Sexual Tastes by Astrological Sign

Sexual preferences and tastes in a partner vary from astrological sign to another. What sign are you and what are you looking for? Maybe the people that make you hot and heavy are a coincidence. Take a dive in and see if the signs are lining up with your taste and flavor! If you want more of a personal analysis contact one of our psychics today.

What’s Your Sign? What’s Your Kink?


F: An Aries woman often needs intense stimulation—bondage and leather are her friends.
M: The Aries man is all about sex toys, dirty talk and unpredictability in the bedroom.


F: This woman women rules in the realm of erotic massage and sexy settings, while demanding much of her lover.
M: A Taurus man adores sex more—so than even your average Joe, and much prefers his woman’s natural scent over heavy fragrances.


F: This Gemini gal is all about mental stimulation, phone sex and finding new ways to tease her partner.
M: His partner’s satisfaction is his number one motivation and his imaginative scenarios play an oh-so pleasurable part in his commitment.


F: While shy and sensitive, Cancer’s submissive nature is overshadowed by her need for sensual touch.
M: As a natural caregiver, a Cancer man will treat his partner like a princess through his mastery of foreplay.


F: Erotic dress, elaborate sex scenes, and a dominating nature make up this leading Leo lady.
M: Here comes the wild lover, known for marking his territory, making his own rules, and adorning himself for your affections


F: She is known to be slow to fire up in the bedroom, and as she prefers less-than exotic sexual scenarios, improvisation is up to her partner!
M: Virgo men love planning everything to the ‘T’, which his methodical sexual methods efficiently prove.


F: A Libra woman is infamous for her preference for the sexually spectacular through details such as naughty toys and body oils.
M: His erotic imagination, dirty talk and light-hearted approach to sex make for a fine bedroom buffet.


F: Looking to feel her sexual experiences deeply, a Scorpio woman enjoys doing whatever it takes for that ultimate rush.
M: It’s no holds barred for a Scorpio man as his single goal is maximum pleasure- so be sure you’re up to a long night with no restrictions!


F: A Sagittarius woman is always open to sexual experimentation, enjoying the element of surprise and prides herself in her abiilty to please her man.
M: His light-hearted approach to sex, various techniques, and affinity for teasing guarantees his partner multiple pleasures.


F: While sometimes shy out of the gate, this woman makes up for it with deep determination and in disciplined play!
M: While determined in the foreplay department, this guy can be too focused on the act rather than his partner, and his excessive pride in his ‘work’ can make him sensitive to any criticism!


F: Skilled at erotic massage and inventive scenarios, she may suggest unconventional paths in the name of ultimate pleasure.
M: His preference for foreplay and need to please makes himself a partner willing to try any pose or scenario for her benefit.


F: Very receptive bedroom partners, the lady Pisces easily loses herself to the moment, and is always looking for new ways to please.
M: Experienced partners is the Pisces man’s preference, along with enjoying toys and bondage as a submissive!

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46 thoughts on “Sexual Tastes by Astrological Sign

  1. Jasonterogxbw6

    you are in point of fact a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is amazing. It kind of feels that you are doing any unique trick. In addition, The contents are masterwork. you have done a great job on this matter!

  2. Jasonterozkjt9

    Thank you, I have just been looking for info approximately this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve found out so far. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?

  3. Docuxuinumumo2

    awesome, great written and come with approximately all vital infos. I’d like to look more posts like this .

  4. LEO :)

    Im a leo woman and my partner is a cancer male. our relationship has many flaws especially when it comes to emotions. But no matter what we have the most intimate,and fulfilling sex ever. Making it hard to walk away from eachother

  5. Suredran

    I am an aries man. I have been trying to love a Scorpio girl for the last one year. She ofen talked to me, but I do not express my desire to her. could you help me to solve my problem.

  6. Lisa

    Very informative article. From what I am and relationships of mine, these are good insights on the different sexes astrological signs. I believe a person’s time of birth may give abit more insight though.

    If you can, I would appreciate a chart on myself and my significant other.
    My DOB: 05/25/92 – Time of Birth: 5:55PM
    My SO DOB: 03/01/61 – Time of Birth: 11:55PM
    Thank you for your article and for a chart of us (if you can) in advance.

  7. sabrina

    I am an aries female and I’m not really into leather and bondage but I am into dirty talk and I am a submissive I like for my partner to be in charge and telling me what he wants to do. Aries are generally at least in my case very dominate personalities in life I’m no acception I am usually the one taking charge and doing what needs done or being the first to help my friends organize what they need to in their lives. So when I am in a realtionship I like to be able to trust that I can give up my control to my partner without worrie of them using it against me. So for anyone who is dating an aries female if it seems like she’s not the spit fire she was in the begining please don’t take it as she is getting bored with you maybe she just wants you to tell her how to please you.

  8. supergirl

    My aquarius lover constantly wants to go down on me and almost comes across as desperate to please me.. After reading this, I realize HE is not DESPERATE! Just eager to please, its his sexual style! From Relieved

  9. Nicelee

    im a female gemini and my partner is a cancer. i think i’m more than what’s described there about my sign.. same as with my partner.. we are still young and very active.. lol

  10. anand

    im a leo and my crush-virgo and i got parted just because im as fast as leo as u said….
    but how can i get my virgo back on to me

  11. Alisha

    i’m a female virgo. This is not true about myelf other then i like my partner to make the improvisions. I am soo not hard to get going, lol. My ex is a Libra, this is not true about him either. i’ve been with a leo and gemini and those are for the most part true. but when it comes to my chart, i got lots of fire in me, even though i’m virgo. My venus is in leo and mars in scorpio. I’m good for some fun, lol

  12. Monique

    I am also a Virgo female, and I am hot-to-trot, ready to go, and love to add spice to each experience. I do not like mundane or routine acts.

    So I agree, the Virgo female post above is TOTALLY OFF MARK. Not to mention.. Virgos are pleasers, we care for and love to please in and out of the bedroom!

  13. Dawna

    Also something else you have forgotten to add about the Taurus woman…She will go out of her way to please her man, and the more he gives, the much more he will receive…We also love spending the whole day in bed with our lovers slowly making love to them as if it will never end, especially on a rainy dark dreary day!!

  14. Rose Iglesias

    My partner is what is said above… Indeed, my GEMINI love is what it is.. Him satisfying me is his BIGGIEST affection.. I love how he makes me feel. He is very gentle and rough in a sweetier way 🙂 Yes my Baby is a man I would not ever give up as long as life permits me.. Thanks for confirming what my baby is!!! Soooooo TRUE!!!

  15. peg

    I’m a Scorpio gal and I have to say after reading all the signs here, you hit them all right least to the best of my knowledge on folks! Way to go…:)

  16. Dreamweaver

    I’m a scorpio and let me tell you, that’s right on target! I also have dated, been married, and currently date a Libra and that is right on target also! Pretty cool.

  17. christine

    Hi? i’m a very loving person and need a man to set my soul on fire and as well in the bedroom.I’m a pieses lady and my nature is up but can find a man to fullfill my needs.


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