Numerology: Discover Your Sun Number

Tap Into Wisdom by Finding Your Sun Number

In numerology, your Sun Number is much like your Sun Sign. It shows your natural self-expression and how you reach the public with your best ideas and inspiration. This is a fun number to work with because it’s so easy to find the number for not only yourself, but someone of interest, even if they won’t give you the year that they are born.

Your Sun Number consists of adding together the numbers of the month and date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: May 24 is 5+2+4 = 11 (1 + 1) = 2 and you have found your Sun Number.

Not only do you have access to numerical energy you can use to influence the world, but you can also find what will attract that special person once you know their Sun Number.

Sun Number 1

You have amazing energy and love adventure. As you learn more about yourself you realize that you love the journey to your numerous goals as much as you love the goal. If you’d like to attract a 1 Sun Number, be full of surprises and show them that you can keep up with them, or that you’ll let them charge ahead and be there cheering for them. Arranging some sports activities is often a good approach to the 1’s heart.

Sun Number 2

You think of life in terms of relationships and balance. You love a great, challenging conversation as long as it’s fair and you find mutual affinity. A 2 deeply want a relationship and often seeks their opposite to balance them in life. If you are fascinated by a 2, use warmth and eye contact and let them know that you are always there to listen and share.

Sum Number 3

Your self-expression is always centered on the creation of beauty and harmony. You love finding a natural flow with others and people are naturally attracted to you. A 3 has immense charm and is happiest when they are in the midst of music and romantic conversation. That gorgeous 3 you find so attractive is likely to enjoy a movie, concert or a visit to an art gallery if you’re looking for a casual date.

Sun Number 4

People find a safe haven with you and love the security and purpose you can build for them. Your environment needs to be organized and you love understanding the structure of things. You may enjoy anything from politics to keeping a fabulous home. That 4 who fascinates you wants to feel secure and “at home” in your presence. They love a dependable group of friends, so if you’re in their circle, you’ve got a good start towards building a relationship.

Sun Number 5

Your self-expression is everything to you and you can dazzle and awaken others to anything that inspires you. Your enthusiasm is contagious and draws the interest of others. You are likely to be talented in sports or the arts—naturally drawing others to you as the leader of the group. Make that incredible 5 feel special and desirable and they are likely to return the favor.

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Sun Number 6

You are a beauty number like a 3, but you are much more interested in bringing beautiful things into form—not just enjoying them. You are comfortable in a work and service environment and can often find love in these areas of life. That naturally caring 6 who makes you feel so good wants to share ideals and the simple process of life with you. Show them how much they can count on you.

Sun Number 7

You love the mysteries in life and appearing mysterious to others. That’s not a problem for you, as you are always delving into your own depths and others sense your intensity and fascination with life. If that special 7 can tell that you are enthralled with their ideas and feelings, they will naturally gravitate to you.

Sun Number 8

You emit personal power by simply being yourself. Others love to follow you if you are in the mood to lead. You have a certain fearlessness based on your inner-knowing that you have something important to do and say. Your intriguing 8 is on a mission in life, so showing that you respect what they do and supporting them will win them over.

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Sun Number 9

Others sense your innate wisdom. They want to know how you so naturally see what matters as well as what is no longer useful in any situation. Your philosophical approach to any of life’s circumstances gives you a well-rounded view. Your 9 will be drawn to an ideal and if you happen to share their purpose, you could become a partner for life.

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23 thoughts on “Numerology: Discover Your Sun Number


    wow…. this is so fantastic!!! i now know my sun number hahahahahaha!!!! am very happy in life now….

  2. Curtis E. DeHaven

    Now I know my sun number is 5, not sure what it will do for me, perhaps a high five.
    I was wondering if you will do something for me, please tell Psychic Collette hi for me. I think she is much like that first wildflower one finds in the early Spring. After a mean, cold winter, that one wonders if it will ever end and Spring ever come. Feeling the blues and that happiness which lifts the spirit and lightens the heart. It seems to have drifted off, as so many dreams have done, leaving one feeling empty and even a smile is forced. Then, there in the grass and moss of the forest, a tiny stem with little purple bell like flowers. It is so small, delicate and beautiful. In it’s beauty, it holds the promise of Spring. I’ve always called them blue bells, but they are light purple and tiny. When I see them, I know Spring has touched nature and winter is at it’s end. Those little wild flowers lift my spirits, fills my heart with song, I feel excited, happy, glad to be alive to see again, Springs magic in painting the world in bright colors, lit with the golden rays of the sun. I feel those same wonderful sensations when I listen to Collette in her video on here. I enjoy seeing her, just as I do those tiny flowers. Like the blue bells, she lifts my spirit and I appreciate her cute personality. No one, but Collette has ever made me feel, as I do when I see that first wildflower of Spring. I’ve never spoke to her, she does not know I’m even alive, still, thank her for being the person she is. Sincerely Curtis

  3. Arnie

    I find numbers interesting as well , as both my full born name and my sun number are 11/2
    not sure about enlightened ,but there is something to this for sure ,, just a thought ! thanks Arnie

  4. virgo

    This one is for Matthew,
    Well there Matthew for what can I say and that is that it takes many, many years of study and learning the wonderful world of “wellbeing” or more commonly known as the world of “metaphysics”, as the word meta deprives from the ancient Greek language of meaning “BEYOND”, so in other words “beyond physics”, and it is something that if you are a person that is very interested within this form of art and especially in the metaphysical world of science then may I suggest that you look into thing’s for yourself and go out and buy some of the books that do go beyond physics or go into the path of the unknown and explore the thing’s for yourself as it I an art that can not be taught or even shown in (5) minutes as it is something that comes within time and that way you can do very in depth studies about yourself personally instead of going through California Psychics if that is the way you feel about this organisation as California Psychics is an organisation that is there as a guide too try and help you, but to me it is entirely up to you as you are paying for a service and if you do not like this service then go out and buy these books from a new age section at any book store and teach yourself as you may discover things about yourself that you had never ever really known about your true self and that way you are not wasting money and nor are you wasting any ones time as then you are putting money back into your own pocket and then you will have these new age books as reference for times to come as there are other options that are out there for you to discover bye for now and god bless. But never do go on about psychics that you do not think that can’t do there job because it is your choice and not there’s.

  5. psychic quinn 5484

    hi everyone,
    loving numbers and finding new ideas about this age old process always excites me.
    i would think that that the sun number is like your core energy.
    the sun is the center of the universe, all the planets revolve around it. so this sun number is your core vibrations.
    in nichiren buddhism the sun is considered a shoten zen jin… a protective force. put to numbers your sun number would be how you protect yourself and others with it being a core energy.
    anyway. if you have added up your numbers and they come to a 10 just drop the zero. it is a 1.
    11 is the number of enlightenment
    22 the number of mastery
    sometimes these numbers are to powerful to deal with so they can be reduced to a single number.
    have a great day.

  6. Joy

    I really enjoyed this, I often add the whole dob up for a description or profile but doing only the sun number has given me a bright intuition

  7. Elliot

    re:Sun #…birthdate for me is day, month ,year I am from U.K. and this form is common in Europe & elsewhere so I am sceptical about your thesis.Why don’t you include yeAR OF BIRTH?

  8. psychic quinn 5484

    i really like this article. easy yet such depth.
    thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  9. cezanne

    adding up the numbers of month and day for myself . i got a ten (10) with that number how do i kno my sun number ??

  10. Rosana

    My Birthday is Aug 29, so if I’m doing this corecctly this is how I received #10;
    8+2+9=19 (1+9) =10
    This only has 9????

  11. NIKHIL

    I like your above method , I like to request yourself , If possible plss tell more for no. 3. Because I never got success during my carrier !

  12. Matthew

    The last two years Numerologist telling me good things are going to happen to me and nothing happen and then say something bad is going to happen. The California Psychics telling me good things are going to happen then they tell me to watch out something bad is going to happen. I got spirit now psychics writing me telling me the same thing. Does it seem stupid for me to give you peoples my money for this dumb advice you people are giving me? I paid for them once and nothing happen why do you think i should pay for it again? You people need to find another job and stop ripping people off..
    Thank you, Matthew Coles

    When the clock strikes midnight this evening, I hope you
    won’t be kicking yourself for missing out on the insanely
    generous deal we’re running on your personalized
    Numerology Chart.

    Kicking yourself hurts, Matthew…
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  13. Amanda

    very good !sound like me exactly ..But lately Im deprepped and out totally ot myself .But you reminded me of who I was!Thanks!Now it’s time to her her back in motion!


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