Uranus Retrograde

Are you ready to dance with your inner wild child? Uranus turning
retrograde on July 1 for five months will liberate your rebellious
nature so you can express your individuality. It’s all about waking up
to your true self, and being who you truly are.

Enter Uranus, the planet of enlightenment, change, and individuality. It’s the job of this unconventional planet to disrupt the status quo – so that you can grow. While Uranus rattles your comfort zone, its retrograde motion will illuminate your inner life – and shine a light on your inner rebel. And it’s the rebel’s job to stand up for your uniqueness and express what’s in your heart and soul.

Don’t get fired
If you’ve been following the crowd like a lemming, or following orders you disagree with, you might find yourself in a self-imposed mutiny. For instance, if you’ve been putting up with a lot of you-know-what at work, don’t be surprised if you suddenly balk at your boss’s demands. Saying no will likely strengthen your self-esteem, but “accidentally” messing up so you get fired might not be the best way to rebel. In other words, being consciously alert to your “rebel yell” will allow you to choose your direction, but unawareness of your rebellious side will propel you to act unconsciously, and this can wreak all sorts of havoc.

You time
What’s more, it’s not just the bad stuff that can trigger a rebellion. If you’re a parent of young kids who take up most of your time, you may suddenly want some time to yourself to pursue your own interests. The same goes for couples, especially if most of your activities are shared. A weekly night out with friends or a daily solitary walk will nourish your individuality.

Just be aware that extremism is the negative side of Uranus. Completely suppressing the urge to change can result in taking extreme action later on to compensate for your inactivity. Uranus won’t be ignored, but you have choices in dealing with that rebellious energy.

Dream big
On a deeper level, retrograde Uranus can reawaken a long-lost dream or talent that you’ve set aside. Whether you choose to pursue the activity depends on your circumstances, naturally. At the very least, acknowledge the part of you that aspired to the dream in the first place, and then see if there’s some way to fulfill it.

This reawakening happened to Nancy from California. Although somewhere deep inside she wanted to be a writer, practical considerations had prompted her to become a nurse instead. It seemed like the right course of action at the time – and it was. One day, however, the urge to write resurfaced. This time she decided to do something about it, so she enrolled in some writing courses. She continued her work as a nurse, but she wound up creating a newsletter for the hospital where she worked, which was an excellent avenue for her writing skills. Nancy didn’t rebel against something, exactly, but instead embraced a new outlet for her individuality – a very Uranian thing to do.

Deal with it
Try these tips for dealing with (and embracing!) your own inner rebel:

1. Stay in touch with your inner world by taking some alone time for introspection.

2. Acknowledge and write down any feelings that come up so you can explore them.

3. Heed your intuition, which will be heightened now.

4. Pay special attention to any restlessness that arises. You’re probably in the throes of an inner shift that will accelerate your personal growth.

5. Be aware that you may need to eliminate old habits or even friends if they’re holding you back from growing.

6. Avoid going to extremes by thinking carefully about any changes you want to make – to be sure they’re right for you.

7. Don’t suppress the urge to try something different! Take some steps to investigate the activities or places you’ve been wanting to explore.

8. Honor your uniqueness by expressing what you think and feel through words, clothing style, creative projects and such – however you choose to reveal your individuality.

So during retrograde Uranus (and beyond), make friends with your inner rebel so you can change and grow. And embrace the unique light that makes you shine.

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