Shopping Styles and Insights by Sun Sign

Express Your Qualities through Your Style

Are you looking for the style that will dazzle your love interest, whether in your clothes or home? Your Sun sign holds the best insight into expressing exactly who you are to this special one:

Aries: Who can rock that body-loving stretch shirt or little red dress better than anyone? That would be you. Aries are split between the super-athletes with those hot bodies and the business-oriented dynamos, or you may be both! If in a conservative environment, don’t forget that red power tie or camisole under your suit.

Taurus: Sexy and earthy are fundamental to you, so a nice emerald green or earth tone can work with a bright color to express your attractive and grounded qualities. Maybe your love will be impressed enough to provide a power emerald if you don’t already own one.

Gemini: Breezy and clever combos are your style, with yellow being a key color. Have fun and find someone who appreciates these expressions and you might just find someone to keep pace with you, or who will have fun trying.

Cancer: Female cancers can’t go wrong with the appropriate amount of cleavage and other voluptuous qualities. Both males and females should show their love of home and family in soft colors for home and personal design that will bring the right one to your “nest” to stay.

Leo: While you can rock red with the best of them, gold and purple are the best expressions of your regal style. Much of “who you are” shows in your stately demeanor. Let the grandeur be expressed through you.

Virgo: You express the productive qualities of the “Great Gift” in the constellation Virgo. Your boss or partner will be impressed with your amazing productivity and organization if they are paying attention, and they might even express it. If not, offer them the “ultimate gift” that is yours: the sky, your gently glowing blue star, Spica. Let Her be your guide in your personal style—express yourself gently and softly while you show that remarkable ability to be neat and perfect.

Libra: You naturally seek and express balance. You are among the most naturally attractive and beautiful people of the zodiac, so that simple little dress or those subtle clothes that show off your gorgeous self will work perfectly.

Scorpio: Okay, you are well-known for being sexy, and black, the color of Pluto, and rich dark red, the color of Mars, express your magic of exploring the inner passions. Your lover will be thrilled.

Sagittarius: Wear whatever lets you reach for the stars and your generous passions will shine through, to attract those who want excitement in a big way. Be sure to let those flowing (see- through when it works) sexy clothes bring you the perfect partner to soar with you.

Capricorn: While you are prone to put ambitions first—so those business-appropriate clothes may rule your closet—you now have Pluto in your sign, so let your lover see the nighttime, passionate side of you. Midnight blue is a great answer. Don’t hide beneath it!

Aquarius: Neptune is leaving your sign, so you will be clearer about your style. Techno and far-reaching works, and you certainly know how to network for that special one. Flaunt it!

Pisces: With Neptune entering your sign, you will find yourselves the new arbiters of fashion soon. Watery, mystical and dreamy styles will be entering fashion, along with music and film-influenced styles. Just express your incredibly magical self and don’t worry what others think.

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