Your Venus Love Horoscope for May 2013

Expressions of Love

Since last month you’ve had a taste of life with Taurus in Venus. Venus indulges her love for the finer things in life as well as special moments in love. That will continue for a short time in May, but then Venus slips into Gemini on the 9th under cover of dark during the solar eclipse. In an instant, you may feel compelled to express your emotions. Verbal expressions that sometimes go unsaid may come out under this influence and it’s just easier to express yourself. Another stellar event for Venus this month is her conjunction with lucky Jupiter on the 28th when the right words get the right results in love. Now let’s take a look at your special Venus love forecast.


With Venus in Taurus you may enjoy a flirtation or two with someone you meet through work. When Venus highlights your communication sector you will find it easy to express yourself in love—not just in your usual physical way, but with words as well.


Hopefully with Venus in your sign you will take full advantage of your ability to attract love. You’ll get more chances to express yourself with Venus in your second house. Also, you might just attract love and a raise in the same month.

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Venus in Taurus could renew a commitment for you—even a commitment to love yourself more. When Venus enters your sign, you attract new love or a current relationship deepens through declarations of love. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter brings joy to relationships.


Venus in Taurus helped you define what you want from love. As Venus moves into Gemini, communications with the opposite sex take on a dreamy, almost surreal feeling. Have fun don’t go overboard. Write down your dreams and watch a story unfold.


Venus in Taurus could have made someone at work appear more interesting. When Venus moves into Gemini in your friend zone, you may realize it was just a passing crush. No matter your status, it’s usually best to keep romance and work separate—there are plenty more lions in the jungle.

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Venus in Taurus might touch your most treasured relationships, and after the 9th she’ll help shine light on your career aspirations. Try to maintain the balance between love and career no matter how busy things get.


You are the partnership sign and like Taurus, Venus is your ruler too. If you’re involved, love may deepen while Venus resides in Taurus. If you’re single and you haven’t found “the one” yet, it’s never too late. Anything is possible while under a life-changing eclipse and twice as possible with Venus in your ninth house.


Look to the combined influence of Venus in Gemini and the eclipse in Taurus—both on the 9th to take your relationship deeper. Open up the dialogue to avoid misunderstandings. If you’re adding finances to the talk, see if you can manage a little getaway for two.


After the 9th of May Venus will be in your sign of partnerships and personal relationships. Venus wants everyone to enjoy the passions of life and experience love and she’ll do her best to show you why you really have so much to be grateful for when it comes to love.


You can call it spring fever, but you have a different outlook on love. After the 9th you may experience some real change in your love life that will transform you—meeting someone new or moving in with someone special.

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After the 9th Venus highlights your romance and dating sector and the eclipse marks a change in your emotional life. Single or involved, spending time alone with someone special with add sparkle to your life.


Venus in Taurus deepens your feelings of love and commitment to relationships. After the 9th, you’re focused on your goal of creating lasting foundations and defining goals for your romantic future.

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