Your Soulmate Horoscope for November

Inside Out: Is Your Soulmate on the Horizon?

On November 5, the planetary ruler of love moves from fun-loving, adventurous Sagittarius into sensualist homebody Capricorn. What does the current Venus transit mean for your love life? Here’s your soulmate forecast for November 2013.


Shared goals are the focus of your love life this month, emphasizing anything that makes you feel secure. Act responsibly when it comes to matters of the heart. Now is not the time to leap without looking.


You’re going after what you want this month, Bull. You’re unafraid to take the lead—sexually and otherwise. The result is a fiery month, but one that’s not absent of complications and conundrums.


You’re building on last month’s romantic encounters, Twins. Perhaps you were softened or touched in some fashion that has brought about a change in your approach. Go with it.


What a lovely month this is, Crab. You feel warm and loving, affectionate and inspired. Wanting to give as well as receive. Surround yourself in accommodating energies with those you hold closest. The experience may be transformative.


The casual, light-hearted spirit of Venus in Sag. inspired you. However, the simple truth remains that love is not the focus for you at the moment, Lion. Rather, it’s time to keep your gaze inward, focused on personal growth.

“If you are not in a relationship with someone, then love yourself.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178


Like Cancer, you have a wonderfully romantic and luxurious month ahead, Virgo. The time is right to sit back, relax and enjoy. No need to push any issues romantically or otherwise. Earthly pleasures abound—and come to you naturally.


You and your paramour (practical or potential) may not speak the same love language. With that in mind, you’ll have to consider how you express your feelings and be open to what someone else needs/has to say.


You’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with force. Now is not the time to boldly assert yourself, but rather to relax and not overthink. You are meant to enjoying yourself at this time.


Sit back and enjoy whatever has come to pass over the last few months. While this isn’t prime time for attracting romance, it is divine time for luxuriating in it—particularly on a physical level.


Oh, the perks of Venus in your sign. Love and romance find you—all you have to do is relax and be yourself! With that in mind, you’ll want to be sure you act authentically so as to maximize your compatibility with anyone you attract.


The forbidden seems to be attracting you, Water Bearer. There is a private, behind-closed-doors feel to any relationship you enter now or even within existing pairings. To counteract this, remain selfless and open. Act without expectation.


You’re emboldened to pursue happiness—and a certain someone. Act now while Mars is on your side. Why? Because though Venus isn’t focused on your relationship sector at the moment, you might just find yourself entwined.

Is your soulmate right around the corner? Psychic Prinny ext. 5134 has the answer. 

19 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Horoscope for November

  1. Bella

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  2. Bella

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  3. Carolann

    I do not believe suicide is the “one unforgivable sin” – the person who commits this is mentally ill and obviously wasn’t thinking clearly .. we all have our breaking point – and I can’t imagine God punishing but would welcome his child who has finally found peace.

  4. Bella

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  5. Bella

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  6. Bella

    “” love / romance finds you “” “” relax / BE myself “” I was just saying I thinking this was my problem bc I’ve been saying 4 a while my Soulmate’s gonna need 2 be the 1 who seeks Me out 1st .. Yep that’s me .. I’m very quiet I don’t won’t be making / taking the 1st steps bc I trust my OWN selfs intuition 1st lol lol 😉 I’ve always been authentic 2 maximize my compatibility “” but believe it or NOT I’m very shy & reserved YES !they will need 2 come 2 me 1st !!!!! Thank you 🙂

  7. edward

    Some one keep e.emailing me for an reading and and every time I reply back to them to let them know that I can’t hear on the phone so why keep emailing me

  8. chuckaho

    Again! Back 2 my daughter! She had done drugs in her past, but she had 3 children that she loved more than anything in this world. She was on methadone, however; she was in counceling & church & I just know that she would not have hurt herself. Her so called husband was having an affair and married that slut the same year(2012) the day b4 my daughters birthday! I am discusted with both if them, but more so. I am afraid that they murdered my daughter! There was no investigation & it’s like Y investigate? She had a “past” history of drug use so no o.e would.suspect otherwise. But something in my gut tells me that they had something 2 do with her overdising??? I just cannot get it out of my head or my heart that there was foul play! Her children are devistated by her death, & they weren’t even given a fair amount of time to grieve their loss. & they loved their mother immensely! Plz help me to figure out what I can do to bring my lil’ girl some justice so that she may rest in peace. & so that her children & I can have some peace also. I just don’t know how many more sleepless nights I can take! Plz let me know what U think I should do & do U C foulplay? Just in case U were wondering: My beautiful baby girl’s name is Bobbi Jean Himes) an affair & married that slua. d

  9. chuckaho

    My daughter died on February 23,2012! They said she overdosed, but I just don’t believe that because she had just been baptized she knew that suicide is the only unforgivable sin. She had done drugs in the past, but she had been in counceli

  10. Bella

    Lynne I’m sorry 4 your loss may GOD bless you in spirit during your time of unimaginable grief , 4 what it’s worth once again I’m sorry 4 your loss …

  11. Lynne

    Please stop sending me e-mails. I signed up cause it said free info. When it said I had to call I knew I didn’t trust that. You all know why. I even applied for a job years ago with your co. & was told I couldn’t do it cause I wouldn’t keep someone on the phone for too long. Thank you, Lynne My soulmate died a few months ago so this is not coming to me at good time anyway.


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