Venus Enters Libra

Venus goes to battle with some cosmic heavyweights when it enters Libra on August 6, 2010. Usually, the planet of love in the sign of love bodes well for romance. After all, Libra rules relating, beauty, harmony and compromise. This month, however, Venus teams up with Mars to conjunct Saturn in Libra, oppose Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, and square off against Pluto in Capricorn. That’s a lot of conflict! What’s more, the trio of Libra planets intensifies issues concerning relationships, equality, compromise and peace.

Venus will be transiting through Libra through September 7. Fortunately, the contretemps involving Venus takes place during the early part of the transit (through about August 10). After that, harmony will resume somewhat, but you’ll still need to be aware of the ongoing conflict involving Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, which continue throughout the month (and beyond). Exercise, eating right, meditation, communing with nature and other healthy activities will help you navigate any turbulence that comes your way.

So how might these Venus afflictions affect you? Most everyone will feel some relationship stress, in some form or another, especially if they have key placements in early Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. For instance, you might suddenly blow up at your lover for something trivial (but which was bothering you for a long time). Or you might find it impossible to reach an agreement with your boss concerning your pay. Or you might get irritated easily with your kids. Mainly, try not to get pulled into conflicts with other people unless you’re ready for a fight.

Let’s break down the Venus influences, one by one.

August 6-10: Venus conjunct Saturn actually favors making a commitment, but concurrent Jupiter and Uranus influences make it difficult to settle down. Saturn can also bring up relationship fears concerning commitment, money, security, longevity and fairness.

August 6-10: Venus opposing Uranus in Aries can cause extreme behavior in relationships, including sudden hookups and/or breakups. The need for freedom is a powerful motivator. An attraction to someone of a different race, religion or economic level is likely. It can also help you see your relationship more objectively.

August 6-10: Venus opposing Jupiter in Aries can instigate a craving for adventure. The mundane tasks of daily life seem dreary by comparison. The urge to explore a wider range of social situations is strong. It can also cause an over-reliance on optimism in the face of reality. On the plus side, it can inspire a stronger spiritual connection with your partner.

August 6-10: Venus square Pluto in Capricorn can bring out the darker emotions in relationships, such as jealousy and power struggles. The urge to control one’s partner because of fear of abandonment is strong. On the positive side, it can be a transforming influence that brings up deep issues that need to be resolved.

August 20-23: Venus conjunct Mars in Libra energizes relationship activities, socializing, networking and artistic pursuits.

September 4: Venus trine Neptune in Aquarius sensitizes romantic encounters, giving them a rosy glow of idealism. It can also inspire works of art.

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