Your Vedic Horoscope for November 2013

Vedic Astrology

Your Vedic Sun Sign forecast for November/December reflects your journey amid the power of the stars—the available energies around us. If we choose to use them to achieve our most passionate dreams and loving ideals, we become “the idea whose time has come” as we walk surely on our personal spiritual path.

Mesha (April 14 – May 13)

November 11 is a perfect day for creative meditation to bring what you want into your life. You express your spiritual and educational ideals well through your words and emotions on November 15. Your energy is high for exercise on the 25th and passionate romance on the 26th. December 4 and 5 are good days for travel and studies.

Vrishaba (May 14 – June 13)

A passion for the beauty of the earth and loving one another drives you on your path on November 8. Balancing your power within yourself and with others is the key to a great November 18. Creative energy drives you on November 27. You’re feeling loving and free at the same time on December 5.

Mithuna (June 14 – July 15)

Your words are magical on November 7. You’ll be inspired and inspiring. Then on the 10th you enjoy a perfect flow as communications bring joy and love. Your healing comments on the 20th bring tangible results by the 21st. November 30 and December 1 are days for creative success.

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Karkata (July 16 – August 15)

November 13 brings exciting new insights through exotic travel or simply a great new read. You’ll be feeling like your emotions and your sense of self have grounded you to feel strong (even powerful) on November 22. You’ll express brilliance in the midst of chaos on the 23rd. You begin something new from a position of strength during the New Moon on December 2.

Simha (August 16 – September 15)

November 7 is a day when you’ll feel excited and passionate. You’ll be sexy with your lover and powerfully creative at the same time. November 25 and 26 bring loving happiness and harmony. Just be open to surprises on this day and they will be blessings. You’ll enjoy more vital, alive days on December 3 through 5.

Kanya (September 16 – October 16)

November 9 is a great day to enjoy nature, or even work on creative efforts to protect the environment. Mars enters Kanya on November 26 with the activating moon following the next day. This brings more energy and a willingness to stand up and truly be yourself, commanding respect. December 5 and 6 will be the perfect time for romantic/sexy encounters.

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Tula (October 17 – November 15)

Your beautiful words are emotionally intuitive on November 10. Others are so delighted that you’ll get a special thank you on the 10th or 11th. You may be traveling on November 21 and 22 for enjoyment or work and love what you discover. November 29 through December 1 are your days for enjoying affectionate and lovely conversation. Your words can make someone’s day.

Vrishchika (November 16 – December 15)

The sun enters your sign on November 16. The upcoming weeks bring amazing personal inspiration and high energy. A special time for this will be the weekend of the 22nd. Travel or studies will bring what you seek. Mercury enters your sign on December 1 just before the New Moon on the 2nd, also in your sign, so you’ll find yourself being the focus of attention at this time.

Dhanus (December 16 – January 13)

You are “too” sexy on November 7, so have fun with it! You are itching to travel on November 15, so plan a getaway weekend if you can. You’ll have high energy, so plan some physical activities or travel through the Internet. November 25 and 26 pique your creativity. You’ll be intense on December 4, so give yourself time for inner reflection.

Makara (January 14 – Feruary 12)

You can have a powerful political voice on November 9 for the benefit of children and the environment. Reconsider a brief urge to turn and walk away from a challenging situation on November 17. You can turn it into something creative and fun. December 1 is a perfect day to get together with friends. Their ideas could help you create something in your career after the New Moon on December 2.

Kumbha (February 13 – March 14)

You’re probably studying hard on November 7 and loving what you’re learning. You’re stimulated and spiritually inspired so share what you’ve discovered with friends. You’ll do something wonderful with it by the 11th or 12th. November 20 and 21 are full of creative and romantic opportunities.

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Meena (March 15 – April 13)

If you channel your energy well, November 13 is a powerful day to make changes in your career and public image. November 22 and 23 will be perfect days to enjoy your love life, creative success, pleasant travel and spiritual pursuits. December 1 and 2 are also good days for creating the divine through love and art.

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