Uranus Retrograde: Natal Chart, Effects, Meaning, and More

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The Astrological Significance of Uranus

Uranus is the Great Awakener. It enhances intuition, even as it brings rebellion, surprise, liberation, and sometimes sudden change. This ice giant is associated with electricity, lightning, and sometimes shocking occurrences. When Uranian energy is handled well, it can facilitate enlightening breakthroughs. When handled poorly, it can cause stunning breakdowns.

Ouranos (Uranus) was the Ancient Greek god of the sky — the personification of the heavens. The Romans called him both Caelus and, sometimes, Uranus. Uranus rules Aquarius (whose co-ruler is Saturn), and it carries a rebellious, unique, wild, and unpredictable energy. It is at home in the eleventh house, which rules friendship, social lives, groups, hopes, dreams, and destiny.

Along with Neptune and Pluto, Uranus is a generational, a transpersonal, and an outer planet. This means that — unless it is in strong aspect to one of somebody’s personal planets — it has a slightly weaker effect on people than inner planets like the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. (Jupiter and Saturn are the social planets, holding a place between the personal and transpersonal planets.)

What Is Uranus Retrograde?

Uranus moves very slowly. It takes about 84 years to move through the zodiac, spending approximately seven years in each sign. Uranus is in retrograde (a process in which another planet, when viewed from earth, appears to be moving backward) for about five months every year.

If you were born with Uranus Rx (shorthand for retrograde), then Uranus Retrograde is usually a fairly easy time for you because you’ve been handling these energies since you were small.

How To Handle Uranus Retrograde

When Uranus is in retrograde, the best way to handle the zap of electricity running through whichever house it’s occupying is to just remain flexible. It wants to charge you up and get you moving so you can do what needs to be done, and it will give you the boost you need to accomplish your goals. Uranus Retrograde will also awaken your need to be true to yourself. Uranus’ energy is here to break down or break through complacency. It can be wily like a fox or coyote, but if you’re prepared for it, it’s less likely to hit you like a bolt from the blue and may instead recharge your soul.

Additionally, if you would like to see where and how Uranus Retrograde affects your chart specifically, you can get a reading with an amazing Astrology Psychic who can help you understand what to expect from this transitional period and how to get the most out of it.

Uranus Retrograde in the Twelve Houses

Here is a brief overview of Uranus Retrograde and the different ways that it may affect you as it moves through each house:

First House

Uranus Retrograde here gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, especially if it means that you start allowing yourself to be the unique, fascinating person you truly are. You will become keenly aware of the fact that your individuality is a strength, not a weakness. Your sense of personal freedom will soar.

Second House

When Uranus Retrograde transits your second house, you may question your sense of security and try to take steps to increase it. You’ll be presented with new ways to make money and be asked to reassess your feelings of self-worth. Are you valuing yourself in a positive, healthy, and constructive way?

Third House

You may be given exciting new ways to communicate while Uranus Retrograde is in the third house. This includes social media! Expect blocks in communication to dissolve, and know that you may have a breakthrough regarding how you express yourself to others. You may now be able to say the things you want to say.

Fourth House

Necessary changes in your home and family life will come forth now, whether you’re seeking to leave everything behind or to strengthen your current situation. Do you want to uproot yourself or remain planted where you are? With Uranus Retrograde in your fourth house, you might learn something surprising about one or more of your family members (or vice-versa).

Fifth House

Your inner wild child wants to come out and play. Let them! Lean into your desire to explore music, art, or theater. Uranus moving retrograde in your fifth house unleashes your inner visionary, helping you find ways to release your creative inner genius. It will help you shoo away fear and anxiety, setting you free so you can fly and show the world everything you have to give.

Sixth House

What is your healing gift? Uranus Retrograde in the sixth house will help you discover how you’re meant to assist others during your time on Earth. It will also deepen your intuitive connection with your pets. You’ll see that the more you open your heart to your fur babies, the closer to your soul they will become.

Seventh House

Uranus Retrograde here will show you how to find greater freedom in your committed relationships, ideally bringing you closer together and helping you establish an even deeper trust. If a relationship is no longer serving you, now is your chance to break free. Alternatively, you can move beyond what’s considered conventional in romantic unions and instead create a dynamic that is unique and highly fulfilling for you both.

Eighth House

While Uranus Retrograde transits the eighth house, be extra careful with financial interactions — especially if they involve other people’s money. You may also learn how to make an adjustment that will improve money matters. Lastly, it can also help you break the chains of your shadow side, opening you up to new opportunities for personal growth.

Ninth House

When Uranus moves retrograde through the ninth house, you may find yourself having interesting or unusual thoughts about your beliefs, especially regarding religion and/or philosophy. You may begin to challenge old ways of thinking. Additionally, you might find that you suddenly have the freedom necessary to travel somewhere far away, filling you with the rebellious spirit of wild adventure.

Tenth House

If you are happy with your current career, great things may be about to happen for you. Perhaps you’ll get a promotion and a raise, or you’ll encounter an opportunity to show off your leadership skills. Alternatively, maybe you long for something different. Do you dream of doing something else? Uranus’ retrograde in your tenth house may herald the change you so desire.

Eleventh House

With Uranus Retrograde in your eleventh house, friendships can be broken and born in unexpected ways. You are being asked to find new methods of interacting socially, and you may begin to dream of something different for yourself. If you long to somehow help the world, you’ll discover some exciting ways to do just that.

Twelfth House

Uranus Retrograde here brings forth hidden blessings that can help you make the radical transformation you need to break free of any long-term inner troubles. You might feel inspired to speak with a therapist, counselor, friend, or psychic so you can find a clearer path to happiness and fulfillment. Additionally, you may also connect more powerfully with Spirit right now.

Uranus Retrograde in 2022

Stations retrograde: August 24, 2022, at 18°55’ of Taurus

Stations direct: January 22, 2023, at 14°56’ of Taurus

Think of Uranus Retrograde as your ticket to freedom, especially if you’ve been stuck in a rut. It invites you to trust your inner genius and create like never before. You are being reminded of your unique qualities and independent spirit, and you will be given ways to harness your rebellious tendencies and transform them into fuel for your true passions. Uranus Retrograde is the perfect time to ride this lightning straight into the life changes that you want and need.

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