The Power of Intuition in Your Career

Follow Your Intuition to the Big Bucks!

Intuition is an invaluable sense that humans have always had. Could it be that your intuition might help you find your best career or set a straighter course on the career you’re presently engaged in? Quiet your busy mind, reach inside, and see if you can reconnect with your intuitive messages.

Determine your issue. Need a change of career path? Boss not recognizing your talents? Are you wondering if you’re worth more money?

Calm yourself and focus on your issue. A peaceful meditation, a short prayer break, or your personal way of quieting your brain and spirit will help you see and hear your spiritual self.

Open yourself to information. Close your eyes, slow your breathing, and welcome any ideas that flow. Embrace symbolic messages. Keep an open mind and learn to recognize that everything we learn is not laid out in paragraphs. Just like we expect imagery when we read a good story, we should expect to make connections as we read our own future.

Putting the pieces together. How can you interpret those images? Trust yourself. If your interpretations make you feel good and positive, you’re probably correct. If you feel dark or uneasy, look for another answer.

Put it all together. Absorb what your inner voice tells you and reflect upon it. Turn it over in your mind and try it on for size. You’ll know, intuitively, when you have found the right path. All you have to do is take it.

Squelching your intuition and making decisions, especially career decisions, based only on what others think or say may take you far from your career destiny. It’s possible that you’re stifling your passions and have trapped yourself in the wrong job. Or you might be in exactly the right workplace, but you’ve missed cues that your intuitive self picked up on for advancement.

Long ago, people lived and died by paying attention to that subtle voice that combines physical, spiritual, and psychic input to create a system of internal warnings and advisories. These days, we attend more to technology and media, and maybe we disregard that helpful voice. Slow down and give a listen to your intuition — Grandma was right when she told you your heart knows.

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6 thoughts on “The Power of Intuition in Your Career

  1. Donna

    What about when you have a strong intutive feeling that something is going to happen you know who etc but you have had the same feeling for over 6 months is it really going to happen or is that just wishful thinking and not intuition. I have had the same feeling for months and believe it is my intuition but at the same time are now doubting the feeling as it has never happened.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    If that little nagging voice or feeling inside of you gives you the feeling that you need a change, or that you need to pursue a different goal or dream, it is probably your intuition pushing you towards walking your true Karmic path ( and is probably accurate ).

    But before you leap into something else, first formulate an exit strategy , a plan of action and then follow thru with it.

  3. ghulam murtaza

    you people are great,mostely i will try to catch the path which you people guide me.but due to un avoid able circumstances may me not get through.beside all me really thank full you people.


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