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Are you ready for the critical insight that might take your life to the next level? Call one of our brand new psychics and get the inside information that could truly help your life flower and blossom.

Wendy ext. 6262 speaks to you live from the United Kingdom. She begins by asking for your name and date of birth. She can give general readings, but finds that they tend to lead to more general answers. If you want specifics, please ask questions. An intuitive Tarot reader, she uses the cards as a tool as she reads from the heart. Wendy says, “I’m not here to sort out lives. I give you a conversation with your higher spiritual self. Your own spirit won’t tell you whether to move house or in which area to start applying for jobs. It will say, ‘You need to make changes. You need to close a chapter of your life in order to begin a new one.’” Wendy is a powerful psychic who accesses wisdom garnered from profound life experiences. Her readings provide a safe space in which you can form a view of your life and future opportunities. She specializes in bereavement concerns and can additionally help you focus on relationships, work, and money matters. What can Wendy ext. 6262 see for you? Call now!

Denise ext. 5908 is a natural born psychic who specializes in relationship issues, soulmate concerns, karma, and self-empowerment. Compassionate and loving with an honest heart, she receives your questions with an open mind. Please do have your query ready as she does not give general readings. Sharing her intuitive gifts professionally for over 15 years, Denise handles heavy issues with depth and sincerity. Highly empathic and clairaudient, she contacts her guides who can speak directly to your guides. Please do not be alarmed if during the reading you hear Denise quote someone you know. She is an accurate reader who wants you to experience a session free of judgment. She hears you out, validates your questions, and ultimately wishes to help you build a positive life strategy. Denise says, “I have walked a journey that has had its tough moments, but there have also been a lot of inspiring moments that have taught me a lot. I love helping people learn how to attract what they want in their life!” What can Denise ext. 5908 see for you? Call now!

Caroline ext. 6263 speaks to you live from the United Kingdom. She begins with a brief, silent meditation. She is a no-tools reader who simply uses a pen to jot down psychic information as it pours in from her guides. Reading professionally for over 26 years, her area of expertise is relationships – personal, professional, and social. She says, “I am fascinated with the importance of emotions in property deals in particular. It’s interesting to think that relatively small emotional leanings and interpersonal interactions can have such a big impact on large financial transactions.” Caroline enjoys sharing insight from her guides to help you develop a better understanding of the people in your life. She reads without asking questions and will impress you with her level of detail. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, please know that she does not believe in the short-term comfort of false optimism. She believes it is better to hear bad news gently and conquer difficulties with a focus on the future, than to avoid the difficulties altogether. What can Caroline ext. 6263 see for you? Call now!

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