arise

    KB: the gracious way to handle a compliment is to accept it, then reflect it. If someone says, “You look fabulous in that dress!”, you might say, “Thank you! That means a lot because I admire your style so much.” If someone compliments your work, and you respect their opinion, tell them so. The key is spreading the love – of course the sentiment must be sincere.

  6. KB

    I like this article and completely agree with it. As I was growing up, I grew up to be a confident woman. And I’m not making this up, every “thank you” I said to a complement, many people reminded me, “Oh so you know you are ____ too” and when I look back at them with an exclamation or question mark on my face, reply would be, “because you said thank you with lot of confidence”. Then I got into a relationship with a man for 4 years. He constantly reminded me how my confidence was arrogance and eventually started calling me a narcissist. So slowly, I started this “thank you…but” trend….before and after I don’t think it was a conscious decision…..just the outcome of experiences I believe. 2 weeks ago, I was attending my psychiatry clinicals and when a woman complemented me on my dress, I made up an excuse….and she said “you don’t have to do that with me, just accept the complement”………Knowing you are beautiful, intelligent, loving, etc. is never wrong and we shouldn’t be apologetic about it at all. A good person who is humble is always in check of their ego, at least I think so !!

  7. Aamir

    This article is an essence of life. Positive mind attracts positive things and so does the negative mind. People utter negative sentences unknowingly, because of their mind set or their programming since their childhood. When things don’t go their way then they are unable to understand what went wrong. The wrong was their negative programming embedded deep in their subconscious mind. And, you know we are unaware of our acts which originate from our sub conscious mind.

    The best article I have ever read on this blog.

    Well done Dania Marantz Kurtz.

    To me what we speak not only matters but matters the most to shape our life and physical realities.

  8. susan elson

    great reading! as humans, we are very much creatures of habit,
    always feels good to speak to yourself and others positively.
    Definitely has benefits

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi ,

    Amanda is correct in that negative energy is on a much lower frequency than positive energy.
    I know that because as a psychic I have a unique gift that parallels my psychic clairaudiant gift, I physically , literally, hear energy…the energy of the client and those people they ask about. ( Even as a child, my hearing tested way above average ).

    In fact, OFF line, I read for Psychiatrists and Neuro-Surgeons, as well as other Doctors, and I use that gift to listen to the energy of the patients they refer to me.

    In regular ON line readings the clairaudant gift of hearing my Guides psychically , melds with the physical gift of hearing energy.

    Also , she is also correct in that negative energy feels much heavier in density than positive energy… kind of like comparing heavy foggy , swampy, humid air ….to lighter, cleaner, brisk mountain air.

    Great article by Dania and I agree with everything Amanda has stated.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Angela

    This is very good to know and I hope I can definitely follow through on what I have read. I kniw some people in my life that talk down about themselves all the time without knowing or being conscious about including myself. Thanks, again for the advice it does mean a lot.

  11. Marc from the UK

    I really liked this article, being a non pack animal I’ve learned that negativity in groups attracts abd encourages more negativity! Like moaning about the company you work for or people In it! Try and step out of it for a while and see how my g happier you feel, it really works, but requires effort BUT no more than the negativity effort!!!


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