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Check out how your sexual skills measure up in the bedroom department and what turns your partner on (or potential partner). Psychic Quinn reveals what makes us tick. And if you’re looking for a little more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!


Kissing, both giving and getting—the Aries loves to kiss. This fire sign can also be very passionate, but only when they want to be. It can be frustrating at times as there can be dry spells or overly active times, sexually. Sometimes, this person can be a selfish lover.


A giver, the more you allow the Taurus to have at it, the happier the Taurus is. These lovers take it slow and easy, so make sure you are well-rested before you start.


Double trouble (I know, cliche), but really, we have a person here who can make your head spin with delight. They have wonderful hands, creative minds, and if one position doesn’t hit the spot, they will find another (or a few) that do.


Lovely, nurturing and they can cook, too! The Cancer is sexy with an inner passion to share the emotional part of lovemaking. They have a skill set that allows you to feel the passion, and even without a touch, they can set your world on fire. They are the most oral of the signs.


Strength and beauty; you can just look at a Leo person and be turned on. Stamina is one of the best parts of a Leo lover. As they mature, their skill set changes. Patience is also one of the sexy things a Leo brings to the bedroom.


Nothing goes unnoticed with the Virgo. Every spot, every nook and cranny is explored. Paying attention to detail makes the Virgo a perfect lover. They follow instructions pretty darn well, too.


Sometimes they are up, sometimes they are down, and this could be fun. The Libra brings a sense of balance and true beauty to the bedroom or living room or kitchen.


Heated up and ready to try anything, the Scorpio is a delight to have as a sexual partner. A sense of adventure makes this lover skilled in the art of foreplay.


When making love to a Sagittarius, you feel protected and safe. Their method of lovemaking is straightforward without a filter, so anything can go. They have very strong legs, making it easy to hold you up in the most interesting of positions.


Second runner up in the oral race, put a Capricorn and a Cancer together, and they will probably eat each other up. Kissing and hugging and touching and doing it for long lengths of time makes the Capricorn lover a keeper. They do have a method to their skill set and like to be in charge.


The mind of the Aquarius is the most beautiful of all the signs when it comes to their sexual skill sets, which are many. They can actually make you think an orgasm. Pretty amazing lovers all the way around.


Double-jointed and oh, what fun the Pisces can be in the sexual arena. There is a very spiritual side to the Pisces, so they really do best when they are in love. Yet, for the fun of it, the Pisces brings artistic abilities to the bed.

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5 thoughts on “Sexual Skills by Sign

  1. Erica

    I registered a while back on California Psychics and talked to a psychic named Shelby. We talked about a lot of things but specifically a guy I met late in September and for some reason can’t leave my head… She said he was in a bad situation and isn’t ready for a relationship but has feelings for me. She said I think about it too much, and admittedly I do! We currently had a awkward argument that lead us to not talking for about a month, I don’t know what to do. What do you suggest?

    P.S is there a way I can set up another call?

  2. -quinn ext. 5484

    LJ – Mark – thank you both… grzzzz lol.

    kim – it sounds to me that the gym guy is hot for you. and yes more than likely a relationship will begin for you before the end of summer. enjoy the gym. it is getting you ready for your steady guy.

  3. Kim

    There is a guy at the gym who I talk with a lot. He is dating someone out of state. He is always nervous around me and it’s evident that he enjoys talking to me. Fo some odd reason I am not attracted to him. Is it possible that he likes me more than he is letting on? Also, will I start a relationship this year?


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