Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for October 2013

What Does the Crescent Moon Have in Store for You?

The Crescent Moon tells you what’s “being born” in your life each month. It describes new opportunities that will arise and what you will be nurturing into full life—whether it’s a new relationship, a child or a great new idea for your career.

October’s Crescent Moon offers huge possibilities beginning just after sunset on October 5. This month the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are nurturing something brand new. Commitments have been honored and you’re free to explore. In fact, your love will feel like a real gift—something irresistible to your partner. The last Crescent Moon on October 10 is a time of transformation in your relationships and your career life.

On October 6 and 7 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be setting the stage with Crescent Moon energy for major events around the Lunar Eclipse on October 18 and the Solar Eclipse on November 3. April/May began a phase in your relationship and career lives, building towards new commitments. Clear communications are the key to success. Speak from your passionate love and joy and watch life joyously unfold.

October 8 and 9 is the Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces Crescent Moon period when your life’s passion is being born. Your Crescent Moon is at the powerful Heart of the Scorpion. Your creative works are beginning to redefine life at work and home. The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 will have huge surprises. Readjust your innovations to these new events and you’ll be ready to share the new direction for everyone.

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Here is your Sun Sign’s role during this important time:


Saturday, October 5 will be a great “buddy” day—sex can be exciting. Just be ready for surprises. Everything you start today is great. Keep developing the relationship or project, and be prepared to adjust to changes during the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th. Some seductive activities happen that you’ll need to balance with your urge for freedom.


Those serious conversations about your relationship on Sunday, October 6 are intense, but they will lead to better feelings on Monday, October 7. Know that you are in the process of creating a new phase of your relationship during the Solar Eclipse in early November. You’ll do well by going with the flow.


Your partner will be feeling romantic and desiring some serious cuddling on Tuesday, October 8. This is the same day that there will be some weird demands at work, but somehow you are ready to handle them. Your natural ability to juggle these things will serve you well. Don’t worry, you can pull everything together by Wednesday.


Saturday, October 5 is a high-energy, Crescent Moon day. Then the 6th and the 7th will offer romance and inspired creativity when you’ll feel more comfortable. During the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, you’ll be pulled between work and home, so consider new ways to make it all work.


You’re ready to take action on the Sunday, October 6 Crescent Moon. Pour that energy into sports, activities or a really sexy weekend release. Take care with your words and you could enjoy legal benefits or political benefits at work during the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th.


Tuesday, October 8’s Crescent Moon can mean a wonderful evening at home. Just be sensitive to your partner’s needs and this could be a sweet, romantic time. Listen to their dreams and share your own.

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The October 5 Crescent Moon is the birth of something surprising that loving communications can change from a challenge to righting an old wrong. After this, exciting, new love and creative opportunities can arise during the weekend of October 12.


The Crescent Moon of Sunday, October 6 brings an opportunity to communicate what you’ve solidly accomplished and move to your next level of creative flow. The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 brings healing and a positive opportunity for travel and growth.


You are so bright and exciting that others are drawn to you during the Crescent Moon on Tuesday, October 8, so seize the opportunity. Travel, educational or spiritual experiences will not only make you really happy but will benefit your future on the 9th.


The first visible Crescent Moon on October 5 and the last one on October 10 bring breakthrough opportunities in your career and your personal life. The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 completes the story with a networking opportunity that moves your career and your home life forward.


Career demands are intense during the Crescent Moon of October 6, but your strong spirit and knowledge will carry you through to a breakthrough during the Solar Eclipse on Sunday, November 3. A loving get-together on October 8 will make your partner more comfortable with your situation.


The Crescent Moons on October 6 and 7 inspire you to travel, dream and share spiritual ideas with others. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 will then be a powerful time to share the amazing visions you’ve been having lately for a new future for you and your lover.

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  2. J Kane

    You have described my life to a “T.” What an extraordinarily spot-on horoscope. Easily the most detailed, accurate and best I’ve ever seen online. I’m amazed by its accuracy — Like you’ve peeked into my life, apt, mind and soul! Thank you so much!

  3. elen

    Sun sign role meaning my role for each sign? Lets say im a scorpio and my partner is an aries…you’re telling me how my role will coincide with his?

  4. Bella

    YEAH this is welcome long over due good news lol finally !!!! This is what I’ve been waiting 4, for US lucky CaPRICORNS it’s about time … YEAH it’s been a long time coming FYI its been this way 4 me since about the end of February 4 me personally soooo I’ve been just trying 2 hold / HANG on now lol lol …. 🙂 & this is what I’ve been wAiting yes i”m very happy about it 2 & it’s about time 2 .. Thank you Bella This made my day 2 … Thanks 🙂 🙂


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