Your Numerology Forecast: Do Some Real Soul Searching

This is the last full week of a month that, in spite (or perhaps because) of intense and conflicting astrological influences, has provided all of us with the opportunity to do some real soul searching. The profoundly spiritual vibration of Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2), which rules August, opens the gateway between everyday reality and the realm of hopes, dreams and visions.

It can be easier to contact Angels and Spirit Guides under 11/2’s auspices, since intuition, inspiration and enlightenment are heightened. While 11/2 is also extremely sensitive to atmosphere and is easily knocked off-center by chaos and negativity, you can quickly restore calm and openness with a little deep breathing or a brief, grounding meditation.

The gifts of 11/2, whether they appear as a Universal Year, Month or Day or are part of your personal numerological cycles, also carry responsibility. The mission of 11/2 is to serve all the kingdoms of life. Even though you may still be feeling the effects of last week’s powerful astrology, the Full Moon in Pisces and the inward-directed effect of Mercury retrograde in Virgo will make it even easier to enter the flow of Universal energies through contemplation, and to return from your journey refreshed and inspired.

Monday: Introverted, intellectual 7 rules the day, and facilitates the kind of intense focus and inner-directed exploration that will help you to reap the benefits of this 11/2 Universal Month.

Tuesday: The Pisces Full Moon heightens the month’s sensitivity and visionary capacities even more. While the executive drive of this Universal 8 Day might be happier directing real-world projects, you can accomplish more today by aiming 8’s powerful focus within.

Wednesday: Transformation is easy under the twin influences of the day’s Universal ruler, compassionate 9, and a cooperative encounter between the Sun (self) and Pluto (deep transformation) which lasts through Friday.

Thursday: The typical hustle and purposefulness of this dynamo 1 Universal Day may create some impatience with the week’s dreamy atmosphere. Get busy with projects that serve others, and you’ll be able to use both energies effectively.

Friday: The lingering effect of the Pisces Full Moon teams up with the Universal 11/2 Day, within an 11/2 month, to create an ideal time for spiritual retreat. 11/2 may be sensitive and easily distracted, but it is a powerful Master Number, so take advantage of the last day to offer this turbocharged combination in 2010.

Saturday: Get out in nature today if you can. In spite of its rather frivolous reputation, this Universal 3 Day loves hikes, kayaking and cycling trips as much as parties, and natural surroundings will help you integrate the week’s insights.

Sunday: Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) wraps up the week by encouraging you to recall all your spiritual revelations, write them down, and plan a way to actualize them.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal and describes trends and energies that affect everyone.

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