8 Male Mysteries

Decoding the male mind has never been easy. Add a bad economy to the mix, and men have become even more mysterious and intense than ever.

Here are a few insights into the mysterious things he says and does:

1. Withdrawal of Commitment. You live together, you used to talk about the future all the time… but lately he’s resisted and changed the subject. He might not be in the financial place or the job he wants to be in, so until he has it all figured out, thinking about the future may be a real source of stress.

2. “It’s Not You, It’s Me.” In this case, he’s using a hackneyed old standby as a way of getting out of a relationship instead of being honest. He may be trying to save your feelings – but guess what? If he can’t do better than that, you’re better off without him. Remember that women are better at expressing emotions, while men are usually taunted from an early age for being “weak” if they do.

3. Inside Jokes. You meet the new colleagues of his from work at a party, but he fails to include you in the conversation, and doesn’t explain any of the insider jokes. He’s nervous, and he’s not sure you won’t embarrass him. He’s trying to impress these people – so cross the room, find another group to talk to, and let him know that you can take care of yourself.

4. I’ll Call You, I Promise. He doesn’t call. This is one area where you can’t take a man at his word. He might have gotten distracted, met someone else, or is simply rude. If he doesn’t call you when he says he will, accept no excuse apart from a family emergency. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, be prepared for a rejection. Besides, you’re worth chasing!

5. Vague Job. There’s a high unemployment rate out there right now… and your man tells you he’s a freelancer and considering his options instead of copping to being straight-up unemployed. We all understand what’s going on in the economy, but he should save the spin for his interviews and be straightforward with you.

6. Hot and Cold. There’s a tug-of-war showing – when you’re ready to get closer, he pulls away. You want to trust him, but it seems like you’re on opposing teams all the time. This hunter likes the thrill of the chase. My advice is to cut bait. He’s too immature, and this one almost never resolves in a good way.

7. “We’re Just Friends Online.” This is always his response to cute women posting on his social networking pages. If your man is always flirting with other girls, he’s most likely dating several people. Perhaps it’s time for you to start exploring other options, too.

8. “I Need Space.” You’ve been apart all day, and then your husband comes home and wants space. What’s that all about? He needs time to come down and tune out all the noise of the day. Give him the time and take the same time to do something just for you.

What are your “favorite” male mysteries?

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5 thoughts on “8 Male Mysteries

  1. sonofmars

    maybe said points are true for alot of males,but i think all those points of views are wrong,i have never even remotely ever thought or done any of those things,they dont make sense.But thats probably just me.

  2. wordpress

    How about when you have a discussion of about something that is troubling you – you provide the provoking issue or incident for discussion – they deny any responsibility for it or even that it occurred and then you provide some sort of evidence to prove its accuracy and they give you one of those “Oh gosh you caught me (wish you hadn’t) sheepish looks – and then don’t really say anything else. They don’t argue or deny, don’t want to discuss any further but don’t want to submit apology because they are silently trying to stick by their story that they are “not guilty” because they are afraid that they might get themselves in deeper BECAUSE it really was a “something that would bother you” – not a “nothing”. They sort of sit on the fence and hope that you will just drop it – but if you do that – you are training them to be able to do this anytime this type of situation happens again.

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  5. velvetoversteel

    Great article, Colleen! # 3 works really well. Shows you have self-confidence and don’t ‘need’ him. Always a plus …. esp. when it makes your guys think and give you the appropriate attention you deserve.

    #4… absolutely we are worth the chase! 🙂

    #6… I’ve met them! lol

    & #8 is so true. Don’t take it personal. The time you spend later will be so much better if you do this. They’ll appreciate the space and understanding.

    Good advice for anyone!
    Blessings & Hugs,


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