Your Vedic Horoscope for October to November 2013

What Does Your Vedic Horoscope Have in Store for You?

Your Vedic Sun Sign forecast for October/November focuses on your karmic paths and soul relationships. It reaches beyond the earthly seasons tied to the astrology of Western culture and connects directly with the stars as we see them today for your special sign.

Apr 14 – May 13 (Mesha)

October 8 through November 8 is a really powerful period in your life when your words build a new reality. The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 is the perfect day for creative visualization for your future. The Solar Eclipse on November 23 is a day when doors open to a new world, as the transformation you desire unfolds over the next six months.

May 14 – Jun 13 (Vrishaba)

Those romantic images your partner is having about their career future will become the focus of October 20. Support their vision but convince them to wait until after November to take action since so much more will be revealed after the Solar Eclipse on November 3. Allow things to settle over the following month and then work towards your goals.

 Jun 14 – Jul 15 (Mithuna)

October 14 and 15 are great days for you to prepare for the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th. You are perfectly in tune with the universe and actually have the ability to heal yourself and others through communication and dream work. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 fires your creative spirit, particularly in the area of communication.

Jul 16 – Aug 15 (Karkata)

October 8 is great for using your emotional intuition combined with your intellect to create really beautiful works. The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 can have those born in early Karkata pulled in different directions. Pay attention to flashes of insight. Late Karkata births will feel a fresh, new opening during the Solar Eclipse on November 3.

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Aug 16 – Sept 15 (Simha)

Those weird upsets from your lover may have you annoyed to the point of wanting to change everything on October 10. Be patient, particularly through the Lunar Eclipse on October 18. They are just confused. Ride it out through the Solar Eclipse on November 3 and you’ll experience a flood of blessings that will help build that future you want.

Sept 16 – Oct 16 (Kanya)

When you communicate with love (a little seduction helps) you’ll create something totally new in your relationships. People born in late Kanya will be feeling the spiritual flow on the days before the Lunar Eclipse on October 18. It’s money that matters during the solar eclipse of November 3. Create something loving but truthful about your future to bring your lover back into reality.

Oct 17 – Nov 15 (Tula)

Your creative efforts on October 14 and 15 will create an opening for the new window of opportunity that’s appearing on October 18 during the Lunar Eclipse. This will really take hold during the Solar Eclipse in your sign on November 3. Don’t underestimate yourself. You have built something brilliant and over the next six months you’ll be seeing results.

Nov 16 – Dec 15 (Vrishchika)

October 8 is a great day for you to build loving relationships and lucrative alliances. Just stay on the conservative side of any investments until the full story is revealed. After the Lunar Eclipse on October 18, others begin to really appreciate your love and your efforts. There is still a “wild card” person at work who will be revealed around the Solar Eclipse on November 3.

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Dec 16 – Jan 13 (Dhanus)

Your networking efforts will break wide open during the Lunar Eclipse on October 18. Your creative efforts will get serious buzz. Stay focused on your spiritual work, enjoy travel that may come your way and see what happens. You’ll have even more breakthroughs with the Solar Eclipse on November 3.

Jan 14 – Feb 12 (Makara)

October 13 is a great day for seeking goals through spiritual connections and educational pursuits. On the Lunar Eclipse on October 18, your treasured time at home will conflict a bit with your career demands. Sharing power with someone you might not have trusted in the past can serve you well in being able to manage both.

Feb 13 – Mar 14 (Kumbha)

You are feeling so inspired on October 14 and 15 that you’ll probably amaze yourself at what you accomplish. Soulmate connections bring love and creativity over the next month with special revelations during the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 will bring fruition to your efforts.

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Mar 15 – Apr 13 (Meena)

Inspiration rules on October 8 when you electrify others around you with your profound heart knowledge. You are also deeply inspired on October 17, just before the profound Lunar Eclipse. Then November 4 brings opportunity for an exciting affair and a great creative accomplishment.

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