Your Soulmate Forecast for June 2012

How will Venus in Retrograde Affect You?

With summer in swing, odds are you’re feeling hot-blooded. However, with the planet of love and romance in retrograde for the bulk of the month, it may be time to tamp down your expectations. Read on to see!


Patience is not your strong suit, Aries, but luckily the Venusian retrograde endows you with a bit more than usual and opens the door up to soulful connections—just not necessarily the romantic kind. Be yourself. Need a bit more insight into why you’re feeling impatient, Aries? Talk with Psychic Paige ext. 9158 who can delve deeper, astrologically.


You’re feeling highly sociable this month—particularly from the 7th to the 26th courtesy of Mercury and Mars which have you feeling especially playful. However,  romantic love is not the focus as much as mutually beneficial partnership—not a bad thing whatsoever.


Lucky you, Gemini! With the Sun in your sign, a host of treasures await, including the possibility for love and/or marriage courtesy of Jupiter’s emphasis on expansion in concert with Venus. Negotiations of all kinds are favored—especially the relationship variety!


Invest time in yourself this month, Cancer, rather than coming off as needy with your lover/potential paramour. By doing this, you allow your relationship (present or future) to flourish rather than stall or stagnate.


While romance isn’t screaming from your chart this month, Leo, what is emphasized is your ability to manifest your desires. Hold true to what it is you want in love—and in every other arena for that matter—and with dedication and patience, it will come to fruition.


It’s easy for you to get your wires crossed this month, Virgo, so pay special attention by keeping your focus sharp when it comes to close personal relationships. You may have the tendency to exalt the undeserving or suspect those with pure intentions.


You’re particularly magnetic at this moment, Libra, and you’d benefit from the right relationship – which may come at a distance. Whether your lover is near or far, there’s an emphasis on communication as a key to success.


Change is in the air, dear Stinger, and your focus is on establishing what it is you truly want and how to go about getting it. This is particularly applicable to intimate relationships. Remain true to your deepest instincts, not your moody whims. 


Partnership is on the forefront this month, Archer. You may feel yourself becoming aligned with someone special in a deeper and more meaningful way. This is a good thing as this relationship may be essential to your happiness down the road.


With Mars emphasizing hands on learning, now is the time to date and relate if you want to become more successful in relationships. Whether or not doing this will lead to your soulmate immediately is uncertain, but you will grow and become a better partner as a result. Get out there, Goat!


Flirtation is in focus this month, Water Bearer. You’re feeling frisky, and you will attract plenty of attention. It may not be a lasting connection, but it’ll give you the boost you need to propel you forward into the future.


Mars will have you feeling drawn to someone this month, but don’t be hasty. You have a tendency to go all in, fast. However, if you want this one to last, take your time—the stars are on your side!

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5 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for June 2012

  1. Courtney x5036

    Loves from the past may try to connect during Venus retrograde. Great article! Very informative by sign.

  2. paula

    Everything starts with ones self.. Learning to be comfortable with ones self is your only and best soulmate after that everything just seems to fall in place..

  3. grace

    i dont think that my horoscope say it so,perhaps later then,if i already moved on,I dont think dating fits me,i usually stay after work at home,,,(just came from a broken relationship=()….

  4. ricky jordan

    Very true.Such a nice concept. Your information is true up to great most of the extent. Thanks for sharing.Thanks for the useful information.Keep sharing the new updates , I am waiting for the new ones.


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